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Dreambaby Royale 3 in 1 Converta Play Pen - Kiddie Country

Dreambaby Royale 3 in 1 Converta Playpen F2020BB


The Dreambaby® Royale Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate is a fantastic, versatile play pen which can be used in so many ways at home. The six easy-to-adjust panels are fantastic as they can suit any type of home layout, and can be placed in any area or room around the home.

The panels can be opened to create an extra-long gate, or as a protective guard around a room, a door, a fireplace or more. As a play-pen, it can be set up in a variety of shapes, remaining large enough for your little ones to enjoy free space to play around in

Constructed from durable, sturdy metal, the play-pen is safe and secure to use, and will last a long time. The panels have secure corner attachments to connect one another, and the compact design allows for them to be stored away easily. The play-pen is portable, which makes it ideal for travelling and using in multiple areas around the home.

    • 3.8m (151in) wide and 74cm (29in) tall;
    • 6 modular panels including convenient walk through gate

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BabyDan Premier Pressure Gate

BabyDan Premier Pressure Gate


This true pressure-fitted gate requires no drilling for installation. It does not require any wall cups installed unless the correct pressure cannot be obtained to keep the gate safe or if more than two extensions have been added.

The pressure gate option is very popular as you can avoid drilling into the walls or door frames (beware that other pressure gates require wall cups at all times which in turn are installed with screws). The gate door opens in both directions and has a cross bar at floor level which may pose a trip hazard and care needs to be taken when installing the gate near stairs or steps.

The Standard Gate can be fitted with up to six extensions (six extra bars) distributed evenly and suits openings 73.5 cm to 79.6cm. The extension bars are sold separately.

Sizing Guide:


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Lindam Sure Shut Extention - Kiddie Country

Lindam Sure Shut Extension


The Universal Extension range comes in 3 sizes - 7cm, 14cm and 28cm, enabling the standard height gates to be extended up to a maximum of 138cm in width.


  • Universal Lindam sure shut extensions come in three different sizes; 7 cm, 14 cm and 28 cm
  • Available to extend the Easy Fit Plus Deluxe, Sure Shut Axis, Sure Shut Porte and Sure Shut Orto Safety Gates
  • Can be combined to span a variety of opening sizes up to 117 cm wide
  • It is important that you measure the opening of where you want to install your safety gate correctly; Always measure from the narrowest point, typically skirting to skirting
  • View the extension installation guide to select the right extensions for your opening.The item is compatible only with Munchkin gates. NOT compatible with the Easy Fit Plus Deluxe TALL gate

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BabyDan Premier Gate Extensions

BabyDan Premier Gate Extensions


Extensions for BabyDan Premier Gate.  The Premier pressure stair and door gate can be extended to suit a larger opening by adding extra bars. The bars must be added as evenly to each side as possible and you can add max six bars (three on each side). Each bar adds approximately 7.5 cm to the gate.

It is important to note that if more than two extensions are being added, you will need to fit wall cups for the pressure pads. This might require drilling.

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