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4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet - Kiddie Country

4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

$639.00 $799.00 20 % OFF

The 4Moms® MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like natural motions that parents do when comforting their babies. It features five unique motions(car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing and rock-a-bye) and five speed options for a total of 25 different combinations to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

Your baby bassinet can also play one of the 4 white noise options (rain, ocean, fan and shh) via the 4moms app on a compatible smart device. The 4moms app also features a timer that can be used to help establish a bedtime routine and improve sleep.


  • Firm, flat sleep surface
  • Mesh sides for visibility and airflow
  • 5 unique motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, and wave) to soothe & improve sleep
  • 5 speeds
  • Timer to help establish a bedtime routine
  • 4 white noise options: fan, rain, ocean & shh
  • Bluetooth enabled – control all features via the 4moms app
  • Adjustable height
  • Tool-less assembly
  • firm, flat sleep surface that follows the AAP’s Safe Sleep Guidelines for newborns



  • With Leg extenders: 34" L x 24" W x 39" H
  • Without Leg extenders: 34" L x 24" W x 34.5" H

Box Dimension: 89 x 28 x 66 cm

Gross Weight: 17kg

Age & weight limit:

  • For use from birth until your baby reaches the maximum weight limit of 11kg or can push up on their hands or knees, whichever comes first.
  • Maximum weight: 11kg

Fabric care:

  • The bassinet sheets are machine washable. The bassinet mattress, fabric, and mesh can be spot cleaned using mild soap and warm water.


  • 1 year warranty 


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Baby Studio Rockabye Soothing Bassinet

Baby Studio Rockabye Soothing Bassinet

$449.00 $599.95 25 % OFF

This cleverly designed sleeper provides a safe separate sleeping space for newborns that attaches securely to the side of the parents’ bed, without any gaps.
The roll-down sides give quick and easy access for settling and feeding throughout the night. Rockabye sits beside the bed with lockable wheels ensuring a safe sleep space for baby, with the comfort of knowing night time cuddles are never too far away.  This allows you and your baby to sleep next to each other safely in the first few months.
  • 8 Adjustable Positions
  • Drop Down Side allows for easy access without disturbing baby
  • Fits up to an 60cm high bed with a mattress
  • 15 minutes of Lullabies
  • Soft Gentle Swinging Motion
  • Breathable Mesh Fabric 
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Adjustable feet allow the sleeper to move up close snug against the adult bed
  • Easy to attach and remove from parent bed
  • 5 position height adjustment: 60cm, 57.5cm, 55cm, 52.5cm
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Carry bag included for easy transport
Dimensions L 97 x W 70 x H 85cm
Weight 8kg
Weight Capacity 9kg
Age Range From birth up to 6 months
Mattress Size 88 cm x 54 cm
Mattress Included Yes
Drop-Side Yes
Castors Yes
Adjustments (Height/Recline) 5 height positions
Additional Features Fits up to an 60cm high bed with a mattress
Inclusions Carry bag

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Mamas & Papas Lua Bedside Crib

Mamas & Papas Lua Bedside Crib

$439.00 $549.00 20 % OFF

The Lua bedside bassinet, an innovative product, promotes the safety and comfort of your infant. It can be conveniently positioned next to your bed or utilized in various parts of your home for daytime naps. The bassinet features an adjustable, auto-return side allowing effortless lifting of the baby for nurturing and comfort.

The Lua bassinet is designed with mesh fabric panels and a breathable mattress to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby. Its minimalist, contemporary design ensures it effortlessly blends with your home decor.

Tested and approved by real parents, the Lua bassinet assures a safe space for your infant to sleep peacefully next to you.


The package includes Lua Bedside Bassinet Mattress.
The adjustable side with an auto-return feature enhances safety.
It is not required to strap the bassinet to the bed, facilitating mobility.
The detachable bassinet allows the baby to nap in various locations in the house.
The contemporary design ensures the bassinet blends with your bedroom aesthetics.
The breathable mesh panels facilitate easy monitoring of the baby.
The mattress is equipped with a breathable fiber core for additional comfort.
Adjustable leg heights and incline options provide optimum positioning.
The bassinet design is highly versatile, suitable for any part of your home.
The fabrics are removable and washable, making it easy to maintain hygiene.

Age Suitability: Suitable for infants aged 0 - 6 months, or until the child can sit, kneel or pull themselves up.
Composition: Made of 100% polyester.
Dimensions: H69-84 x W98 x D50-60.5cm.
Mattress Compatibility: Mattress is included in the package.


Care & Maintenance: Fabric covers are machine washable

Dimensions (Folded): H: 28 x W: 89 x D: 55cm

Weight: 10.9kg

Age suitability: 0 - 6m approx.

