Leander Wally Wall Mounted Change Station


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Leander Wally Wall Mounted Change Station

Create a sleek nursery oasis with the Leander Wally™, a wall-mounted changing table that epitomizes modern convenience and minimalist design. The Wally™ is a marvel of space efficiency, embracing the elegant simplicity of a water droplet to float effortlessly in your space. Effortlessly cradling your baby, the changing station unfolds from the wall, welcoming your little one onto a plush mat. 

Crafted from a supple material that echoes the tender touch of skin, the mat adapts to ambient temperature, offering a warm, comforting embrace that soothes your child into tranquility during diaper changes. Its surface, effortlessly sanitized, ensures a hygienic haven that can be swiftly wiped down with water, mild soap, or a 70% alcohol solution for disinfection.

The Leander Wally™ is the epitome of versatility for the modern dwelling, blending seamlessly into any setting without encroaching on your living area. With its innovative fold-away design, the changing table is as discreet as it is indispensable, proving an elegant addition to both nurseries and bathrooms alike.

Accompanied by three adjustable organizers, the Wally™ ensures that your changing essentials are always within reach, yet orderly and out of sight. 

Beyond its stylish form, the Leander Wally™ wall-mounted changing table is a paragon of safety, meeting stringent European standards for child protection and non-toxicity, and boasting the prestigious TÜV SÜD certification—a testament to its global acclaim in product safety.