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59S UV Sterilisation Mummy Bag - Kiddie Country

59S UV Sterilisation Mummy Bag

$159.96 $199.95 20 % OFF

59S UV Sterilisation Mummy Bag make sterilising breast pumps and feeding bottles easy and is always on the go within 3 mins. 


  • Ultraviolet (UV-C) light eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, etc by destorying DNA physically.
  • Removes milky taste of baby bottles
  • Easy to use: Close it and press the button twice, finish in 59 seconds
  • Convenient for working mums: The first floor sterilize breast pumbs and baby bottles, the second floor storage breast milk(need to put in ice pack)
  • Two types: With rechargeable battery and without battery
  • Other application: sterilising baby clothes, toys, toothbrushes and anything that can be put into it
  • Waterproof and dust-proof
  • 99.9% Efficient
  • Non-toxic, no radiation, no ozone
  • Bacteriostatic storage function
  • Five-sides sterilisation function


  • Disinfection time: 59 seconds
  • Size: 250 x 270 x 170 mm
  • Net weight:600g

How to use:

1. Preparing before Sterilisation: 

  • Open the disinfectant bin, put the object in and close it, then connect to the power supply.

2. Power on:

  • The Sterilizer enters into standby mode after connect to the power supply (Indicator light is slightly on). Turn off the power to shutdown (indicator light is off).

3. Sterilising / Bacteriostatic storage:

  • 59s sterilisation: Click the button once to start 59s timing sterilization. The device will recover to standby mode after sterilizing over
  • While the red indicator flashes and highlights for 5 minutes.
  • Bacteriostatic storage: Click the storage button to initiate Bacteriostatic save function, meanwhile the red light flashes and start the lower-power sterilization.

4. Indicator light:

  • Standby Mode – All red light, light on slightly.
  • ​Sterilising – Red light highlights and flashes quickly.
  • Sterilising Over – Enter into standby mode after 5 min. red light long bright.

5. Automatic Sensor:

  • The built-in magnet sensor switch will automatically pause the unit when you open the top cover during the sterilizing mode.



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Linea & Luna Organic Cot Bumper - Kiddie Country

Linea/Luna Organic Cot Bumper


The bumper for the Linea Classic Cot , Linea Cot and Luna cot in organic cotton is half-size and covers only one half of the bed. In this way, a stable air flow is ensured - which guarantees optimal quality of sleep and a natural regulation of the temperature in the bed.


  • Embraces like a protective cave
  • Provides peace and security 
  • Covers the slats in the rail section
  • The bed bumper can be used in all bed positions
  • Decorative stitching and dotted ties
  • Easy to install with ties
  • Application with focus on safety 
  • Made of soft and strong cotton


The bumper for the Linea or Luna cot measures 181cm L x 30cm H x 2cm W and is secured to the cot bars with cute polka dot ties.

The filling is 100% polyester and the cover is 100% organic cotton and fully machine washable 40°C. Choose from four colours.

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BabyDan Premier Pressure Gate

BabyDan Premier Pressure Gate


This true pressure-fitted gate requires no drilling for installation. It does not require any wall cups installed unless the correct pressure cannot be obtained to keep the gate safe or if more than two extensions have been added.

The pressure gate option is very popular as you can avoid drilling into the walls or door frames (beware that other pressure gates require wall cups at all times which in turn are installed with screws). The gate door opens in both directions and has a cross bar at floor level which may pose a trip hazard and care needs to be taken when installing the gate near stairs or steps.

The Standard Gate can be fitted with up to six extensions (six extra bars) distributed evenly and suits openings 73.5 cm to 79.6cm. The extension bars are sold separately.

Sizing Guide:


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5 in 1 Touchless Forehead Ear and Bath Thermometer - Kiddie Country

Cherub Baby Touchless Forehead Ear and Bath 5 in 1 Thermometer


The Cherub Baby 5 in 1 Touchless Forehead Ear & Bath Thermometer has just been released with the most advanced tech to date to provide the highest accuracy of any touchless thermometer.  Utilising Accuscan technology, the thermometer will records a continuous reading across the entire forehead achieving more consistent and accurate data.  It also doubles as an ear thermometer, a bath thermometer, a liquids thermometer and a room thermometer!