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Grotime Lilly Bassinet and Mattress

Grotime Lilly Bassinet and Mattress

$349.00 $399.00 13 % OFF

The Lilly bassinet has breathable fabric sides for optimum air flow and ventilation. Its lightweight frame make for easy transportation and storage, so it can be moved from living room to parents’ bedroom to nursery with ease. The handle also allow parents the option of rocking their baby to sleep in the bassinet, rather than in arms, which can help babies to transition into more independent sleep habits quicker. The handy tray below allows storage of night time changing needs.

The Lilly  comes in two colour choices and its simple design is unobtrusive and versatile.

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Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet

Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet

$349.00 $529.00 34 % OFF

The Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet offers 2-in-1 functionality with Bassinet mode & Co-Sleeper mode.

For those precious first months when you need baby by your side, you can position the Aria close by your bed, and fold down the side panel for safe & easy access.
The 8 height positions allow you to adjust the Aria Bedside Bassinet to the same height as your own bed, and/or angled to help with reflux.

The 360° mesh sides allow maximum ventilation to ensure a safe sleeping environment for baby, and keep baby within your full view from any angle.

Need to move rooms? The Aria Bassinet has 4 swivel wheels to transfer baby quietly & seamlessly between rooms without waking baby.
When baby is sleeping independently, simply keep the sides zipped up to use in Bassinet mode

Keeping baby close during night sleeps has many benefits:

  • Enhances the bond between parent & baby
  • Attend to baby for settling & night feeds without getting out of your bed
  • If baby sleeps well, so does mum & dad!

    Assembled size: 101 x 59 x 134 cm
    Mattress size: 84 x 50cm
    Sleeping area inside the bassinet: Base: 84 x 52 cm. Sides: 35cm high


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    Amby Air Baby Hammock Value Package - Kiddie Country

    Amby Air Baby Hammock Value Package

    $345.00 $389.00 11 % OFF

    What would you do to get a good night’s sleep? The answer is to provide your baby with an irresistible sleep space that mimics the warmth and comfort he/she felt in their mother’s womb by using the Amby Air Baby Hammock. The brilliant new design includes features such as increased air flow and visibility, and larger ventilation holes.

    Amby believe in safety and have worked hard to make the Amby Baby Hammock Air the safest baby hammock on the market. The one-of-a-kind adjustable incline will help ease reflux and colic whilst the rocking motion and lack of pressure points soothes indigestion. A small investment for a good night’s sleep.

    The Amby Baby Hammock is the perfect baby bed, ideal for the unsettled baby, babies with reflux or infants with colic. Amby is the world’s favourite baby hammock since 1989!

    The Amby Value pack includes:

    • The all new Amby Air hammock sling
    • Mattress with 100% quilted cotton cover*
    • Amby frame.
    • Amby spring (rated to 12kg).
    • Spring cover.
    • All new stylish Amby travel bag.
    • Set of two fitted sheets.

    The Amby Air Baby Hammock is the perfect baby bed, ideal for the unsettled baby, babies with reflux or infants with colic.

    *Amby's high quality mattress is free from harmful fire retardants and passes the proposed Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand tests which assesses the firmness of baby bed mattresses.

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    Babyhood Rocking Travel Bassinet

    Babyhood Rocking Travel Bassinet

    $329.00 $399.00 18 % OFF

    Gently glide your baby into sleepy dreamland with the most calming and gentle side to side motion, in this beautifully styled bassinet that packs away easily into a compact carry bag, so it travels effortlessly with you and bub on all your adventures.

    Planning a holiday with your baby? Sorting out your travel plans can be complicated but we have made choosing the perfect sleep space for your baby super easy, with our Rocking Travel Bassinet.

    Not only does it easily pack away into a compact travel bag (which is included with your purchase) but this bassinet is a beautiful and safe sleep space for your baby at home, beside your bed or in your living space – so your baby is always by your side.

    Your baby will love the gentle gliding motion as it is a unique side to side motion, which is more soothing than a traditional rocking motion. Just gently tap the side of the bassinet to encourage the motion to whisk your baby into sleepy dreamland or you can lock the gliding motion, when bub falls asleep.

    This rocking bassinet is a safer option , than most traditional bassinets as it allows air flow with the full mesh bassinet basket so your baby breathes easier. The mattress is also firm and made from our breath eze fibre, which is tested for breathability.

    • Soothingly glides your baby from side to side with a gentle touch from you
    • Gliding motion can be locked when your baby sleeps
    • Strong and sturdy with an aluminium frame
    • Breathability with mesh for airflow
    • Visibility with mesh panels
    • Perfect for use at home or for travelling with bub
    • Packs down easily into a compact bag
    • Keeps your baby protected from the elements with a canopy hood and also a built in net to protect against the mozzie and other nasties
    • Cute hanging toys to keep your baby amused
    • Firm and washable mattress

    Assembled dimensions: 
    Width – 64cm
    Length – 92cm
    Height – 75cm (no hood)
    Height – 101cm (with hood)

    Mattress Size:
    41cm x 82.5cm x 2.5cm – mattress included

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    Babyhood Sandton Sleigh Cradle, Bassinet and Rocking Seat (due 12 September) - Kiddie Country

    Babyhood Sandton Sleigh Cradle Including Mattress

    $249.00 $443.95 44 % OFF

    The Sandton Sleigh Cradle offers an elegant and modern design with versatile features, acting as a bassinet or a rocking cradle.

