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Little Bamboo Round Cot Fitted Sheet - Kiddie Country

Little Bamboo Round Cot Fitted Sheet


Deliciously soft and smooth, these earth-friendly sheets are perfect for your baby.

Pack contains: 1x fitted sheet

Size: 124cm x 72cm x 19cm


Colour: Natural white
Composition: 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton

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Leander Highchair Harness - Kiddie Country

Leander Highchair Harness


The all new Leander High Chair Harness - a 5 point harness for the Leander High Chair. Perfect for providing extra security and safety for restless children!

Available in White and Brown only.

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Leander Cot Hardware Kit (Spare Part) - Kiddie Country

Leander Cot Hardware Kit


If you have lost the hardware for the Leander Cot simply order this complete hardware pack and you will have everything you need (and spares)

The original hardware kit as well as pieces to put the ends together


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Leander Organiser

Leander Organiser


Keep your child’s nursery and changing area neat and tidy with Leander’s 3 piece organiser.

The set includes 3 detachable strorage containers, 2 hooks and one long rail that can be mounted to the wall.

Hooks and organizers can also be used on the edge of the Linea changing table as well as on the edge of the three changing units in the Leander Classic, Luna and Linea series.

Product requires some assembly. Each container measures approximately 12 cm x 12 cm x 14 cm.

INCLUDES: Three detachable storage containers, two hooks, one long rail and one wall-mount kit. Available in Dusty Grey or Cappuccino colours.

Dimensions – H: 12 cm, W: 62 cm, D: 12 cm

Material – ABS plastic / Aluminium rail.

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    Leander Classic Organic Mattress Protector (due May 2021) - Kiddie Country

    Leander Classic Organic Mattress Protector

    $89.95 $99.95 10 % OFF

    This quilted mattress protector will keep your Leander Classic Cot mattress fresh.

    Water absorbent and machine washable. Suits the oval Leander Classic mattress only.

    1 x quilted organic mattress protector for the Leander Cot only (Oval Shaped) 


    • Quilted mattress protector made from 100% organic cotton, satin weave cover. 100% polyester filling
    • High absorbency
    • Machine washable at 60°C.
    • Eco-Tex 100 certified

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    Leander/Linea Organic Cot Sheets - Kiddie Country

    Leander Organic Cot Sheets 2pk

    $93.00 $119.00 22 % OFF

    These fitted baby cot sheets are made from interlock jersey in 100% organic cotton and suit both the oval Leander Classic Cot mattress and the rectangular Linea Cot mattress. Soft, durable fabric that comes in Snow, Cappuccino, Cool Grey and Dusty Rose.

    Includes: 1 x pack of two fitted sheets in your chosen colour


    • Material: 100% organic cotton Eco-Tex® 100 approved textiles
    • Care: Machine washable at 60°C and tumble dried
    • Fits the Leander Cot, Leander Linea Cot and the Leander Luna 120x60 cot
      (fits 60 x 120cm rectangle or 66 x 116 cm oval mattress)

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    Leander High Chair Tray - Kiddie Country

    Leander High Chair Tray

    $99.95 $119.95 17 % OFF

    The Leander Chair Tray is an optional extra if you can’t or prefer not to place the chair at your dining table. Made from moulded ABS plastic it is dishwasher safe and clips easily on or off the current safety bar. White only.

     Leander High Chair and Safety Bar sold separately


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    Leander High Chair Organic Cushion

    Leander High Chair Organic Cushion

    $99.95 $119.95 17 % OFF

    These padded and machine washable organic cushions for the Leander High Chair are one-piece and secures under the seat with straps. 100% organic cotton cover with poly-fiber filling.

    Available colour options: Cappuccino, Cool Grey, Dark Blue and Dusty Rose.

    INCLUDES: 1 x cushion with straps to secure under seat

    Leander Highchair and tray sold separately.

