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Shnuggle Bath with Plug - Kiddie Country

Shnuggle Bath with Plug


The multi-award winning Shnuggle Bath is designed to make bathtime less stressful for parents and fun for baby.? Suitable from newborn, the clever bum bump helps support even the tiniest baby in an upright position, offering a more enjoyable and comfortable bathtime for babies right up to 12 months plus.? The Shnuggle Baby Bath offers a comfy and cosy bathtime for babies as well as giving new mums and dads confidence to handle their newborn baby at bathtime.

Now with handy plug to easily empty and refresh the water.

  • Bum Bump helps to prevent baby sliding in the water
  • Foam backrest for added comfort
  • Handy plug to empty or refresh water
  • Creates a more upright and comfy position for baby
  • Compact size keeping water warmer for longer
  • Minimum of 2 litres of water needed
  • BPA Free

Gold winner of the 2019 Mother & Baby Awards, the Shnuggle Bath is top of most parents newborn essentials checklist.

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Gift Voucher - Kiddie Country

Gift Voucher


Don't know what to gift to give? Kiddie Country gift vouchers are a perfect gift idea to give the receiver the opportunity to choose a gift for themselves!

Kiddie Country vouchers have a 5 year validation so new Mums and Dads have plenty of time to use them. Gift certificates are treated like cash and must be presented in store to be valid for use. Copies of the online invoice will not be accepted as voucher – a hard copy voucher will be sent out securely via registered post to the recipient.

Important notes:

E-GIFT CARD - an e-gift card can only be used online ONLY. This will be emailed to you immediately upon completion of your order to email address submitted at checkout

IN-STORE VOUCHER - an in-store voucher is a physical gift card that can be used in-store ONLY with the voucher present (please treat as cash).

Please enter purchaser details in Billing address, and RECEIVER details in shipping address

  • Select STORE PICK UP if you are picking up in-store voucher
  • Select DELIVERY if you would like the in-store voucher delivered (additional charge at checkout for shipping)

Gift messages are available to add, please send immediately after purchase to: with your order number

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Joolz Footboard - Kiddie Country

Joolz Footboard


With your Joolz footboard, your child enjoys a comfortable ride behind the pushchair. Easy to store when not in use.

Compatible with:

  • HUB
  • DAY
  • DAY2
  • DAY3
  • DAY+
  • GEO
  • GEO2

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Babyrest Waterproof Mattress Protector

Babyrest Waterproof Mattress Protector


We recommend the use of a mattress protector with all cot, bassinet and cradle mattresses for convenience and hygiene. The Babyrest mattress protector features a waterproof and breathable membrane for optimum comfort, ventilation and absorbency. We recommend you always buy at least 2 for when one is in the wash, or for when travelling or sleeping away from home.

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification
  • Certified free of harmful substances
  • Cover: 80% cotton, 20% Polyester. Backing: PU waterproof membrane.

Note: Bassinet + Cradle sizes are strap-fitted and will adjust to varying size mattresses. The sizes above refer to the size of the protective fabric.

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Joolz Cup Holder

Joolz Cup Holder


The Joolz cup holder is the must-have accessory while you’re out and about. It clips easily onto your stroller’s handlebar and is perfect for bringing along bottles, sippy cups and mugs.
Simply adjust its position to make sure your drink stays upright, and you won’t spill a drop of your morning healthy smoothie, or your baby’s bottle – just make sure you don’t get them mixed up.
Compatible with the below Joolz models.
  • Joolz Aer / Aer+
  • Joolz Day 2 / Day 3/ Day+
  • Joolz Hub / Hub+
  • Joolz Geo3

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Stokke Tripp Trapp Tray - Kiddie Country

Stokke Tripp Trapp Tray


Turn your Tripp Trapp into a stand-alone high chair with the Stokke Tray. Perfect for quick feedings or crowded tables, the Scandinavian designed Stokke Tray’s clean lines compliment the Tripp Trapp for a unique, stunning seat. Suitable for 6 months to 3 years.


  • Provides added versatility to your Tripp Trapp and home.
  • BPA-free plastic is easy to clean for quick spills.
  • Designed to be used only with the Stokke Baby Set.
  • Compatible with the Stokke Baby Set from V2 onwards. 

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Stokke Tripp Trapp Cushion - Kiddie Country

Stokke Tripp Trapp Cushion


Personalise your Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair by adding cushions in different colours and designs. The cushion is soft and comfortable for your child.


