Toddler Car Seats

Harnessed Car Seats offer the security of an internal harness appropriate for growing children from approx. 6 months to 8 years of age. Using a 6 point harness for as long as possible keeps your child securely restrained and safer for longer.
Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard Pro - Kiddie Country

Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard Pro

$499.00 $579.00

The Maxi Guard PRO is the Forward Facing Harnessed seat with SICT Safety Technology and an inbuilt Hassle Free Harness suitable for growing children from approx. 6mths to 8yrs.



Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) – Head Protection
The inner SICT layer provides 180° protection around your child’s head, whilst the outer SICT™ layer absorbs immediate crash energy.

Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) – Torso Protection
Torso SICT minimises the energy impact on your child’s chest and vital organs for greater protection.

Harnessed for Longer
6 point Hassle Free Harness keeps your precious cargo securely restrained and safer for longer.

Thermo5™ High Performance Fabric
Thermo5™ high performance fabric with Bamboo Charcoal delivers the premium comfort your child deserves.

Easy Adjust Headrest
With frontal ease of access whilst the child is seated, the easy adjust headrest can be height adjusted without uninstalling the seat. No need to rethread.

Hassle Free Harness
The easy adjust headrest automatically repositions the shoulder harness while the Hassle Free Harness™ reduces the risk of incorrect installation whilst growing with your child.

2 Recline Positions
Offers additional comfort for your sleeping child.

Ease of Use
Pivoting armrest along with EZ-Buckle insert enables ease of entry into the seat, while helpful holders store harness buckles providing comfort for your child’s journey.

Comfort without Compromise
Generous internal seating area and comfortable trim padding with additional cushioned insert, cup holders and a full length messy mat provides the ultimate in travel comfort.

Slim Outer Width
Allows multiple car seat configurations in a vehicle.

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Infasecure Accomplish Premium - Kiddie Country

Infasecure Accomplish Premium

$479.00 $589.99

Accomplish Premium

Accomplish Premium provides an unparalleled level of comfort for larger toddlers and children. Suitable from a large 6 month old through to a large 8 year old. Your child will travel in comfort and style right through their forward facing years.

Premium Materials and Comfort; Active Bamboo

Accomplish Premium features our new Active Bamboo covers. Active Bamboo is a high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric. The gently woven yarn wicks away moisture, keeping your child cool and dry whilst offering a soft, smooth surface ensuring your child travels in complete comfort. Also, we’ve completely redesigned the covers, utilising the highest levels of craftsmanship. The new modular infant insert offers more support and comfort to smaller babies.

The gorgeous new Active Bamboo covers overlay an unprecedented level of padding. As a result, it’s the most comfortable ride we’ve ever produced. With up to 3 times the padding of our previous child restraints, Accomplish Premium is one of the most luxurious and comfortable child restraints we’ve ever produced.

Premium Safety; Air Cocoon Technology™ & Secur-air

Secur-air works hand in hand with Air Cocoon Technology™ to dramatically reduce crash energy to the child’s head. Achieve comes with ACT as a standard feature, which alone reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard. With the addition of Secur-air, your seat gains a third layer of protection for your child’s head area.

Premium Convenience

Accomplish Premium includes a slew of features designed to make travel easier. Buckle holders keep shoulder straps out of the way when placing your child in the seat. The twist-hesitant straps ensure a safe and comfortable harness fit every time. All new labelling across the Accomplish is designed to be easier to understand and use. It comes with a free In Case Of Emergency label with every seat. This ensures that emergency services have all the information they need, should you ever be in an accident.

The Gradual Recline system is extremely easy to use. It allows unrestricted recline positions which can be changed without removing the restraint from the vehicle. The Twist & Lift™ technology also allows for one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat. No rethreading straps, no uninstalling, allowing for the perfect fit in seconds. In addition, Accomplish also comes with pop out cup holders, a fabric seat protector, and a free Safe Grip Belt Clamp.

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Maxi Cosi Luna Pro Nomad Black - Kiddie Country

Maxi Cosi Luna Pro Nomad Black


Maxi-Cosi introduces the new Luna Pro, offering the ultimate in customised safety and comfort.  Featuring our new Headrest with Air Protect™ Superior Side Impact Technology, and world first chin support, the Luna Pro offers unrivalled safety for children from 6months to approx. 8 years of age.

The Maxi Cosi Luna Pro is a Fully Harnessed Forward Facing Car Seat suitable from 6 months through to 8 years (approximately). Updating the Luna Car Seat with new fashions has given an improved fit & finish and updated branding. 


  • New compact Air Protect design, increasing head space by 8cm, with chin support to alleviate head-flop for sleeping children
  • Adjustable comfort headrest technology featuring Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection which reduces head impact by over 35%.
  • NEW Dual Action crotch adjustment that enables the perfect fit for the growing child.
  • Fold away cup holders.
  • The 2 Position recline of the seat means a safer and better fit in a wider range of vehicles.
  • The Maxi Cosi Luna uses ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric that draws the moisture away from little ones. This means that this car seat will stop babies from getting too hot when they are strapped in.
  • Harness guides which help prevent straps twisting.
  • The Removable Insert means that comfort is adjustable as the child grows!
  • Adjustable armrests improve ease of access.
  • Machine washable cover.