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    Linea Organic Cotton Change Table Mat Cover - Kiddie Country

    Linea Organic Cotton Change Table Mat Cover



    • Materials: 100% organic cotton
    • Includes: 1 x change table mat cover
    • Coating on the inside prevents liquids from penetrating the foam
    • Ökotex certified


    • Overall: 1cm H x 60cm W x 70cm D
    • Overall Product Weight: 0.4 Kilograms

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    Leander Large Organic Sheets - Kiddie Country

    Leander Large Organic Sheets

    $99.95 $119.95 17 % OFF

    Pack of two 100% organic cotton fitted sheets, 140x60cm

    Fits all of the following:

    • Fits 140 x 70 x 10 cm Luna Cot mattress
    • Oval Classic Junior Bed mattress
    • All 140 x 60 cm mattresses

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    Leander Organic Linea/Luna Mattress Protector - Kiddie Country

    Leander Organic Linea/Luna Mattress Protector


    This quilted organic mattress protector will keep your cot mattress fresh and clean.

    Accessory to the Leander Linea Cot and Luna cots.


    • 1 x quilted organic mattress protector in your chosen size


    • Quilted mattress protector made from 100% organic cotton, satin weave cover. 100% polyester filling.
    • High absorbency
    • Machine washable at 60°C
    • Eco-Tex 100 certified
    • Water absorbent and machine washable
    • Fits cots and junior bed mattresses sized 120 x 60 cm and 140 x 70 cm.

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    Leander High Chair Safety Bar - Kiddie Country

    Leander High Chair Safety Bar

    $109.95 $119.95 8 % OFF

    This is the wooden safety bar for the Leander Classic High Chair. It has two depth settings to ensure a snug fit for baby as well as “skirts” to prevent your child from twisting to get out of the chair. These features mean that you do not need a harness for the chair which is a great bonus.

    The safety bar comes with a leather strap. Leather straps are also available separately.

    Includes: One Safety Bar for the Leander Classic High Chair with leather strap.

    Leander High Chair sold separately.

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    Leander Linea/Luna Cot Canopy - Kiddie Country

    Leander Linea/Luna Cot Canopy


    The canopy adds a soft and romantic element to the Linea or Luna cot draping either from the end of the cot or from the side.

    This is a two-piece canopy and can be used either at the end of the cot or along the side.

    It is made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester and is available in White, Misty Blue or Soft Pink.

    Canopy Rod is sold separately


    • 1 x canopy in your chosen colour

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    Apricity Baby Changing Pad

    Apricity Baby Changing Pad

    $149.00 $169.99 12 % OFF

    Elevate your bonding time with your baby! Our gentle elevation ensures eye-to-eye contact during diaper changes, creating moments you will cherish forever while discreetly guiding any unexpected accidents to the bottom of the changing pad.

    Give your baby the freedom to grow and stretch comfortably with our thoughtfully designed changing pad, offering generous space for their every movement.

    Baby Height Measurement feature showcases adorable safari animals and inspiring messages. It's not just about measuring growth; it's about celebrating every precious inch and centimetre of your baby's remarkable journey; making it a unique and heartwarming gift for new parents.

    Non-toxic, BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free

    Enjoy peace of mind with our non-toxic material, free from harmful substances like BPA, Phthalates, and PVC.

    81.3L x 50.8W x 11.4H cm


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    Linea & Luna Organic Cot Bumper - Kiddie Country

    Linea/Luna Organic Cot Bumper


    The bumper for the Linea Classic Cot , Linea Cot and Luna cot in organic cotton is half-size and covers only one half of the bed. In this way, a stable air flow is ensured - which guarantees optimal quality of sleep and a natural regulation of the temperature in the bed.


    • Embraces like a protective cave
    • Provides peace and security 
    • Covers the slats in the rail section
    • The bed bumper can be used in all bed positions
    • Decorative stitching and dotted ties
    • Easy to install with ties
    • Application with focus on safety 
    • Made of soft and strong cotton


    The bumper for the Linea or Luna cot measures 181cm L x 30cm H x 2cm W and is secured to the cot bars with cute polka dot ties.

    The filling is 100% polyester and the cover is 100% organic cotton and fully machine washable 40°C. Choose from four colours.