  • Padded cushion easy-to-mount on to Stokke Tripp Trapp chair
  • Fits chair both with and without Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
  • Machine washable at 40°c

 * High Chair and Baby Set sold separately


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Joolz Geo2 Rear Wheel - Kiddie Country

Joolz Geo2 Rear Wheel


An extra rear wheel for the Joolz Geo2.

The Joolz Geo2 Rear Wheels are available in black only.

Includes 1x solid fill rear wheel only. 

This wheel IS compatible with the original Joolz Geo - we recommend purchasing x2 to update your original Geo pram.

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Shnuggle Toddler Bath - Kiddie Country

Shnuggle Toddler Bath


The Shnuggle Toddler Bath is the perfect follow-on for when baby outgrows their first bath. Allowing your little one to continue enjoying bathtime in their own comfy space whilst saving time and water filling the family bathtub.

Designed to fit most shower trays and a wide range of baths, the Shnuggle Toddler Bath is compact but with plenty of room to play and grow.

Uniquely designed to provide confidence and comfort, the toddler bath features a contoured base offering a more natural sitting position, grippy surface for reassurance and padded backrest for extra warmth and support.

The handy plug allows you to empty or refresh the water quickly and the water fill line indicator helps minimize water used.

Recommended for use when baby has outgrown their baby bath and is confidently sitting.


  • Contoured base for added comfort
  • Grippy inside surface and feet for added reassurance
  • Handy plug to empty or refresh bath water
  • Foam backrest for warmth and comfort
  • Maximum fill line indicator
  • Generous size whilst still being lightweight and compact
  • Minimal water needed compared to filling a full-sized bath
  • BPA free
  • Dimensions: 70.5 x 50 x 38.7cm

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Spotty Giraffe Sleepover Padded Fitted Sheet for Portable Cots

Spotty Giraffe Sleepover Padded Fitted Sheet for Portable Cots


The Sleepover® fits completely over the base of a travel/portacot, and the softly padded top provides a comfortable sleeping surface for baby. An additional safety feature allows the base, with The Sleepover® fitted on it, to be anchored to the bottom of the travel/portacot, as recommended by the cot manufacturer. Locate the fastening strips through the openings at both ends of The Sleepover®, feed through the slits in the bottom of the portacot and secure underneath. This ensures that the base cannot be removed or lifted up by an infant, avoiding any possible entrapment.

This safety feature is unique and exclusive to The Sleepover® . The Sleepover® is the best way to make your travel/portacot comfortable and secure.

  • Secure and comfortable
  • Convenient and Portable
  • Hygienic
  • Versatile
  • for Portable Cots 75x110cm

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Leander Cot Hardware Kit (Spare Part) - Kiddie Country

Leander Cot Hardware Kit


If you have lost the hardware for the Leander Cot simply order this complete hardware pack and you will have everything you need (and spares)

The original hardware kit as well as pieces to put the ends together


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Deluxe Innerspring Cot Mattress with Organic Cotton Cover - Kiddie Country

Deluxe Innerspring Cot Mattress with Organic Cotton Cover


Premium Deluxe Innerspring Cot Mattresses, breathable and double quilted for extra comfort!

The most ideal mattress for babies:

  • Air vents for maximum circulation
  • Double heat-treated spring unit for maximum strength
  • Edge binding for safety
  • Ultra-support foam layer for comfort and durability
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Non-allergenic
  • Anti bacterial
  • PVC free
  • Maximum proctection against dust mites 
  • Made in Melbourne
  • Depth is 12cm

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Babybjorn Bouncer Toy Bar - Kiddie Country

Babybjorn Bouncer Toy Bar


Fun toy for baby bouncer

A cute and fun toy that your baby will love! Its brightly coloured shapes are fascinating for your baby to look at and play with. The toy bar’s features are easy to spin around, and the funny eyes make your baby smile and laugh. Playing also helps your baby to discover their physical capabilities and develop their motor skills.

  • Fits all baby bouncers from BABYBJÖRN
  • Stimulates child development
  • Made of wood and BPA-free plastic that is manufactured in Sweden
  • Easy for a grown-up to attach and remove
  • Exciting design for curious babies

Tested and safe

The toy is completely safe for your baby to taste or suck. All plastic products from BABYBJÖRN comply with the relevant plastic safety requirements in both Europe and the USA. This means that the plastic we use undergoes continual rigorous testing for Bisphenol A (BPA) and other harmful substances, and is certified food safe.

All fabrics are kind to your baby’s skin and safe to taste. Free from health hazardous substances and approved according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, class I for baby products.

