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Terrain by M/Buggy

Terrain by M/Buggy

$859.00 $1,189.00

Mountain Buggy Terrain jogger with slow down and "park" brake for families who want to get active both on AND off road, the ultimate performance stroller is here. The latest Mountain Buggy Terrain jogger, with bold aesthetics & sport enhanced features including superior one-hand quick fold, adjustable handlebar & shock absorbing suspension and multi-mode front wheel, now also with two luxury colour choices – Solus or Graphite. Your Terrain is newborn ready for use into toddler mode. Including all the original features you loved, now with upgrades & improvements so things have just gotten even better-

The ultimate premium jogger that delivers optimal performance to families who really want to get active on and off the road!

terrain™ buggy stand-out features:

  • What makes terrain™ unique

    sublime tyre performance on all terrain
    terrain™ includes both 16” AND 12"air filled, rear wheel tyres for you to go from active to urban in seconds. Because these are true air filled tyres, you can be guaranteed a much better ride and manoeuvrability; the12” tyres has a strong rubber outer tube that meets the most generous air filled pocket, providing the greatest degree of cushioning and smoothest handling on any surface; well suited for any terrain from shopping malls to the mountain trails. The 16” tyres are made with a bias ply construction, with a steel bead and nylon casing, with all purpose tread for absolute traction.

    Built upon the same Red Dot award winning platform of urban jungle™ luxury, terrain™ can take you from newborn right up to toddler years with its soothing fabric sling seat. Staying true to what a mountain bike would offer with its air filled tyres; terrain™ comes with a pair of 16” AND 12” rear wheels to go from active to urban in seconds. Such extreme versatility, combined with features specifically tailored to suit the most active parent, this 3-wheel buggy can tackle all-terrain with extreme ease, sublime comfort and maximum control, due to its outstanding engineering design and world class craftsmanship; always delivering in superior manoeuvrability and kerb pop

    built from the platform that brought all terrain to the world
    Designed and engineered upon the world’s first, all terrain,3-wheeler; the Red Dot award winning platform of urban jungle™ luxury.

    world class in safety and stability
    terrain™ passes the same rigorous stability standards as 4-wheel buggies.

    world class materials
    terrain™ is made of super high quality 6060 T52 aircraft grade lightweight aluminium, making all Mountain Buggies superior in strength.

    superior manoeuvrability and kerb pop
    Revered for exceptional engineering and design, terrain™ delivers world class steering with one hand, and turns on a dime thanks to its perfect weight distribution and 3-mode front wheel, giving you options of how you want to push with ease up and over kerbs and obstacles too.

    3-mode front wheel
    You can set your front wheel to lock back, lock forward or 360° full swivel.

    precision steering for all terrain handling
    The front wheel houses an adjustable tracking device for precision steering adjustment and maximum stability. When you lock the front wheel back, it helps you traverse a slope or allows for easier crossing of soft terrain. When you lock the wheel forward, it provides a longer wheelbase for even more stability for when jogging.  

    straight tracking
    Also housed on the front wheel, is a torsion lever to allow for wheel camber micro adjustments –delivering absolutely perfect straight tracking.

    shock absorbing suspension
    terrain™ uses a  stronger spring to absorb more impact when on all terrain surfaces, improving handling and surface grip.

    complete control
    A hand operated active brake allows for maximum control to slow your buggy down across all surfaces, gradients and terrain. You can loosen your brake for a smooth reduction of speed for control, OR you can tighten for stronger and more deliberate stopping power.

    parent facing options
    While most other 3-wheel competitors may not have this popular functionality, you can definitely parent face on terrain™. For newborns, there’s the options of protect™ infant car seat, a soft shelled cocoon, OR the innovative carrycot plus™. carrycot plus™ offers you ingenious innovation plus value for money with 3 modes -a traditional lie flat bed, an incline position for babies who suffer from reflux, AND you can transform the carrycot into a parent facing modular seat –all in one package.

    compact one hand fold
    An award winning design where terrain™ folds down easily flat, and stand folds with one hand, conveniently keeping the fabric clean and off the ground.

    patented innovation
    A patented tail free harness has been cleverly designed to keep long, fussy, loose straps out of little hands and mouths for superior safety and hygiene.

    secure cargo
    terrain™ includes a zip covered gear tray, that is convenient for when you are going off road and want to keep all your gear safely inside the tray, and well protected.