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    Leander Linea/Luna Canopy Rod - Kiddie Country

    Leander Linea/Luna Canopy Rod


    This beautiful cot is another example of the unique design and craftsmanship Leander is so renowned for. You can drape a canopy over the cot by adding this canopy rod to either the end of the cot or to the side.

    The canopy rod allows you to add an elegant canopy to your Luna cot. It can be fitted at the end of the cot or along the side. It is made from solid oak and is easily attached.

    Leander Linea/ Luna Canopy is available in three colours and sold separately.

    Made from solid oak and is easily attached.


    • 1 x Rod

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    Leander Matty Changemat - Kiddie Country

    Leander Matty Changemat

    $189.00 $219.95 14 % OFF

    Leander has done it again, bringing forth an unparalleled product in its category – the groundbreaking Matty change mat. Seamlessly convert any dresser or table into a baby changing station just by placing the Matty on top, and its non-slip base will keep it securely in position. No additional structures or edges are necessary around the mat.

    What sets it apart is its remarkable softness. Crafted from polyurethane foam (PUR), the Matty offers unrivaled comfort, rendering extra layers unnecessary. Skip removing and washing covers; simply wipe clean this all-in-one changing mat. Plus, its 100% waterproof surface ensures that no fluids seep in.

    Despite its gentle touch, the material is incredibly robust and resistant to daily wear and tear. The just-under-3kg mat provides a sturdy foundation, making it feel like a trusty piece of gear.

    Matty's portability allows you to effortlessly move it to your laundry bench, outdoor deck, or vacation home. This mobility aspect is something you won't find in conventional changing tables or dressers fitted with change trays. For added comfort, opt for the Leander Organic Matty Topper.

    In summary, the Matty lets you design the ideal changing area using your existing furniture, no matter where it might be!


    - Suitable for any flat surface.
    - Steadfast non-slip base.
    - Ultra-soft without necessitating a cover.
    - Gentle to touch but durable.
    - Made from PUR (polyurethane foam).
    - 100% waterproof.
    - Effortless cleaning.
    - Dimensions: 70x50x11cm.
    - Weight: 2.9kg

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        Linea by Leander Change Table Drawer - Kiddie Country

        Linea by Leander Change Table Drawer


        A great addition for the Leander® Linea changing table. Easy access to the items you need as the drawer can be pulled from both sides.

        Includes: 1 x Drawer 

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        Leander Comfort +7 Mattress - Kiddie Country

        Leander Classic Cot Mattress Comfort

        $299.00 $329.95 9 % OFF

        The Leander Cot COMFORT+7 mattress is made in Europe from high quality cold foam. The mattress has been carefully constructed to offer excellent air circulation by drilling vertical air channels and by an exact shaping of the mattress contour. Each side has a different pattern.

        One is ideal for a baby under 12kg (white side with knobs) and the other is for the toddler 12kg+ (purple side with waves).

        The mattress is fitted with a unique cover to match the high standard of the mattress core. It has integrated wetness protection by using a combination of Tencel® and polyester fleece which improves the breathability. The cover is fully divisible, so you can wash the soiled side and still use the other on the mattress. Machine washable on 60°C.

        The mattress is made to exact size of the Leander Cot.

        Includes: COMFORT mattress with zip-off cover

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        Leander Linea and Luna Organic Sofa Set - Kiddie Country

        Leander Linea and Luna Organic Sofa Set


        This sofa set is specially designed for the Leander Linea or Luna cot when converted to a sofa. The bumper and bolster prolong the life of the cot by transforming it into a trendy sofa.

        The set consists of one bumper to line three sides and a matching bolster to create a soft comfortable sofa.

        Made from 100% organic cotton with 100% polyester fleece lining.


        • Bumper and mattress bolster in Cool Grey to convert the Leander Linea or Luna Cots into a sofa

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        Linea by Leander is the name of the new furniture range from Leander. Linea is made in solid wood and gives plenty of opportunities to create a personal look, by mixing and matching the colours of the textile that fits perfectly to the stylish furniture range.