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Leander Matty Changemat - Kiddie Country

Leander Matty Changemat

$189.00 $219.95 14 % OFF

Leander has done it again, bringing forth an unparalleled product in its category – the groundbreaking Matty change mat. Seamlessly convert any dresser or table into a baby changing station just by placing the Matty on top, and its non-slip base will keep it securely in position. No additional structures or edges are necessary around the mat.

What sets it apart is its remarkable softness. Crafted from polyurethane foam (PUR), the Matty offers unrivaled comfort, rendering extra layers unnecessary. Skip removing and washing covers; simply wipe clean this all-in-one changing mat. Plus, its 100% waterproof surface ensures that no fluids seep in.

Despite its gentle touch, the material is incredibly robust and resistant to daily wear and tear. The just-under-3kg mat provides a sturdy foundation, making it feel like a trusty piece of gear.

Matty's portability allows you to effortlessly move it to your laundry bench, outdoor deck, or vacation home. This mobility aspect is something you won't find in conventional changing tables or dressers fitted with change trays. For added comfort, opt for the Leander Organic Matty Topper.

In summary, the Matty lets you design the ideal changing area using your existing furniture, no matter where it might be!


- Suitable for any flat surface.
- Steadfast non-slip base.
- Ultra-soft without necessitating a cover.
- Gentle to touch but durable.
- Made from PUR (polyurethane foam).
- 100% waterproof.
- Effortless cleaning.
- Dimensions: 70x50x11cm.
- Weight: 2.9kg

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      Shnuggle Squishy Change Mat - Kiddie Country

      Shnuggle Squishy Change Mat


      The Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat can be used as a standalone change mat anywhere around the home as well as being used on most standard changing tables.

      Made from a premium foam, warmer against their skin than standard change mats and providing a much more comfortable change time for baby.

      The gentle incline, raises baby’s head slightly helping to ease colic and reflux particularly after baby has been fed.

      The hygienic, wipe-clean surface has no areas for dirt to gather and can be easily washed between uses.


      • Premium material is warm and comfy against baby’s skin
      • Gentle elevation to ease colic and reflux
      • Waterproof surface and easy to clean
      • Great for tummy time and baby massage

      Washing and Cleaning
      Clean with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Do not bleach or use abrasive cleaners or pads. May change colour if placed in direct sunlight.

      Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat, Pack of 1: Buy Online at Best Price ...

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      Babyrest Deluxe Change Mat - Kiddie Country

      Babyrest Deluxe Change Mat


      The Babyrest Change Mat is a padded change top that provides extreme comfort to your baby when changing. The change pads have raised wedged sides to help prevent 'roll-over falls' and the foam used in the change mat is treated to safeguard against mould and bacteria for your protection. PVC coated.


      • Perma Guard treated foam inhibits mould and bacteria
      • Stitched seams for extra strength
      • Fitted covers
      • Made in Australia

      The foam in this BabyRest mattress has been treated with Purify Anti-Microbial or Perma-Guard. These environmentally sound processes provide long lasting protection against:

      • Microbes
      • Bacteria
      • Dust mites
      • Mould & mildew

      Suitable for: Babyletto Hudson Dresser and Babyletto Hudson 6 Drawer Dresser

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      Babyrest Nova Change Top - Kiddie Country

      Babyrest Nova Change Top

      $189.00 $219.95 14 % OFF

      The minimalist design and clean lines of the Nova changer top create a versatile look to blend seamlessly with any interior design.
      Sturdy, safe, and super-easy to use makes changing time a breeze!

      • Free-standing & portable - works on any bench, table or dresser, simply pick up and place where you need it most!
      • Safe & stable - Raised sides to prevent rolling, 6 firm-grip rubber feet
      • Hygienic – Sealed surface prevents mould & bacteria growth
      • Easy cleaning & maintenance - Simple to wipe down & quick to dry, ready for next time
      • Universal fit - One size to suit most change tables & dressers
      • Comfortable for baby - Makes for happy changing times
      • Designed & engineered in Australia
      • 3 year warranty for peace of mind
      • Size:  72 x 41 x 9 cm 

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      WriggleBum Nappy Change Harness

      WriggleBum Nappy Change Harness


      WriggleBum is a fuss-free nappy change harness that makes change time quick and easy.
      • Gentle and comfy for baby.
      • Compatible with most change tables and change mats/pads including:
        • Leander Matty
        • Grotime Cheeky Change Pad
        • Boori Cloud Easy Clean Change Pad
        • Tasman Eco Turin and Verona change tables
        • Boori 3 Tier Changer
        • Snuggle Squishy Change Mat
        • Babyrest Change Mat
        • soft change pads and mats between 400 and 500mm wide
        For a more complete list, please see our FAQs here.
      • Best for babies aged 4-18 months. Can be used up to 24 months (depending on child's size and weight).
      • Quick ‘n' easy one-time only set up.
      • Toys attach easily to keep baby distracted while you do the dirty work.
      • Machine washable.
      • Portable - perfect for travel


      Please note: WriggleBum is not a safety device. Never leave child unattended; always keep within arm's reach. For detailed instructions on how to use the WriggleBum see our How it works page here. Wooden toy for display purposes only and is not included. 25% discount is final; no further discounts or promotions are valid during the sale. *Free standard postage within Australia. Additional cost for Express Post within Australia and international shipping.

