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Ergopouch Organic Fitted Sheet - Kiddie Country

Ergopouch Organic Fitted Sheet


Part of the ergoPouch First Bedding Collection, our Organic Fitted Sheet is a soft, safe and gentle sheet for your newborn baby to sleep on. In three sizes from Bassinet/Cradle through to cot and single bed, we've got your mini covered for breathable, natural sleeping. The fitted sheet features an elastic rim to secure it to the mattress, and is machine washable. Add a TOG-rated Cocoon Swaddle Bag, Layer and Baby Tuck Sheet to round out your perfect sleep ensemble for a newborn. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and dyed with non-toxic water based dyes.

Our products are reviewed by the Eczema Association of Australasia as being skin-friendly. All our prints are product designed in our Melbourne HQ, and come in trend-driven colours to suit any nursery or bedroom.



  • Stretch the sheet and secure the elastic under your mattress. T
  • Bassinet/Cradle: Length 80cm, Width 40cm
  • Cot/Crib: Length 130cm, Width 70cm
  • The product will stretch to fit over most bassinet and cot mattresses
  • It will not fit a circular shaped mattress.

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Ergopouch Baby Tuck Sheet - Kiddie Country

Ergopouch Baby Tuck Sheet


The Baby Tuck Sheet is a TOG-rated, safe alternative to blankets suitable from birth. Designed to use over the top of a swaddle or sleeping bag, the Baby Tuck Sheet is a firm-fitting mattress sleeve that provides added security and comfort for a newborn during sleep. Each side of the Baby Tuck Sheet is TOG-rated; simply flip the sheet over to adjust the warmth and follow our Bedding Temperature guide (included) for help layering. The zips allow you to adjust to two levels of firmness (tightness), to find the perfect fit for your baby's size, or strength of startle reflex.

The Baby Tuck Sheet has been stringently tested and approved as safe by leading independant infant safety organisation INPAA. When using the right size for your baby's length and sleep envrionment, the Baby Tuck Sheet will not come up higher than mid-way up baby's chest following Red Nose safe sleep guidelines. Given the design of the product, the Baby Tuck Sheet cannot become untucked from the mattress, be pulled up near baby's face, or be classified as loose bedding in any way. If your baby does manage to get their legs out of the Tuck Sheet, it will simply lie flat on the mattress. Newborns who don't like to be swaddled may find the firmness of the Tuck Sheet comforting in lieu of sleeping with their arms in. Please do not use the Baby Tuck Sheet once your baby shows signs of rolling over.

Our products are reviewed by the Eczema Association of Australasia as being skin-friendly. All ergoPouch fabrics are dyed with non-toxic water based dyes, and come in trend-driven prints and colours to suit any nursery. All our prints are designed in-house.



1. Slip the Baby Tuck Sheet over the end of your baby's mattress. Choose the 0.2 TOG side up for a light feel and layer in warm rooms, or the 1.0 TOG side up for a firmer feel and warmer layer in moderate temperature rooms. Refer to our Bedding Temperature Guide (included in pack) for more information

2. Dress your baby in their sleepwear. We recommend a Layer (onesie), underneath a Cocoon Swaddle Bag (arms in or out) or Sleeping Bag (arms out). Use our Bedding Temperature Guide to help you choose the right product combination and TOG.

3. Unzip the Baby Tuck Sheet. Lay your baby under the open folds, with their feet touching the end of the cot / crib.

4. Zip up the sheet, to the desired firmness. You should easily be able to zip up the sheet, and firmly fit two fingers between the sheet and your baby. Once zipped up, ensure the sheet does not come up higher than the middle of your baby's chest. If it is coming up higher, simply tuck more of the sheet under the mattress until the right length is achieved. As your child grows taller, continue to adjust.

5. Unzip the sheet to remove baby from it.

6. Discontinue use once your baby shows signs of rolling over


The product will stretch to fit over most bassinet and cot mattresses.
It will not fit a circular shaped mattress.

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Ergopouch Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet - Kiddie Country

Ergopouch Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet

$129.00 $159.95 19 % OFF

When life gets busy, sticking to the perfect sleep routine isn’t always possible. For families that need flexibility and simplicity in their daily routines but don’t want to compromise on safe sleep for their newborn, the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is for you.

This lightweight bassinet is for your newborn to sleep in for naps around the house, on the go, or overnight when at or away from home. Pulling double-duty, the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet can also act as a safe and clean place to put baby down when out and about for tummy time, play, or simply gazing up at the trees. The bassinet features a mesh body for breathability, and a sturdy steel frame with high sides for safe sleeping. The thin, firm breathable mattress is cotton-covered, and removable for washing. The bassinet folds in half and opens again with an easy-to-use lock mechanism. To store or transport, simply release the lock, fold in half and slide into the Carry Bag backpack, included. The backpack features adjustable straps, front pockets and a carry handle. The lightweight bassinet (2.2kg) will happily join your next family holiday in a suitcase or overhead locker on a plane. Did we mention it comes with a mosquito net to keep bugs, dogs, and curious toddler fingers away? It’s safe sleep, on the go.

The Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is suitable for newborn babies who are not yet rolling, or up to 9kg. Please discontinue use as a sleeping bassinet once your baby starts to show signs of rolling (usually around 8 weeks).

Included in the box:

  • 1x Portable Bassinet
  • 1x Mattress
  • 1x Mosquito Net
  • 1x Carry Bag
  • 1x Instruction Manual


  • Mattress: Top and Bottom Lining - 100% Cotton; Inner - 100% Polyester foam
  • Mosquito Net and Mesh Outer: Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester
  • Frame: Steel
  • Carry Bag: 100% Polyester

Size & Care


For newborns and babies who are not yet rolling, up to 9kg


Mattress Care: Gentle Hand Wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dryclean.

Frame and Bag Care: Wipe down with damp cloth.


Use only the mattress provided with the product. Never add a pillow, comforter, loose blanket or another mattress for padding.

To reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), paediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their back to sleep. Do not suspend strings over a bassinet, or attach strings to toys.

Do not use if any parts are missing, damaged or broken.

Periodically check product for loose, damaged or missing parts. Contact ergoPouch for replacement parts and instructional literature if needed. Do no substitute parts.

This product is designed as a safe sleep area for a newborn infant until they start to roll. Discontinue use once baby shows signs of rolling, or has reached 9kg, whichever comes first.

If a sheet is used on the mattress, use one specifically designed to fit the dimensions of the mattress.

Do not lift the bassinet when a baby is inside it.

Not to be used as a co-sleeper.

Use only on flat, hard surfaces on the ground.

Never leave a child unattended.

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Welcome to the world of Sweet Dreams with ergoPouch at Kiddie Country!

Improve your baby's sleep experience with ergoPouch, a brand that understands the unique sleep challenges at different ages and developmental milestones. Their commitment revolves around crafting sleepwear that focuses on comfort, function, and longevity, ensuring your little one rests peacefully every night.

Unparalleled quality for peace of mind

At ergoPouch, quality is a cornerstone. Crafted with superior materials, all of their sleepwear guarantees durability, optimal breathability, and a gentle touch on your baby's sensitive skin. The brand takes pride in using organic cotton and other natural fibres, ensuring your child's safety and reflecting our dedication to the well-being of our planet.

Tailored sleeping solutions for every stage

Choose from our diverse range of ergoPouch sleeping bags, swaddles, sleepsuits, and pyjamas designed for different age groups. Create a snug, womb-like environment for newborns with the sleeping bags or experience the comforting embrace of our swaddles that help soothe and settle your little one. As they grow, our specially designed sleepwear for infants and toddlers ensures safety and comfort without the need for blankets.

Stylish designs meeting functional needs

Blend functionality with contemporary style as ergoPouch brings you sleepwear in a variety of fashionable prints and patterns. Your child will not only experience premium comfort but will also look adorable in the thoughtfully designed creations.

Experience the joy of ergoPouch products today as Kiddie Country proudly offers a huge range

At ergoPouch, they believe in fostering healthy sleep habits and contributing to a healthier environment. Their choice of organic and natural materials prioritises your child's well-being and supports our commitment to a green future.

Introducing the ergoPouch First Bedding Collection 

Softness meets safety, and comfort embraces your newborn's dreams with the ergoPouch Organic Fitted Sheet, a cornerstone of this collection, which is thoughtfully designed to provide a gentle and secure foundation for your little one's sleep.

Crafted from GOTS-certified organic cotton, this sheet epitomises the essence of softness and purity. As your baby transitions from Bassinet/Cradle to the cot and finally to a single bed, our three available sizes ensure a perfect fit, enveloping your little one in breathable, natural goodness.

Complete your perfect sleep ensemble for a newborn by pairing the Organic Fitted Sheet with our TOG-rated Cocoon Swaddle Bag, Layer, and Baby Tuck Sheet. Together, they create a cocoon of comfort and safety, fostering an environment where your baby can drift into dreamland effortlessly.

Your child's quality sleep is Kiddie Country's top priority

Join parents globally who trust and choose ergoPouch for their little ones. Experience the unique blend of comfort and style with Kiddie Country's ergoPouch range – where sweet dreams begin, and a greener future is our shared priority.

Explore our extensive product range and make ergoPouch your go-to for stylish, comfortable, and sustainable sleepwear for your precious little ones. Sweet dreams await!