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Babyrest Deluxe Change Mat - Kiddie Country

Babyrest Deluxe Change Mat


The Babyrest Change Mat is a padded change top that provides extreme comfort to your baby when changing. The change pads have raised wedged sides to help prevent 'roll-over falls' and the foam used in the change mat is treated to safeguard against mould and bacteria for your protection. PVC coated.


  • Perma Guard treated foam inhibits mould and bacteria
  • Stitched seams for extra strength
  • Fitted covers
  • Made in Australia

The foam in this BabyRest mattress has been treated with Purify Anti-Microbial or Perma-Guard. These environmentally sound processes provide long lasting protection against:

  • Microbes
  • Bacteria
  • Dust mites
  • Mould & mildew

Suitable for: Babyletto Hudson Dresser and Babyletto Hudson 6 Drawer Dresser

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Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight - Kiddie Country

Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight


Light up every step with the the sleep friendly  Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight.

With dual parent and child modes, a room temperature sensing dock and unique design, Moonlight is a must have for all new parents.

In Parent Mode, choose the perfect soft, baby-safe glow to feed, comfort and change baby through the night, anywhere in your home.

As baby grows simply switch to Child Mode and Moonlight becomes the perfect night time companion for your child. A soothing bedside light to help promote sleep and a comforting light for your little one’s late night bathroom trips.

The clever, temperature sensing dock also helps you to keep the room temperature just right.


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Stokke Sleepi Protection Sheet V3

Stokke Sleepi Protection Sheet V3


Made exclusively to fit the unique shape of the Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed, this innovative sheet protects your little roommate’s mattress from those inevitable accidents and messy spills. Waterproof, it prevents liquids from being absorbed by the mattress to help maintain a fresh, clean place for your baby to sleep & dream. Keeping with fresh theme, 3D mesh ensures optimal airflow and best of all, it’s machine washable. The Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed Protection Sheet is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, class 1 approved and certified free from hazardous substances with the latest research and technology governing what’s best for your baby.​

Only compatible with the Stokke Sleepi Bed V3

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BabyBjorn Potty Chair - Kiddie Country

BabyBjorn Potty Chair


The potty chair is sturdy and ergonomic with smooth edges, a high backrest and comfortable armrests to ensure that your child sits comfortably. It is easy to empty and clean and will rest firmly on the floor, even if your child moves about.

The potty chair is ideal for those occasions when your child wants to take their time sitting on the potty, thanks to its sturdy and smooth-edged ergonomic design which provides your child with maximum comfort. It has a high backrest and the comfortable armrests mean that your child can just sit back and relax.

The smooth, rounded edges of the potty chair and inner potty won’t pinch the skin. There is plenty of room for the legs, making it easier to sit down and stand up. The rubber edging along the base ensures that the potty chair rests firmly on the floor without sliding about.


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Babyhood My First Innerspring Mattress - Kiddie Country

Babyhood My First Innerspring Mattress


Designed to provide your baby with optimum support for their delicate body and great breathability through the polyester cotton cover and breathable vents keeping your baby more comfortable and safer, in a firmer innerspring mattress, that will last for years to come.


  •  Firm and supportive
  • 200 grams deluxe quilted cover
  • Breathe Eze bonded fiber pad
  • Innerspring mattress with corner supports to reduce entrapment
  • Bonnell springs with tempered steel frame
  • Allergy & dust mite resistant
  • Anti-microbial
  • Quilted both sides
  • Breathing side vents for airflow boost
Mattress Size 1295mm x 690mm x 100mm
1200mm x 600mm x 100mm
Package Size 130cm x 69.5cm x 11cm
121cm x 60.5cm x 11cm
Fabric Type Polyester Cotton Fabric
Cover Style Fully stitched cover with breathing vents

Please allow up to 15 business days for dispatch or store pick-up

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Breathe Eze Fibre Mattress - Kiddie Country

Babyhood Breathe Eze Mattress


Designed to provide your baby with optimum support for their delicate body and great breathability through the breathable fabrics keeping your baby comfortable and safe, in a firmer mattress.


  • Firm and supportive
  • Breathe Eze bonded fiber pad
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Allergy and dust mite resistant
  • Anti-microbial
  • Removable cover for washing
Mattress Size 1000mm x 600mm x 100mm
1200mm x 600mm x 100mm
1295mm x 690mm x 100mm
1310mm x 750mm x 100mm
Package Size 101cm x 61cm x 11cm
121cm x 61cm x 11cm
130.5cm x 70cm x 11cm
132cm x 76cm x 11cm
Fabric Type Cotton Fabric
Cover Style Zip Off Cover

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Uppababy Bassinette Rainshield - Kiddie Country

UPPAbaby Bassinette Rainshield


Take your baby outside with our Carrycot Rain Shield even on the least desirable of days.