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Maxi Cosi Luna Pro - Kiddie Country

Maxi Cosi Luna Pro

$399.00 $549.99


The Luna Pro is a fully harnessed forward facing car seat with a 6 point harness system, keeping your child secure from 6 months to approximately 8 years of age. This automatic adjustment means no more rethreading of harness straps. With new advancements in headrest design, the Luna Pro features our Maxi-Cosi Safety Shield Headrest that includes Air Protect™ and our world first chin support, providing superior safety and comfort. The new headrest design has been improved to allow for more space for your growing child, while still maintaining its unrivalled safety functionality.

To ensure the perfect fit for your child, the Luna Pro includes our innovative ‘dual action’ buckle and crotch adjustment, which allows you to adjust both the height and depth of the harness.

Our high performing ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric, ensures that your child is cool, dry and comfortable all year round. This wicking fabric actively draws the moisture away from your child’s skin, and has proven antibacterial properties that ensure a healthy and comfortable ride each and every time. Coupled with a two position recline and large cup holders, this fully harnessed car seat will be a firm favourite for any growing family.

We have thought of everything with this seat, because the safety and comfort of your child, means peaceful drives for you.

Intelligent design, that grows with your child, the Maxi Cosi Luna has the best available safety and comfort for a growing child.


    • An improved headrest design featuring Air Protect and our world first chin support, providing superior safety and comfort.

    • No twist harness straps

    • Adjustable comfort headrest technology

    • Air protect superior side impact protection

    • Dual action buckle

    • Machine washable cover

    • 'Cool Baby' bamboo wicking fabric

    • Superior side impact protection

    • 2 position recline

    • Large cup holders - Perfect for sippy cups

    • Removable infant insert

    • In car 6 position harness and headrest adjuster

    • Adjustable armrest

    • Suitable for ages (approximately) 6 months – 8 years

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Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard - Kiddie Country

Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard (due Late July 2021)

$399.00 $449.00

The Maxi Guard is a Forward Facing Harnessed Seat with Active Head Restraint (AHR) headrest.   Suitable from 6 months (we reccomend from 1 year) up to 8 years 

Keep your most precious cargo securely restrained and safer for longer.The 6 point Hassle Free Harness keeps your baby safe.


  • Easy Adjust Headrest - With frontal ease of access whilst the child is seated, the easy adjust headrest can be height adjusted without uninstalling the seat.
  • No need to rethread the harness when height adjusting.
  • 2 Recline Position - Offers additional comfort for your sleeping child.
  • Quick Removable Cover - No need to remove the harness!
  • Active Head Restraint - Simple to use adjustable headrest designed specifically with deep side wings lined with EPS to shield and protect your child’s head in a side impact crash.
  • Hassle Free Harness - The easy adjust headrest automatically re-positions the shoulder harness while the Hassle Free Harness™ reduces the risk of incorrect installation whilst growing with your child.
  • Slim Outer Width - Allows multiple car seat configuration in a vehicle.
  • Helpful Harness Holders - Makes it easy to get your child in and out of the seat and prevent hot harness buckles from touching your child’s skin.

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Maxi Cosi Titan Pro Convertible Booster Seat - Kiddie Country

Maxi Cosi Titan Pro Convertible Booster Seat

$344.00 $449.99

Maxi Cosi introduces the Titan Pro convertible Booster seat.

An ever-growing, developing and maturing child soon grows out of things. With the Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro you know exactly when it’s safe to move up to the next age level - from approx. 6 months old all the way to 8 years old. Titan Pro is first used with the built in 5-point safety harness to fasten the child, before becoming a booster that uses the regular 3-point car seatbelt.

The open seat is designed to accommodate your growing child, while the enhanced G-CELL and Air Protect safety technologies keep them safe along the way. Titan Pro also provides supreme comfort for your growing children with its ‘Cool Baby’ bamboo wicking fabric and cosy seat insert that help keep them relaxed for their journey.


Safety shield – Duel action head and torso protection.
Air Protect, superior side impact head protection
New compact G-CELL design for improved safety
Cool Baby wicking fabric designed to keep your children cool by drawing away moisture
Easy in car recline feature with 3 comfort recline positions.
Easy in built harness adjuster from 6 months to 4 years
Easy transition in to booster mode through intuitive harness and buckle storage
Open design for ease of getting in and out of the seat
Toddler insert for additional comfort
Easy 1 handed headrest adjustment with 11 positions.
Removable and washable Bamboo “Cool Baby” wicking fabrics

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Houdini Stop Single - Kiddie Country

Houdini Stop Single


Houdini Stop safety seat belt clip stopping your child from taking their arms out of the shoulder straps of their harnessed car seat. Ideally used if your child has is able to get out of their car seat. It will help prevent your “escape artist” escaping again.

The Houdini Stop is made to high standards of safety. It does not interfere with the normal performance of the car seat in any way.

Houdini Stop can be used in your stroller or feeding chair too.

It will help prevent your child from standing up and falling off the chair or stroller. Since it has a universal design, it fits babies and toddlers of various ages and is compatible with a variety of harness systems.


Is it safe?
Yes. The Houdini Stop has been crash tested to AS/NZS standard 8005:2013 in both forward and rear facing situations with Type B, A1, A2 & A4 seats and proven to be safe in all these tests. It is important to note that other cheaper copies of the Houdini Stop available on the market, have not been crash tested on all these car seat types,  both forward or rear crash situations, or labelled to these strict AS/NZS standards. Warning they may not be as safe as a Houdini Stop in an emergency.

Kiddie Country recommends the Houdini Stop as it exceeds the mandatory safety standard 8005:2013. Order your Houdini Stop products online or in store.

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