From the brand that has won over 7 awards for best baby thermometer, we bring to you our most advanced model yet, the 5 in 1 No Contact Forehead & Ear Thermometer.

This multifunction thermometer is not just for body temperature readings. It covers:

  • Accurate touchless forehead readings in 1 second.
  • Revolutionary Accuscan Technology
  • Ear readings in 1 second.
  • Takes the bath temperature.
  • Takes the temperature of liquids (such as a baby bottle).
  • Takes the ambient room temperature (perfect for baby’s room).

The Cherub Baby 1 second ear & forehead thermometer can scan a reading with no contact, perfect for a sleeping baby and so fast that you only need 1 second to take the reading.

  • Takes Forehead and Ear reading without needing to buy expensive probe covers!
  • Safe & hygienic fever thermometer for babies and children. For use from infant to adult.
  • Provides reading in one second
  • Hospital Grade
  • Slight fever and high fever indicator
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple one touch operation
  • Auto shut-off after 30 seconds
  • Fever Alarm when temperature exceeds 38.0 degreesC
  • Accuracy: +/-0.2 degreesC (+/-0.4 degreesF)
  • Battery: d.c.3V, 2×1.5V AAA batteries
  • Battery Life: 2500 readings
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display
  • Size: 15.5 x 4.5 x 3.5cm
  • LCD: 25x20mm
  • N.W: 65g
  • CE, FDA and TGA Approved.
  • The Cherub Baby 5 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer is listed on ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods). ARTG Identifier: 334811

Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility:

  • Clean the probe tip with an alcohol wipe after using as an ear thermometer.
  • Wipe the body of the thermometer with a clean cloth as needed.
  • For more instructions please refer to the instruction manual.

Included in the box:

  • 5 in 1 Ear and Forehead Thermometer
  • Forehead reading attachment
  • Batteries
  • Instruction Manual

The ear and forehead thermometer comes with 2 year warranty. ARTG ID 334811


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Oricom DS1100 Digital Scales - Kiddie Country

Oricom DS1100 Digital Scales


A dual purpose digital scale designed with a changeable base for babies and children up to 40kg. The digital scale is portable and lightweight, and this polished unit has been designed to grow with your child.

Simple and intuitive, the touch button operation and large clear digital screen make taking and recording your child’s weight as easy as possible.

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59S UV Sterilisation Wand - Kiddie Country

59S UV Sterilisation Wand

$119.96 $149.95 20 % OFF

59S is the pioneer of LED sterilization. It adopts UV LED technology and ultraviolet light of 260nm-280nm,directly damaging DNA and bacteria via physical means, to achieve quick, convenient and efficient disinfection.

59S brings you a new healthy lifestyle, protects your safety and provides convenience, aiming to make disinfection simple, affordable and pleasing.


How Does UVC LED Disinfection Work?

UVC has been used for removing germs and bacteria for the last decades by effectively destroying their DNA & RNA. It is widely used in medical environment with its high disinfection rate. UVC LED reproduces the UVC light using LED beads, a 100% clean and energy efficient technology.


How to Use X5 Disinfection Wand

1. Fully charge your X5 Disinfection Wand with a compatible charger.

2. Unlock the safety lock and unfold the flip panel.

3. Wear the protective goggles firstly and double click the sterilizing button to start the process.

4. For best result, it is recommended to scan back and forth on the surface for 5 to 10 times with a distance of approximately 1 inch.