  • Side vents ensure maximum ventilation and comfort
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Convenient handle opening for easy transport
  • Designed to fit all model year Bassinets
  • Folds compactly for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Phthalate-free PVC

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Ezpz Mini Mat - Kiddie Country

Ezpz Mini Mat


Like all of ezpz's products, the Mini Mat is an all-in-one placemat + plate that suctions to the table. The mat is made from 100% food-grade silicone that is BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Designed for infants / toddlers 4+ months.

Best Selling Feature
The Mini Mat is made from thinner silicone, it helps to press the edges down once the mat has been placed on the tray or table

Important Notes
The Mini Mat does not fit on the following highchair trays: the Stokke Tripp Trapp, the Boon Flair, the Nuna Zaaz, the Keekaroo, the Ingenuity ChairMate (Easton), the Safety 1st Beaumont and the Abiie Beyond Wooden Highchair. The high-gloss finish of the Oxo Sprout Highchair hinders the Mini Mat's suction function.

That said; here at ezpz we say ditch the highchair tray and push your infant / toddler up to the table with the rest of the family!

  • Mat fits most highchair trays, including “space saver” models
  • Mat is made from a thinner silicone and is extremely lightweight, so it is perfect for dinners out and travel
  • Mat is packaged in a reusable bag that is ezpz to pop in your diaper bag
  • Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe
  • Easy to store (place in utensil drawer or cabinet)
  • Built to last (mats will always look brand new)

8.5 x 7.7 x 1
Portion sizes (i.e., the eyes and smile) are catered to infants at 2oz, 2oz and 4oz

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Britax Back Seat Mirror - Kiddie Country

Britax Back Seat Mirror


The Britax Back Seat Mirror provides a view of your rear-facing baby at any angle while allowing installation to adjacent vehicle head restraints.

The shatter-proof, extra large mirror is convex to reflect a head-to-toe view of baby.

The adjustable attachment straps allow the mirror to securely attach to most vehicle head restraints, while its soft-feel frame design has a sleek, modern look.

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Dreambaby Bath and Room Thermometer Duck - Kiddie Country

Dreambaby Bath and Room Thermometer Duck F321


Getting the temperature just right for your child can be tricky, and sometimes hand-testing water isn’t always the best method. That’s why we created the baby-safe Dreambaby® Duck Room & Bath Thermometer. It takes the guesswork out of bath time, adds a flare of fun to the tub, and ensures that your baby’s sensitive skin can be kept safe from harsh temperatures. Cute enough to be your child’s favourite toy and durable enough to be your new best friend, this thermometer is also BPA-free and tested to the EN71 Standard, ensuring absolute safety. It gives accurate digital temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit that automatically update every 10 seconds. It also features a 30 minute automatic shut off to help preserve the battery lifespan. When used in water it also has a red indicator light for when the water is too hot and a green indicator light for when the water is too cool. In addition to being used in the tub, the Dreambaby® Room & Bath Thermometer can also be placed in your baby’s room to confirm the current temperature of the room and will offer the same reliable temperature readings as in the tub. This is perfect for making adjustments to your central thermostat and enduring that your baby’s room is kept at the right temperature. Best of all, the Dreambaby® Room & Bath Thermometer includes batteries so you can use it right out of the pack! Don’t worry about getting the thermometer wet—it can be safely submerged in water, making it an adorable way to ensure your baby’s bath and room are at the perfect temperature every second. 

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Medela Easy Expression Bustier - Kiddie Country

Medela Easy Expression Bustier


With the new, advanced bustier mums can express milk easier than ever before. With the new Medela Easy Expression bustier, you are free to do other things whilst pumping.

The Medela Easy Expression bustier is compatible with Medela's electric pumps like Swing, Swing Maxi, Freestyle, and Symphony.

The hands-free pumping bra is made of a nylon/spandex blend and seamfree technology. With the new reinforcement along the top edge and around the pumping openings, it holds the shields and bottles securely and even better in place. It gives you the freedom to do other things whilst pumping.


