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Medela Teats (2pk) - Kiddie Country

Medela Teats (2pk)


Medela Teats are made from soft silicone that is BPA Free and Latex Free. This particular teat design has been on the market for years and millions are sold around the world each year. Additionally, Medela have conducted testing to assess flow rate and ensure safety.

Includes: 2 Teats per pack


    Slow Flow Medium Flow
    0-3 months 4-6+ months

    Kiddie Country's Tips:

    • Please ensure breastfeeding is well established before introducing a teat
    • Designed for use with Medela bottles
    • Do not heat breastmilk in the microwave. Microwaving can destroy important nutrients in breastmilk and can heat liquids quickly and unevenly. Burns or scalding may result

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    Medela Breast Milk Bottle 150ml (Slow flow teat 0-3m) - Kiddie Country

    Medela Breast Milk Bottle 150ml (Slow flow teat 0-3m)


    Medela Breast Milk Bottles have been designed for safe, long-term storage of breastmilk. You can pump breastmilk for your baby directly into the bottles and store it until it is needed. That means not a single drop of precious breastmilk is wasted. Made from safe BPA Free polypropylene that retains breastmilk's beneficial properties and is safe for your baby.

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    Growbaby Single Use Disposable Bottles 125ml (4 pack) - Kiddie Country

    Growbaby Single Use Disposable Bottles 125ml (4 pack)


    Widely used by maternity hospitals nationally and abroad, the 100% Australian Made and Owned Grow 250ml disposable bottle pack is lightweight and contains 4x 125ml BPA free bottles and teats, ideal for hectic schedules, travel, dining out and late night feeds.


    • Hospital Grade
    • Sterilised in Australia
    • Grow Baby Rigorous Quality Tested
    • 100% Recyclable
    • Australian Made and trusted
    • 100% BPA, Phthalates and PVC Free
    • 0 month +

    Pack Contains:

    • 4 individually wrapped pre-sterilised single use 125ml HDPE bottles
    • 4 Extra Slow Flow silicone reusable teats

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