    Secure co-sleeping option beside your bed. Eventually, it transforms into a rocking seat for your growing toddler.

    This multifunctional 3-in-1 cradle, bassinet, and rocking seat is uniquely designed and adapts to your child's needs. Constructed from premium A-grade New Zealand plantation timber, it boasts eco-friendliness and durability while maintaining a timeless sleigh style that complements any home interior.

    To ensure safe co-sleeping with your baby, the cradle comes with lockable wheels, allowing you to move it effortlessly beside your bed. The mobility of the cradle also supports safe sleep settling techniques as suggested by sleep expert Jennifer Hamilton.

    Once your child outgrows the cradle form, the Sandton Sleigh Cradle can be converted into a comfortable rocking seat for toddlers up to 40kgs in weight.

    Key features include:

    • Versatility through convertible options – bassinet, cradle, and rocking toddler seat along with a removable panel
    • Enhanced safety for co-sleeping by easily positioning the cradle next to your bed
    • A calming rocking mode for soothing restless babies
    • Ample size accommodating your growing child
    • Sustainable and eco-friendly construction using high-quality New Zealand plantation timber
    • A chic sleigh design that makes a stylish statement in any nursery
    • Smooth maneuverability throughout your home with four lockable wheels enabling seamless transitions between rooms

    Assembled dimensions: W51cm x L95cm x H85cm (90cm with castors)

    Mattress Included W44cm x L85cm x H5cm 

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    Ergopouch Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet - Kiddie Country

    Ergopouch Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet

    $129.00 $159.95 19 % OFF

    When life gets busy, sticking to the perfect sleep routine isn’t always possible. For families that need flexibility and simplicity in their daily routines but don’t want to compromise on safe sleep for their newborn, the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is for you.

    This lightweight bassinet is for your newborn to sleep in for naps around the house, on the go, or overnight when at or away from home. Pulling double-duty, the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet can also act as a safe and clean place to put baby down when out and about for tummy time, play, or simply gazing up at the trees. The bassinet features a mesh body for breathability, and a sturdy steel frame with high sides for safe sleeping. The thin, firm breathable mattress is cotton-covered, and removable for washing. The bassinet folds in half and opens again with an easy-to-use lock mechanism. To store or transport, simply release the lock, fold in half and slide into the Carry Bag backpack, included. The backpack features adjustable straps, front pockets and a carry handle. The lightweight bassinet (2.2kg) will happily join your next family holiday in a suitcase or overhead locker on a plane. Did we mention it comes with a mosquito net to keep bugs, dogs, and curious toddler fingers away? It’s safe sleep, on the go.

    The Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is suitable for newborn babies who are not yet rolling, or up to 9kg. Please discontinue use as a sleeping bassinet once your baby starts to show signs of rolling (usually around 8 weeks).

    Included in the box:

    • 1x Portable Bassinet
    • 1x Mattress
    • 1x Mosquito Net
    • 1x Carry Bag
    • 1x Instruction Manual


    • Mattress: Top and Bottom Lining - 100% Cotton; Inner - 100% Polyester foam
    • Mosquito Net and Mesh Outer: Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester
    • Frame: Steel
    • Carry Bag: 100% Polyester

    Size & Care


    For newborns and babies who are not yet rolling, up to 9kg


    Mattress Care: Gentle Hand Wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dryclean.

    Frame and Bag Care: Wipe down with damp cloth.


    Use only the mattress provided with the product. Never add a pillow, comforter, loose blanket or another mattress for padding.

    To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), paediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their back to sleep. Do not suspend strings over a bassinet, or attach strings to toys.

    Do not use if any parts are missing, damaged or broken.

    Periodically check product for loose, damaged or missing parts. Contact ergoPouch for replacement parts and instructional literature if needed. Do no substitute parts.

    This product is designed as a safe sleep area for a newborn infant until they start to roll. Discontinue use once baby shows signs of rolling, or has reached 9kg, whichever comes first.

    If a sheet is used on the mattress, use one specifically designed to fit the dimensions of the mattress.

    Do not lift the bassinet when a baby is inside it.

    Not to be used as a co-sleeper.

    Use only on flat, hard surfaces on the ground.

    Never leave a child unattended.

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    A bassinet is an important sleep space specifically designed for newborns and younger babies. Much like a smaller crib, bassinets are typically placed next to your bed, providing easy access to your baby throughout the night.

    At Kiddie Country, we also offer mobile bassinets, making it easy for your baby to nap near you during the day. You can use a bassinet from birth to when your baby is able to move around or roll over. This is usually three and five months. You'll find a range of bassinet options and bassinet mattress protector variations via our large range below!

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