    benefits of a fabric sling seat#1

    The seat has a lower center of gravity, as your child sits snug inside the buggy frame at the right height. This perfect center of gravity instantly delivers superior manoeuvrability, lighter kerb pop (you don’t need a lot of weight to pop the nose of the buggy up to get over a kerb), and also provides better balance / stability.

    benefits of a fabric sling seat #2
    There is always a built-in, full lie flat, newborn bed –so convenient as NO additional newborn purchase is required (although they are available). This is great if you need to save to spend on other extras for your baby.

    benefits of a fabric sling seat #3

    They provide the most room to grow for your child, and allows for heavier weight capacities.  

    benefits of a fabric sling seat #4
    Our fabric seat makes terrain™ much lighter than most, especially against the option of a modular seat unit.

    benefits of a fabric sling seat #5
    You also don’t have to fuss about taking the seat off the frame before folding (unlike most modular seat buggies); just fold with the fabric sling seat still attached, and pop away easily.


    newborn - 5 years* 
    *age reference as a guide only 
    13.5kg / 30lbs* 
    *includes frame, wheels, gear tray, fabric sling seat, grab bar 
    25kg / 55lbs 
    DIMENSIONS (H x W x L) 
    120 x 63 x 85cm / 47 x 25 x 33” 
    33 x 63 x 93cm / 13 x 25 x 37 (12” wheels) 
    39 x 63 x 93cm / 15 x 25 x 37 (16” wheels) 

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    Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Black - 3 Wheel Stroller

    Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

    $829.00 $1,049.00

    The urban jungle, the most versatile, all-rounder buggy for your on AND off road adventures! Now lighter and smaller the jungle is now your most convenient journey accessory. For use from newborn into toddler mode – the Urban Jungle Includes rear-wheel suspension, a conveniently located hand braking system & stylish new canvas colours.


    • superior one hand fast fold
    • smaller, compact stand fold
    • lighter frame - now only 11.2kg / 24.7lbs
    • conveniently located hand braking system
    • hidden automatic frame lock
    • gear tray to take up to 10kg / 22lbs of storage
    • easy lock back or full swivel front wheel mechanism
    • intuitive 5-point buckle with tail free harness
    • adjustable crotch strap
    • retractable leg extension
    • longer seat back
    • canvas fabrics of Mountain Buggy's heritage
    • reversible seat liner included
    • NEW fashion colours
    • magnetic peek-a-boo flap
    • compatible with NEW carrycot plus™
    • NEW additional food tray accessory (sold separately)


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    Baby Jogger Summit X3

    Baby Jogger Summit X3

    $799.00 $849.00

    Go anywhere with this highly maneuverable hybrid jogger stroller. With its all-wheel suspension, the Summit X3 provides exceptional performance on any terrain. A remote wheel lock on the handlebar allows you to easily shift between swivel and straight wheel.


    • Folds itself  compactly by simply lifting a strap with one hand
    • Unique hand operated rear drum brakes offer increased control even in the most pressing situations
    • Remote wheel lock on the handlebar that lets you switch between swivel mode and a locked position for the front wheel
    • Independent all-wheel suspension that offers the smoothest ride on the block
    • Seat built for comfort, it reclines to a near flat position with vents and a retractable weather cover to make sure that your child is comfortable and safe 
    • The SPF 50+ sun canopy throws a lot of shade on a sunny day. It has two peek-a-boo windows and it can be adjusted to multiple positions as you open or close it. Two side vents provide ample air circulation to keep your child comfortable when it's hot out.
    • The Summit X3 can become a travel system in a heartbeat using the Car Seat Adapter. Just choose the adapter compatible with your car seat and you've got a customized travel system for your infant.
    Weight: 12.5 kg
    Dimensions Folded: 80cm x 63cm x 38cm
    Age Range: 9mths - 34kg
    Weight Capacity: 34kg

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    Baby Jogger City Elite 2 - Kiddie Country

    Baby Jogger City Elite 2

    $799.00 $949.00

    Are you an active and outdoorsy family? Then you’re looking for an easy to use stroller with the least complicated fold on the market.

    With its new large forever-air tyers, all-wheel suspension and high weight capacity, the City Elite 2 provides luxury and comfort over any terrain.