  • Adaptive Stretch: Adapts to your body to provide exceptional fit and comfort
  • Soft nylon, spandex blend: Feels ultra-soft next to skin
  • Reinforced openings: Offer superior no-slip support
  • Integrated top hook: Easy to zip up
  • Oeko-Tex certified: Safe from harmful chemicals
  • Easy care: Machine wash cold in a garment bag on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.
  • Designed for use with all Medela double electric breast pumps: Including Pump In Style, Freestyle, Symphony, Swing and Lactina

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Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed Fitted Sheet V3

Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed Fitted Sheet V3


  • ​Fitted crib sheet with elastic all the way around ​
  • ​Made to fit the oval Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed Mattress
  • 100% soft cotton percale​
  • Part of the Stokke® Sleepi™ Bedding Collection​
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 class 1 certified​

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Cozigo Sleep Easy Cover - Kiddie Country

Cozigo Sleep Easy Cover


Cozi Go Sleep Easy cover is not only one of the best stroller covers on the market, it's also the first product in the world to practically address the issues of getting a baby to sleep whilst on an airplane. Fly Babee is a pop-up sleep cover that easily attaches to airline bassinets and all types of strollers - it blocks out 97% of light and movement, it's 100% breathable and provides your baby with a cosy, distraction-free environment so that your baby can sleep easily no matter where you are! A baby's sleep routine is so important and we all know that a sleeping baby is a happy baby and a happy baby means a happy parent!

Why Cozi GO?

  • UNIVERSAL FIT Designed to fit Airline Bassinets and all strollers
  • BLOCKS 97% LIGHT Helps baby sleep for longer UVP 50+ Reduce exposure to UV rays
  • DUAL PURPOSE Sleep cover & sun cover in one 100%
  • BREATHABLE Eliminates risk of suffocation
  • CROSS-FLOW Unique dome shape for cross-flow ventilation

Protect your baby from the harsh sun. Fly Babee’s unique dome shape allows for real cross flow ventilation and plenty of kick space for baby, it’s 100% breathable and offers UV protection of 50+

Solves sleep issues and improves nap times by up to 500%. Fly Babee blocks 97% of light and removes distractions helping baby to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer without impacting your daily routine..

Remove the stress from flying with baby! Fly Babee blocks 97% of light, movement and stimulation – this facilitates a quiet flight for baby, parents and fellow passengers whilst also limiting exposure to inflight germs

Utilising a spring mounted internal frame, the Fly Babee easily packs & unpacks from its provided travel bag and quickly attaches & removes from bassinets & strollers via a simple clip making it the ultimate accessory for active parents

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Angelcare Bath Support - Kiddie Country

Angelcare Bath Support


The Angelcare bath support takes the worry out of bath time. This is the one baby care products every new mum and dad should have! Designed for comfort, the bath support is mildew free and hygienic. The Angelcare bath support is recommended for babies up to 6 months of age.



  • Hygienic and mildew-resistant – the mesh material allows water to drain easily from the bath support and dries quickly
  • Used directly into bath tub
  • Easy to store – this baby bath support also has a hook for convenient storage
  • Ergonomic design – ergonomically designed for your baby's comfort and safety, the bath support assures that your child’s hygiene is maintained. Soft-touch material: at angelcare, we made sure to use a soft mesh material that’s gentle on baby’s delicate skin
  • Durable, lightweight plastic – the angelcare bath support is designed to keep it shape over time

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Adjustable Baby Shower Cap - Kiddie Country

Adjustable Baby Shower Cap


Protect your baby or toddler's eyes from shampoo and water. When washing your baby's hair, water will not run to the baby's face. 

Can also be used for sun protection and hair cuts!

Comfortable and flexible for repeated use.


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UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz/Minu Cup Holder - Kiddie Country

UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz/Minu Cup Holder


The ideal on-the-go drink carrier to fit the UPPAbaby CRUZ, UPPAbaby VISTA and UPPAbaby ALTA strollers.

Holds various size beverages including extra large caffeine boosts.  

Stroller can fold with cup holder attached. Can be easily attached on either side of the stroller frame.  Sturdy construction of Triton® and plastic.

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Baby Jogger Glider Board 2 - Kiddie Country

Baby Jogger Glider Board 2


The Glider Board is a great way to let your older child hitch a ride. It attaches easily to the rear axle of your stroller and has a non-slip surface so you know your child will be safe. The Glider Board can flip out of the way when not in use and folds easily even when attached to the stroller.


  • Do not use while jogging
  • Weight limit 20kg

Compatible with: 

  • Baby Jogger City Mini 2 
  • Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 
  • Baby Jogger City Select 
  • Baby Jogger City Select Lux 
  • Baby Jogger City Elite 2
  • Baby Jogger Summit

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BabyBjorn Fitted Sheet for Travel Cot - Kiddie Country

BabyBjorn Fitted Sheet for Travel Cot


A fitted sheet in organic cotton that’s specially designed to fit the mattress of BabyBjorn Travel Cot. The sheet is easy to put on and its elasticated edges keep it in place. Can be machine washed at 60°C.

