Nanobebe Sillicone Teats 2 pack
Nanobebe Sillicone Teats 2 pack
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Nanobebe Sillicone Teats 2 pack


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Nanobebe Silicone Teats feature an advanced venting system that helps reduce colic by reducing pressure inside the bottle during feeding. 

These specially designed silicone nipples are as soft as skin, breast-like in shape, and easy to latch onto, facilitating easy transitions between breast and bottle. 

They are available in five different flow rates to suit every age.


  • Advanced double-vent system to reduce colic
  • Five different flow rates for every age
  • Extra soft – as soft as skin
  • Breast-like, easy latch-on nipple
  • Medical-grade silicone nipple protects from latex allergens
  • Designed for nanobébé feeding bottles
  • BPA free