    With an adjustable calf support, adjustable canopy height, and City Go Capsule adaptors included as standard, this stroller lets you go anywhere in style, while still offering Baby Jogger’s patented 1 hand quick-fold technology for compact storage.


    • Lift a strap with one hand and the City Elite folds itself: simply and compactly.
    • Auto-lock will lock the fold for transportation or storage.
    • Seat reclines to a near flat position with air vent and a retractable weather cover
    • SPF 50+ sun canopy can open to even more positions now, with 2 height options and three peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closures 
    • Forever-air, all-terrain & all-wheel suspension tyers. You can set your front wheel to swivel for your daily obstacle course or lock for long distance strolling.
    • The City Elite 2 can become a travel system in a heartbeat using the City GO Capsule car seat adapters included as standard.
    • You can also add a Bassinet to handle even the littlest of passengers. (City GO Capsule & Bassinet sold separately).
    • Dimensions Unfolded: 119cm x 67cm x 83cm
    • Dimensions Folded: 85cm x 67cm x 35cm
    • Weight: 11.61kg
    • Weight Capacity: 34kg

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    Mountain Buggy Swift

    Mountain Buggy Swift

    $735.00 $919.00

    The Mountain Buggy Swift ultra compact fold and air filled wheel makes swift the ideal all terrain, compact stroller that transitions from the city streets to off the beaten track.


    • more compact stand fold
    • lighter buggy frame
    • longer seat back
    • one hand fast fold with hidden automatic frame lock
    • handbrake, with green 'go' and red 'stop' indicators
    • new fashion colours
    • softer, durable canvas fabrics - wipe clean, water and fade resistant
    • outstanding kerb pop! navigate city terrain with ease
    • easy lock back or full swivel front wheel mechanism
    • lie-flat seat recline for newborn to upright 4 year old
    • multi adjustable handle height


    • 1 x Buggy frame 
    • 3  x Nifty 10" Air Filled Wheels
    • 1 x Zip seat fabric, on and off the buggy frame 
    • 1 x Intuitive 5-point buckle with tail free harness
    • 1 x Reversible seat liner
    • 1 x Sunhood with silent, magnetic peek-a-boo flap
    • 1 x Bottle Holder
    • 1 Parcel Tray

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    Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2 - Kiddie Country

    Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

    $699.00 $799.00

    The Baby Jogger® City Mini® GT2 has an all new design with forever air rubber tires and all wheel suspension providing uncompromised agility on any terrain. The signature one-hand compact fold, adjustable handlebar, and hand-operated parking brake provides you the ultimate convenience while the adjustable calf support and near flat seat recline allows you to find the most comfortable position for your child. Create a travel system with the included City Go™ infant car seat adapters or customize your ride with a variety of accessories!



      Sporting new design, the City Mini GT2 comes with the same iconic one-hand fold. So simple and compact. It really is as easy as it sounds. And the auto-lock feature will lock the fold for easy transportation or storage.
      One standout addition to the City Mini GT2 from its predecessor is the now adjustable calf support so you can create the comfiest position for your babies little legs.
      The City Mini GT2 now comes with City GO Seat Adapters as standard. It’s the easiest way to turn your stroller into a customized travel system. Attaching your Baby Jogger City Go Car Seat to a City Mini GT2 has never been easier. You can even fold the stroller with the adapter attached, giving you the most versatile travel system available.

      The versatile front wheel can be set to swivel for the daily obstacle course or locked for longer distance walks around town. Now with all wheel suspension and all-terrain tires, the City Mini GT2 boasts a smooth ride on any terrain.
      With an adjustable rubber handlebar you will always have a great grip on your stroller. The rubberised handle is built to last, so that your stroller is ready to go on all the adventures you want it to.
      People have grown to love the iconic Baby Jogger three stage extendable canopy with SPF 50+ because it really throws a lot of shade on a sunny day. Fitted with a magnetic peek-a-boo window, it means parents can keep an eye on their little one at all times.
      Child Maximum Weight: 29.5 kg
      Folded Dimensions: Height 75cm | Width 61.5cm | Length 26cm
      Weight: 9.7kg
      Age Suitable From: Birth to 29.5kg


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    Baby Jogger City Mini 2 - Kiddie Country

    Baby Jogger City Mini 2

    $449.00 $549.00

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