Cybex Priam 2022 Capsule/Lux Carry Cot Adapter Set


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Cybex Priam Pram 2020 will need this adapter set to attach Cybex Priam Lux Carry Cot 2022 directly. 

  • Priam 2022 Adapters for attaching the Lux Carry Cot 2022 or Capsule to your CYBEX Priam.
  • These adapters are required as an additional purchase if pairing a Lux Carry Cot 2022 with a Priam 2020 version.
  • Compatible with Priam/ePriam 2020 & 2022 versions.

When purchasing a new CYBEX Priam2022 /ePriam 2022, these Adapters are included - you do not need to purchase them separately.

This product is made available as a spare parts purchase or when using a Lux Carry Cot 2022 with a Priam 2020.