5. Disinfection will finish automatically in 3 minutes or you may press the button again to stop the process at any time




For Home, Office & Travel

Remove of 99.9% Germs

Scan Back and Forth 3-5 Times


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Ubbi Diaper Pail - Kiddie Country

Ubbi Diaper Pail

$119.20 $149.00 20 % OFF


After 2 years of development, it is the first STEEL Nappy Pail designed specially for nappy disposal. Ubbi has found the key to keeping nurseries smelling fresh and clean, through the use of steel, rubber gasket seals and their sliding lid technology

  • UBBI is made of powder coated steel (other nappy pails are made of plastic and absorb smell)
  • UBBI does not require special bags, tall kitchen bags can be used
  • UBBI is sleek and stylish and complements any decor of nursery
  • Safe, convenient and economical
  • Child safety lock
  • Holds approximately 58 newborn nappies
  • Recommend emptying the Ubbi daily

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Babyrest Aster Nappy Bin

Babyrest Aster Nappy Bin


Say goodbye to nappy bins that are solely functional and an eyesore; the Babyrest Aster combines graceful style with effective odour control like no other. Elevate any nursery with its elegant design, style & finish. 

Be kind to your nose and keep any smells firmly contained inside the bin with the Aster’s powerful odour-stop system.

Never see a dirty nappy again: to use, simply flip the handle over for the bin's opening to appear. Drop the dirty nappy into the opening, then flip the handle back over for the nappy to drop into the bin below.
As you operate the handle, the protective seal prevents unpleasant odours from escaping from the bin below.

What’s dropped inside stays inside! The Aster’s intuitive one-hand open makes disposal a breeze and allows you to keep hold of baby while changing for increased safety. It couldn’t be easier to use or refill.

Compatible with generic bin liners, the Aster offers maximum convenience & style, without forcing you to commit to ongoing costs associated with specific refill systems.
Discover the nappy disposal system of the future.

Includes 1 refill roll of 15 bags.


  • Powerful odour-stop system
  • Easy one-hand control
  • BPA, latex & phthalate free
  • Compatible with generic bin liners
  • Includes 1 refill roll (15 bags). Each bag holds up to 25 nappies
  • Bin liner refill packs available
  • Product dimensions 47H x 23.5L x 25.5W cm (handle lowered)

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    Oricom Secure 715

    Oricom Secure 715

    $99.00 $199.00 50 % OFF

    Oricom’s Secure715 is the perfect entry level video baby monitor.

    The SC715 features baby friendly night vision, parent talk back, 5 soothing lullabies, digital volume control and the option to add up to four camera units to the system.

    Including a colour LCD display with zoom and a versatile pivot mounting camera, this unit will ensure you are able to keep a constant eye on your child.

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    VTech BC8313 V-Hush Pro Storytelling Soother

    VTech BC8313 V-Hush Pro Storytelling Soother

    $99.00 $119.00 17 % OFF

    Create ideal sleep patterns & environments with the VTech BC8313 Sleep Training Soother. Inspired by WeeSleep experts, the Hush Pro provides features that enable better, longer sleep for the whole family.
    Combines light, sounds, and tips to encourage healthy sleep habits using the colourful night light, glow-on-the-ceiling projector, and powerful Bluetooth Speaker. Craft sleep-inducing atmospheres with over 200 pre-programmed stories, classical music, lullabies and natural sounds, or stream from your favourite smartphone music service.
    Record and upload your voice, songs, or stories using the subscription-free app. Plus, ensure your family sleeps well even if you're on the go, thanks to the rechargeable battery.
    • Operates on mains power OR built-in rechargeable battery (provides up to 6 hours of night light/audio on a single charge)
    • High-definition Bluetooth speaker
    • 100 classical songs
    • 50 classic stories
    • 10 relaxing lullabies
    • 10 soothing sounds
    • Multi-colour soft glow night light
    • Multi-pattern projection night light
    • Sleep training program
    • Temperature sensor
    • Clock display
    • Auto-off timer
    • Control all functions/features from the subscription-free VTech app:
      • Adjust night light
      • Select story, song or sound
      • Personal recordings
      • Stream music
      • Projection control
      • Set alarm / nap timer

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        Bunnie Caddy

        Bunnie Caddy

        $99.00 $120.00 18 % OFF

        Boasting neutral tones and elegant vibrant shades, our Bunnie Caddie has a luxurious look and feel and will double as a stylish nursery decor item. Designed with the finer details honed to perfection every feature of your caddie has been carefully considered for optimum style and functionality.