  • Soft & comfy for your baby
    Our fitted sheet is made of soft organic cotton and feels pleasantly comfy against your baby’s skin.

  • Easy to put on
    The sheet is easy to put on, and its elasticated edges keep it smooth and hold it in place.

  • Easy to wash
    Machine wash at 60°C.

  • Child-friendly materials
    All materials meet the criteria for OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products. This means that they are kind to your baby’s skin and safe to taste.

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Little Bamboo Muslin Washers 6pk - Kiddie Country

Little Bamboo Muslin Washers 6pk


Little Bamboo Baby Washers are not your average muslin washers. Made with fabulous silky-soft bamboo fibres, making them the most delicate muslin washers ever - perfect for your baby's skin

Size: 30cm x 30cm per washer.
6 washers per pack
Composition: 100% Organic Bamboo

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Babybjorn Step Stool - Kiddie Country

Babybjorn Step Stool


The Babybjorn step stool makes it easy for children to reach the toilet or the sink on their own. The non-slip upper surface provides good grip and the rubber edging underneath ensures that the stool rests firmly on the floor.

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Stokke XL Flexi Bath - Kiddie Country

Stokke XL Flexi Bath


Wide and spacious, Stokke® Flexi Bath® X-Large is a bath tub that grows with your little one. Suitable for growing babies and young children until about age 6, it has all of the great features of our original version only with more room. The unique foldable design makes it easy to fold flat for storage or travel.
Though it is generous enough for sibling to comfortably share bath time moments, rest assured, it still fits most bath tubs and showers. Great for indoor or outdoor use, this strong and sturdy bath tub is perfect for older toddlers who love to splash and play. For added safety and convenience, it includes a non-slip base and heat sensitive plug for easy draining.


  • Suitable for toddlers and children to about 6 year old
  • Great for siblings and sharing with friends
  • Folds Flat for easy transportation and space saving storage
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy
  • Generous yet able to fit most bathtubs and showers
  • Can be used with the Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support 3 to ensure an optimal ergonomic position when used from birth
  • Has a non-slip base and heat sensitive plug for extra safety
  • Drains easily

What's Included:

  • Stokke® Flexi Bath® XL
  • Heat sensitive plug

Product dimensions: 82x24x41
When folded: 30.7x9.4x5.9



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UPPAbaby Reversible Seat Liner - Kiddie Country

UPPAbaby Reversible Seat Liner


The UPPAbaby Seat Liner will help you keep the stroller seat on your UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz clean and safe from spills. The Reed blue colour perfectly complements any Vista or Cruz fashion. The best part is that one side is a water resistant denim material while the other side is a cozy knit for cooler days.

One side is a water resistant material, and the other is a cozy knit for cooler days – Padded liner adds comfort and protection and keeps your stroller looking clean. And here’s the best part, it’s machine washable and compatible with all VISTA, CRUZ and MINU strollers!

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BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat - Kiddie Country

BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat


A stable and ergonomic toilet trainer to allow your child to sit comfortably and safely. The toilet trainer can be adjusted to fit most toilets and is easy to put on and take off. The splashguard prevents spills and the toilet trainer is easy to clean.

When it’s time to start using the toilet, it’s important that your child is sitting comfortably. The ergonomic design of the toilet trainer ensures that your child will sit comfortably and correctly. The rubber edging and the adjustable dial underneath will ensure that the seat is firmly attached and safe for your child to use.

The lightweight toilet trainer is easy for your child to put on or take off without assistance. The toilet trainer can then simply be hung up by the practical handle on the back. Older children can easily sit down on the toilet trainer unaided thanks to the clever design. However, you should always help your child to climb up and down from the seat until it is safe for the child to do so alone.

The toilet trainer can be used on most toilets and only needs to be adjusted once. After that, it will safely rest on the toilet seat every time. If you want to take the toilet trainer with you, it can be easily adjusted to fit onto another toilet.

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Cybex Cup Holder - Kiddie Country

Cybex Cup Holder


This cup holder can be easily attached to either side of the Cybex pram's handle bar.

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UPPAbaby VISTA Lower Adapter - Kiddie Country

UPPAbaby VISTA Lower Adapter Bassinet


The Lower Adaptors for the VISTA enable the attachment of the Bassinet to the VISTA  & v2 in the front which lets the original seat to be used on the upper adapters facing the parent.


