Cybex e-Priam + FREE Lite Carrycot

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The revolutionary smart CYBEX e-PRIAM just got smarter!

With its newly launched app, the e-Priam now offers ground-breaking new functionality to make life easier for you like never before.
Like hands-free rocking, e-assist support modes, battery status and firmware updates. Parenting isn't easy, but this is...

Convenient addition turning your Lux seat into a great sleeping cot!  The FREE LITE Cot is a lightweight mobile travel attachment for the E PRIAM. High comfort combines with simple, versatile handling to make it the perfect travel companion for active families. This impresses with its high-quality and robust material and offers optimal all-round protection against wind, cold, rain and sunshine. Can be used up to approx. 4 years. In the first months up to 9 kg (approx. 6 months) as newborn cot and later as an effective wind stopper.

Intelligent, intuitive, and exceptionally innovative, the e-Priam makes life with your little one even more enjoyable and effortless.

ROCKING MOTION, NOW HANDS-FREE ~ Naptime was never this easy.
The e-PRIAM’s rocking function helps you calm your baby down to sleep anytime and anywhere. With the touch of a button, the e-stroller moves back and forth hands-free, creating a gentle rocking motion.

HILLS, MADE SIMPLE ~ For effortless climbs.
With the e-PRIAM smart uphill support, walking uphill is made easy. Onboard sensors detect inclines and signal electric motors to add power, making climbs feel effortless. And when going downhill, it assists your descent by slowing the wheels.

ROUGH TERRAIN, MADE SMOOTH ~ Adventures without barriers.
Imagine the freedom to go off-road whenever you want. The e-PRIAM’s uneven surface support lets you power over rough ground like smooth sailing.


  • E-assist features:
    • Uphill/Downhill support
    • Rough terrain support
    • Hands-free rocking
  • One-hand folding stands upright when folded
  • One-hand recline seat
  • Reversible seat
  • Suitable from birth with the lie-flat seat, up to 22kg
  • All-terrain, 4 wheel suspension
  • Two-wheel mode for beach or stairs
  • Extra-large shopping basket
  • High seat position – closer to you, and sits at table height
  • Travel system integration with the CYBEX CLOUD Q capsule, and other compatible capsules from Maxi Cosi, Nuna & Joie
  • Hidden pocket in backrest
  • Extendable UPF50+ sun canopy 
  • Breathable mesh window in canopy
  • Newborn inlay for extra comfort from day one

Folded dimensions: 88 x 51 x 30 cm
Unfolded dimensions: 110 x 60 x 95 cm
Weight of Chassis (incl wheels, basket & battery) + Seat: 15 kg
Weight of Chassis (incl wheels, basket & battery): 10.8 kg
Seat weight capacity: 22 kg
Basket weight capacity: 5 kg

e-Priam battery specs:
Range: approx 20km (based on fair weather conditions, moderate terrain, and 15 kg load. Variations in these factors will affect range)
Charging time: approx 6 hours. Battery is removable and can be charged while attached or separated from the e-Priam chassis.
5 LEDs indicate battery level, visible from a normal standing position behind the pram
Foot-operated off/on the switch
Battery weight (incl charger): 2.4 kg

 What’s in the box:

  • Frame: chassis, battery, battery charger, seat frame, wheels, shopping basket, rain cover, capsule adapters
  • Seat pack: seat fabric, harness, canopy, newborn inlay, legrest cover

Download the App:

Is the e-PRIAM heavier than a regular PRIAM?
Yes, the e-PRIAM is 2.4 kg heavier than a regular PRIAM.
Can I also use the e-PRIAM without assistance from the electronic functions?
Yes. If you do not switch on the power button the e-PRIAM works like a regular PRIAM.
Can I upgrade /retrofit my PRIAM to an e-PRIAM?
No, as the intelligent technology is seamlessly integrated into the e-PRIAM frame and separately certified.
How often do I need to charge the battery?
The battery run time depends on external conditions (e.g. surface characteristics, temperature, incline) and load (e.g. child weight, basket load). In fair conditions (flat terrain with short hills and a few uneven surfaces, an outside temperature of approximately 20˚C, a load of 9–10 kg) the battery will last for approximately 45 km. In difficult conditions (outdoor terrain with short hills and many uneven surfaces, an outside temperature of approximately 10–20˚C, a load of 15 kg) the battery will last for approximately 20 km. In extreme conditions (rugged terrain with very long and steep hills and mostly uneven surfaces, an outside temperature below 10˚C, a load of 25 kg) the battery will last for approximately 8 km. The values mentioned above are estimates. 
How can I charge the battery?
You have a choice between directly attaching the stroller to the power outlet using the provided cable, or detaching the battery from the rear axle for charging. Never leave the e-PRIAM unattended while charging the battery.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
The charging time is around 3,5 hours.
When using the assistance, what is the maximum km/h the e-PRIAM can travel at?
The electronic functions will provide assistance up to 6 km/h. If you travel faster than this the assistance will stop. This is for safety and regulatory reasons.
Does the battery need charging before I use the e-PRIAM for the first time?
Yes. The battery needs to be fully charged until the green light on the charger appears. This can take up to 6 hours depending on the charging status when you unpack the product.
Can I take an e-PRIAM onto an airplane?
It should be possible to transport the e-PRIAM with most airlines, as the battery was specifically designed to comply with IATA rules for carry-on and checked-in baggage. Before traveling on an airplane, please always check with your airline regarding the latest travel guidelines for carry-on and checked-in baggage.
When traveling uphill, is there any limit to the degree of the slope the e-PRIAM can assist with?
The electronic functions can assist in climbing a slope of up to approximately 25% (or approximately 14°). This is similar to the incline of Lombard Street in San Francisco

Tech Specifications:

Battery: Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, the e-PRIAM has a range of approximately 8–45 km depending on load and conditions. The battery can be charged within six hours, and the charge status is easily checked via an LED indicator in the rear axle.

Sensors: Sensors in the handlebar detect pushing and pulling effort, while a smart algorithm works continuously to calculate the optimum amount of support you need, adapting to traveling conditions and changes in terrain in the blink of an eye.

Engines: The e-PRIAM’s two electric engines add powered support when needed, and are quiet enough to allow your child to sleep uninterrupted. Discretely located behind the back wheels, the engines are attached to either end of the rear axle.