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      Leander Organiser

      Leander Organiser


      Keep your child’s nursery and changing area neat and tidy with Leander’s 3 piece organiser.

      The set includes 3 detachable strorage containers, 2 hooks and one long rail that can be mounted to the wall.

      Hooks and organizers can also be used on the edge of the Linea changing table as well as on the edge of the three changing units in the Leander Classic, Luna and Linea series.

      Product requires some assembly. Each container measures approximately 12 cm x 12 cm x 14 cm.

      INCLUDES: Three detachable storage containers, two hooks, one long rail and one wall-mount kit. Available in Dusty Grey or Cappuccino colours.

      Dimensions – H: 12 cm, W: 62 cm, D: 12 cm

      Material – ABS plastic / Aluminium rail.

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        Babyhood Cot Top Change Table

        Babyhood Cot Top Change Table


        The perfect solution for small spaces with a change table that fits effortless on your cot, for a seamless changing solution for your baby.

        Are you short for space in your nursery or bedroom but still need a change table to save your back?

        The Cot Top Change Table is a change table that can be effortlessly placed on your cot, to create a space saving solution for you, that is strong and stable, so safe for your baby. It is beautifully designed to accent your nursery space, with curved high sides to secure a change mat. Best of all it is light weight so easy to lift and lower, as you access your cot.

        Simply add a change mat and away you go.

        • Perfect for small or compact spaces as it sits on top of your cot

        • Fits all babyhood cots (except Amani Sleigh Cot) and most other standard size cots:

        Narrowest cot – 59.5cm based on external dimensions

        Widest cot – 76.5cm based on external dimensions

        • Hook on attachment to secure it to your cot and reduce the movement of the changing unit whilst changing your baby

        • Easily removable when not required

        • Curved high side edges to secure a change mat inside so baby is more comfortable when changing (change mat not included)

        • Max weight capacity 15 kg

        Assembled dimensions: W51cm x L85cm x H11.5cm

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        Apricity Baby Changing Pad

        Apricity Baby Changing Pad

        $149.00 $169.99 12 % OFF

        Elevate your bonding time with your baby! Our gentle elevation ensures eye-to-eye contact during diaper changes, creating moments you will cherish forever while discreetly guiding any unexpected accidents to the bottom of the changing pad.

        Give your baby the freedom to grow and stretch comfortably with our thoughtfully designed changing pad, offering generous space for their every movement.

        Baby Height Measurement feature showcases adorable safari animals and inspiring messages. It's not just about measuring growth; it's about celebrating every precious inch and centimetre of your baby's remarkable journey; making it a unique and heartwarming gift for new parents.

        Non-toxic, BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free

        Enjoy peace of mind with our non-toxic material, free from harmful substances like BPA, Phthalates, and PVC.

        81.3L x 50.8W x 11.4H cm


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        Leander Wally Wall Mounted Change Station

        Leander Wally Wall Mounted Change Station


        Leander Wally Wall Mounted Change Station

        Create a sleek nursery oasis with the Leander Wally™, a wall-mounted changing table that epitomizes modern convenience and minimalist design. The Wally™ is a marvel of space efficiency, embracing the elegant simplicity of a water droplet to float effortlessly in your space. Effortlessly cradling your baby, the changing station unfolds from the wall, welcoming your little one onto a plush mat. 

        Crafted from a supple material that echoes the tender touch of skin, the mat adapts to ambient temperature, offering a warm, comforting embrace that soothes your child into tranquility during diaper changes. Its surface, effortlessly sanitized, ensures a hygienic haven that can be swiftly wiped down with water, mild soap, or a 70% alcohol solution for disinfection.

        The Leander Wally™ is the epitome of versatility for the modern dwelling, blending seamlessly into any setting without encroaching on your living area. With its innovative fold-away design, the changing table is as discreet as it is indispensable, proving an elegant addition to both nurseries and bathrooms alike.

        Accompanied by three adjustable organizers, the Wally™ ensures that your changing essentials are always within reach, yet orderly and out of sight. 

        Beyond its stylish form, the Leander Wally™ wall-mounted changing table is a paragon of safety, meeting stringent European standards for child protection and non-toxicity, and boasting the prestigious TÜV SÜD certification—a testament to its global acclaim in product safety.

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        Find the perfect baby change mat at Kiddie Country right now

        Trust us when we say that a baby change mat is a necessity when it comes to nappy changes. This activity can already be a struggle that worsens as your kids become increasingly mobile and inquisitive, refusing to lie still!

        The right baby change mat will make your changes less stressful, and at Kiddie Country, we have a huge range, so you can find the perfect fit!

        Why should you use a baby change mat

        A wiggly baby rolling off the changing table is something you'll want to avoid, and this can be helped by baby change mats that make diaper changes much safer.

        Good baby change mats can help calm your baby and free your hands. There are many problems that a baby change mat can solve, and it is important to choose the right one for your needs. This is why we stock so many!

        A baby change mat for travel or use in the house?

        Some baby change mats are specific to infant or toddler years, and some can grow with your baby. They come in different materials to serve different purposes; some are waterproof and easy to clean, and others are more comfortable. From PVC coating to leak protection, Kiddie Country has them all.

        Don't make diaper changes unnecessarily tricky; find the right baby change mat for you and your child at Kiddie Country today!