  • Quick, no-tools attachment
  • Colour coded dot indicators to ensure proper installment
  • Pram folds with the adaptors on
  • Compatible with Bassinet only (not included)

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Nanobebe Sillicone Teats 2 pack - Kiddie Country

Nanobebe Sillicone Teats 2 pack


Nanobebe Silicone Teats feature an advanced venting system that helps reduce colic by reducing pressure inside the bottle during feeding. 

These specially designed silicone nipples are as soft as skin, breast-like in shape, and easy to latch onto, facilitating easy transitions between breast and bottle. 

They are available in five different flow rates to suit every age.


  • Advanced double-vent system to reduce colic
  • Five different flow rates for every age
  • Extra soft – as soft as skin
  • Breast-like, easy latch-on nipple
  • Medical-grade silicone nipple protects from latex allergens
  • Designed for nanobébé feeding bottles
  • BPA free

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Dreambaby Adjustable Backseat Mirror F263 - Kiddie Country

Dreambaby Adjustable Backseat Mirror F263


The Dreambaby® Adjustable Backseat Mirror allows an easy view of your child in a rear-facing car seat.

  • The rotating swivel arm makes it easy to adjust the mirror for maximum visibility
  • Rotate and tilt mirror to desired angle and fix in place with the securing dial
  • Large mirror with a wide-angled view
  • Fits most free-standing adjustable headrests

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Uppababy Vista/ VistaV2/Cruz/ Cruz V2 Snug Seat - Kiddie Country

Uppababy Vista/ VistaV2/Cruz/ Cruz V2 Snug Seat


Designed with infants in mind, the Infant SnugSeat provides extra comfort and stability for your baby’s neck and back when strolling. Must be used with Toddler Seat in the most reclined position.

  • Suitable from birth to 9.5 kgs
  • Perfect fit for VISTA and CRUZ toddler seats, all model years
  • Softly cradles child while supporting their neck and back Plush, cozy material reverses to cool wicking mesh
  • Use with wedge insert from birth to provide extra stability and support
  • Toddler Seat should be used in the lowest recline position with insert

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    Ubabub Booksee Bookshelves (Due April 2021) - Kiddie Country

    Ubabub Booksee Bookshelves


    The Ubabub Booksee bookshelves (set of two) allow parents to store children’s books neatly away while displaying their beautiful covers in a decorative way. Better still, kids can now clearly see and be inspired to choose their own books.


    • Designed with safety in mind
    • Sturdy quality
    • Adaptable display
    • Size: Width: 900mm, Height of back panel: 220mm, Depth: 70mm

    Please Note: Regarding fixing to walls – Simply fasten to any wall using the series of pre-drilled holes on the back panel of each shelf (these are not visible on the product pictures). These drill holes are suitable for use on stud walls and are not visible once the books are placed on the shelves. Please note that fixings are NOT included with each set as each application may be different.

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    Babyrest Deluxe Innerspring Mattress - Kiddie Country

    Babyrest Deluxe Innerspring Mattress


    Superior innerspring mattress featuring a damask cotton cover, air vents, double heat-treated spring unit and an ultra-support foam layer. 100% CHOICE Recommended rating. This mattress passes the voluntary firmness standard AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 ensuring it is firm enough to provide a safe sleeping surface for your baby. The Babyrest Innerspring cot mattress is available in a wide range of sizes to suit most standard cots.


    • Air vents for maximum circulation
    • Superior safety - tried & tested for optimal firmness in accordance with strict industry standards (AS/NZS 8811.1:2013)
    • Double heat-treated spring unit for maximum strength
    • Edge binding for safety
    • Ultra-support foam layer for comfort and durability
    • Damask cotton cover
    • 100% CHOICE Recommended rating (2019, 2020)
    • Recommended for use with the Babyrest Mattress Protector for optimum hygiene and convenience
    • Warranty: 5 years

    Product structure composition:

    • High density soft foam
    • 2 layers of non-woven fabric
    • Cotton padding
    • Plastic netting
    • Bonnell spring system

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    Little Bamboo Hooded Towel - Kiddie Country

    Little Bamboo Hooded Towel


    The Little Bamboo Hooded Towel is your bath time essential!
    viscose from bamboo is the perfect super-soft fabric snuggling and drying your baby after bath time, and especially good for newborn or sensitive skin.

    The super soft fibers in this hooded towel also make it far more water absorbent than regular towels.

    Bringing together 40 years of history and innovation, Little Bamboo is one of the most popular and long-standing ranges of baby textiles in Australia.