        The Bunnie Caddie is made from premium felt fabric that provides a sturdy base and sectional caddie, leather trim and metal hardware for a sleek look, plus a leather strap for durability and ease of transport. 

        • Each bag will be shipped in a dust-proof bag that can double as an everyday tote. 
        • Tan Leather detailing on the bottom, side as well as handles for durability
        • Nine functional pockets 
        • Four removable dividers that can be used to support and organise your products 
        • Larger Leather pocket with magnetic closure
        • Gold Hardware
        • Two-tone body strap 
        • Size 41cm L x 32cm D x 21cm H

        Warning: Intended for storage only. Do not allow children to play with it. 

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        VTech BM2700 Video Monitor - Kiddie Country

        VTech BM2700 Video Monitor


        For peace of mind, anytime, anywhere, the BM2700 Safe & Sound Video and Audio Baby Monitor from VTech has got you and bub covered. This monitor includes one VGA camera with vertical angle adjust and infa-red for night use, as well as digital zoom, and one 2.4" full colour display screen. The two-way speaker and microphone allows for easy communication between you and bubs so you can settle them from any room. A temperature sensor and monitor means you will always have peace of mind that babies environment is comfortable for them.

        Product Features:

        • VGA Camera with vertical angle adjustment, infa-red for night use and digital zoom
        • Parent unit with 2.4" colour display
        • Temperature sensor and monitoring
        • Speaker/microphone for 2 way communication

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        VTech RM714HD Additional baby unit for the VTech RM7754HD Motion Detect White - Kiddie Country

        Vtech RM714HD Additional Camera for RM7754HD

        $93.00 $139.00 33 % OFF

        The Vtech RM714HD Additional Camera for is suited to be paired with the Vtech RM7754HD Video monitor (sold separately).

        This additional camera can paired with upto 2 other cameras on the Parent Unit or on the VTech app. Multi-cam viewing modes are single cam, split screen or patrol mode

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        Oricom HFS1000 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer - Kiddie Country

        Oricom HFS1000 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

        $91.99 $114.99 20 % OFF

        The HFS1000 is a non-contact, multipurpose Infrared Thermometer, with no probe filters and a colour coded visual reading indicator.


        The HFS1000 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 279076). This product is intended for use as a measuring device for determining the patient’s body temperature.



        • Hygenic, No probe filter, No contact, No risk or virus transmission
        • Fast accurate temperature detection (less than 2 seconds)
        • Large backlit LCD display
        • Body, room or surface temperature detection
        • Stores up to 32 recorded temperatures
        • Easy measurement for all ages
        • Automatic power off
        • Requires 2 AA Alkaline batteries (supplied)
        • Colour coded reading

        No Contact2 Sec ResponseC&F Temp Reading

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        Leander Organiser

        Leander Organiser


        Keep your child’s nursery and changing area neat and tidy with Leander’s 3 piece organiser.

        The set includes 3 detachable strorage containers, 2 hooks and one long rail that can be mounted to the wall.

        Hooks and organizers can also be used on the edge of the Linea changing table as well as on the edge of the three changing units in the Leander Classic, Luna and Linea series.

        Product requires some assembly. Each container measures approximately 12 cm x 12 cm x 14 cm.

        INCLUDES: Three detachable storage containers, two hooks, one long rail and one wall-mount kit. Available in Dusty Grey or Cappuccino colours.

        Dimensions – H: 12 cm, W: 62 cm, D: 12 cm

        Material – ABS plastic / Aluminium rail.

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          Oricom HNA300 Rechargeable Nasal Aspirator - Kiddie Country

          Oricom HNA300 Rechargeable Nasal Aspirator


          Developed for the special needs of newborns, infants and small children. Its features are designed to make breathing easier by providing a fast, efficient way to clear the mucus from a baby’s nasal passages.

          The HNA300 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 307470).

