Cybex Priam 2022


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Ingenious functionality and luxurious comfort: Discover PRIAM’s all-new innovation - the one-pull harness and fully reclinable seat 

GOOD NEWS! Cybex Priam Pram 2022 is open for end of June pre-orders!⁠

There is a high demand for the upcoming shipment. Due to China's lockdown, Cybex Priam 2022 were out of stock. We highly recommend that you place a pre-order to secure yours quickly. ⁠

A new generation – a design icon on wheels.

The ultimate pram for modern parents who love living life to the fullest, the CYBEX PRIAM has now been updated to make it even more essential. A homage to the legendary Eames chair, the PRIAM is the designer pram that makes life with your baby even more delightful. Ingenious functionality, luxurious comfort, and the smoothest ride around... it’s a pram experience like no other.

New features include:⁠
- One-Pull Harness⁠
- Metal Harness Buckle⁠
- Have Lux Carry Cot 12cm higher with adapters⁠
- Tidy storage for panorama Lux Carry Cot Window Flap⁠
- and many more!⁠
One frame, four options: Our 4-in-1 Travel System combines the frame with different attachments - so you can meet any challenge when traveling with your child. Pair it with the Lux Carry Cot, Lite Cot, CLOUD Q Capsule, or the Seat.

It’s never been easier or faster to strap in! Our new one-pull harness ensures even the most energetic little one can be safely secured in seconds.


Whether you are off-roading or driving into unexpected weather, your ride can remain smooth and comfortable with our all-wheel suspension design.



Discover the New Generation of a stroller that meets the highest standards in design, safety and functionality.



Family vacation to the tropics or just strolling through the park, extend the XXL UPF50+ sun canopy to protect your child against the rays. Even your daily walk around the block can hit an unexpected rainstorm, our ultra-durable canopy is built to shield and protect against wind and rain.


Always have one hand free to hold your baby. Reclining and folding features that can be done with one hand, so you can recline the seat or fold down the stroller to store – all while keeping your little one close.


Switch the seat direction to suit both you and your child’s mood and needs. Whether you want to look at each other for reassurance or playtime, or baby wants to explore all of the sights ahead in the big wide world, reversing the seat is fast and simple.



Just one more thing! Never worry again about fitting all of your items with the extra-large shopping basket. The basket easily folds out to allow more room on those days where running errands turns into a shopping spree.


Priam 2022 vs 2020

2020: Comfortable for baby but can be challenging to install the fabric and keep it clean. 

2022: Not only is the seat fabric easier to attach and remove during installation and cleaning after those juice box spills and squashed bananas, saving you time, but it is gentle machine washable. The fabric on the footrest has also been replaced with plastic, making it easier to wipe clean after a trip to the park or beach. 


Cybex Lux Carry Cot 2022 vs 2020:

2020 Priam: No adaptor is required to attach the 2020 Lux Carry Cot to the chassis. 

2022 Priam: Most notably, the new carry cot is positioned 12cm higher than its predecessor, so baby can be closer to you. Not only does this enhance the parent-child bond and interaction while out and about, but it is also a more ergonomic position for lifting baby in and out. The Capsule Adaptors (included) double as height increasers for the Lux Carry Cot. This means that if you’re using both the Carry Cot and Cloud Q Capsule you never need to remove the Capsule Adapters when switching between the two attachments.

In addition to a ventilated base for improved airflow and breathability (hello hot Australian summers!), the new model also features a discreet storage pocket for valuables, as well as tidier storage of the end panorama-view ventilation flap. Did we mention that it’s 0.2kg lighter than the 2020 model?