    Beautifully boxed to gift to new parents - or yourself.


    Product Size: 75 x 75 cm


    • 70% Viscose from Bamboo
    • 30% Cotton
    • Care Instructions: Wash separately before use. Cold hand or machine wash with like colours. Machine on gentle/delicate cycle.
    • Do not rub, soak or wring.
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not use fabric softeners
    • Line dry in shade. Part cool tumble dry, over drying damages fabric
    • Warm iron
    • Do not dry clean

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    Oricom Duck Digital Bath and Room Thermometer - Kiddie Country

    Oricom Digital Bath and Room Thermometer Duck


    Digital Bath and Room Thermometer with Temperature Alert

    The Oricom Digital Bath and Room Thermometer is designed to monitor the temperature of baby’s bath or bedroom and to use as a fun toy for babies of all ages.

    • Displays accurate temperature reading of bath or room
    • Floats in water
    • Fun and easy to use
    • LED light illuminates when water temperature is 39°C or over
    • Automatic switch-off after one 30mins
    • Displays water temperature 0°C °to 50°C
    • Requires 2 LR44 batteries, supplied

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    Joolz Aer Leg Rest - Kiddie Country

    Joolz Aer+ Leg Rest


    When you head out to stretch your legs, why not help your baby stretch theirs too? Add this leg rest to support your little one's legs and give them that extra level of comfort on the move. With the leg rest attached, your child can lie back comfortably with their legs outstretched, instead of dangling down. The Joolz Aer+ leg rest is easy to adjust, so you can make every ride in your Joolz Aer+ buggy more comfortable and relaxing. It even folds down neatly with the buggy.

    • provides extra leg support for the Joolz Aer+
    • easily adjustable with one hand
    • two positions
    • easy to attach and detach
    • Joolz Aer can be folded with leg rest attached


    The Joolz Aer+ leg rest is easy to adjust, so you can make every ride in your Joolz Aer buggy more comfortable and relaxing. It even folds down neatly with the buggy. Not compatible with any other models.

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    Dreambaby Super Comfy Padded Bath Seat with Heat Sensor F661 - Kiddie Country

    Dreambaby Super Comfy Padded Bath Seat with Heat Sensor F661


    The Dreambaby Super Comfy bath seats provide support and comfort for young children, while reducing the physical stress of bathing on parents.

    Dreambaby Deluxe Bath Seat was specially designed for your baby's comfort and for your convenience bathing them.


    • Front opens to make bathing baby easier
    • Supportive back rest
    • Contoured non-skid seat
    • Generous leg space
    • Extra large, strong suction cups with sizable easy release tabs
    • Extra cushioning for greater comfort
    • Includes a colour-changing starfish to warn if water is too hot
    • Age Suitability: 6 months (sitting up) to 18-24 months

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    Little Bamboo Bassinet Fitted Sheet - Kiddie Country

    Little Bamboo Bassinet Fitted Sheet


    This Little Bamboo Fitted Bassinet Sheet is deliciously soft and smooth, perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. Classic white never goes out of style, and neither does comfort!

    Bamboo fiber are more breathable than regular cotton, superior temperature control, providing greater warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

    Pack contains: 1 x fitted sheet
    Size: 80cm x 40cm x 11cm
    Colour: Natural white
    Composition: 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton

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    Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother - Kiddie Country

    Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother


    Project Nursery’s Portable Sound Soother is great for on-the-go or around the home. It’s easy to take it with you—clip it to your nappy bag or stroller and soothe Baby to sleep with lullabies and natural sounds.

    Four pre-loaded natural sounds:

    • White Noise
    • Heartbeat
    • Waves
    • Rain

    Two pre-loaded lullabies:

    • Brahms’ Lullaby
    • Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik


    • Adjustable sleep timer with constant-on or 15, 30 + 45-minute settings
    • Glow in the dark buttons for easy access in the dark
    • Flexible clip easily attaches to handles and bags
    • Operates on 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

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    UPPAbaby VISTA Rumble Seat Rain Shield - Kiddie Country

    UPPAbaby VISTA Rumble Seat Rain Shield


    Designed specially to fit sleekly on the UppaBaby Vista Rumble Seat, this rain shield is a great accessory to have on hand for days when the weather is unpredictable!

    • Custom fit on the RumbleSeat while in use on the Vista
    • Easy velcro attachments keep rain shield in place
    • Side vents ensure maximum ventilation
    • Durable – Made of ultra-premium vinyl
    • Easy to clean

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