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          Skip Hop Terra Cry Activated Soother - Kiddie Country

          Skip Hop Terra Cry Activated Soother

          $79.96 $99.95 20 % OFF

          Comforting baby comes naturally with our décor-friendly botanical soother. Designed to automatically respond to babies cries, it features eight soothing melodies and sounds plus a voice recorder for customized comfort. Even better? It’s also a nightlight with seven different colors plus a multi-light show mode for a calming animated glow. We even included a thermometer so you’ll always know if baby’s room is a comfy temperature.


          • 8 sounds & melodies: Sleepy, Lullaby, Dreamer, Cozy, Pink Noise, Waves, Ambient, Rainforest
          • 2 light modes: 7 solid/steady colors or multi-light/animated shows
          • Colors include: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple
          • Cry-sensor distinguishes between cries and other sounds
          • Voice recorder lets parents customize comfort with their voice
          • Room thermometer displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
          • Auto shut-off: 15, 30 and 60 minutes or continuous play
          • Includes USB cable (power adapter not included)
          • Size (inches): 4.4L x 4.4W x 6.1H; (cm): 11L x 11W x 15.5H

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          Skip Hop Light Up Caddy - Kiddie Country

          Skip Hop Light Up Caddy

          $79.96 $99.95 20 % OFF

          Handy diaper storage caddy helps make changes easy, day or night! Shed some light on middle-of-the-night diaper changes with our modern diaper caddy! The handle shines softly with a touch sensitive light and a 10 minute auto-off feature. Organize diapers, wipes and more with a modular divider and four pockets."

          • Fits all baby’s essentials and transports easily from room to room
          • Movable center divider allows for customization
          • Two elastic mesh interior pockets and two handy exterior pockets
          • Easy-grip handle with touch-sensitive light
          • 10 minute auto-off feature
          • Sturdy Pink fabric suits any décor
          • Size (inches): 15l x 9.5w x 8.5h; (cm): 13l x 24w x 21.5h

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            Oricom Secure 530 - Kiddie Country

            Oricom Secure 530


            The Oricom Secure 530 Is a great solution for a parent wanting a Digital Audio Baby Monitor! In addition to utilising Digital Audio Technology which provides zero interference, it has a beautiful starry night light show that is projected on the roof for baby.

            There is a choice of 18 different lullabies so you wont run out of sounds to play including white noise options. Your parent unit on the Oricom Secure 530 also tells you the nursery room temperature as well as a feeding timer, easy to read backlit display and you can even talk back to baby when they need to hear your voice.

            DECT Technology provides crystal clear sound and zero interference, ensuring that you are the only one listening to your baby.

            The Oricom SC 530 DECT Digital Audio Baby Monitor brings you true Peace of Mind.

            • Starry night lightshow

            • Nursery room temperature sensor

            • 18 lullabies including classical, nursery rhymes, nature sounds and white noise such as vacuum, womb and hair dryer sounds

            • Parent talk back

            • Soft comforting night light

            • Easy to read blue backlit display

            • Feed timer

            • Mute function

            • 3 Year Warranty

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            2019 Sangenic Refill Nappy Disposal Bin Cassettes Tommee Tippee - 6 Pack - Kiddie Country

            Tommee Tippee Sangenic Advanced Nappy Bin Disposal System Refill 6 Pack

            $76.45 $89.95 15 % OFF

            With around 5,000 nappy changes on your hands, you’ll appreciate a little help to reduce the number of trips to the outside bin. Tommee Tippee Twist & Click is the only nappy disposal system system that individually wraps each nappy in multi-layer anti-bacterial film to lock away odours and germs. Each refill provides enough anti-bacterial film to wrap up to 1 month’s worth* of nappies depending on the size and number you use.

            Product Features:

            • Individually wraps each nappy for unbeatable odour block
            • Powered by Sangenic – for guaranteed odour and germ protection
            • Antibacterial multi-layer film kills 99% of germs on contact, so bacteria and odours can’t escape
            • Each refill lasts up to 1 month*
            • Fits all Tommee Tippee bins that twist - Twist & Click and Sangenic Tec


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