VTech RM7764HDV2 7” 2-Camera Remote Access

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VTech RM7764HDV2 2-Camera Remote Access

Two Pan & Tilt Video Monitors With Remote Access allows you to check in on your little ones from virtually anywhere—at home or remotely on your smart device.. Designed for the modern parent, this system offers the flexibility of Direct Connect Mode for immediate local monitoring straight out of the box. Or you can opt for App Connect Mode, transforming your smartphone into a remote viewing powerhouse with the convenience of the VTech app.

Imagine gazing into a 7” HD screen, and with the mere touch of a button, you can pan and tilt through the 1080p HD cameras’ wide-angle views. Nighttime is no obstacle, as automatic night vision ensures your little star is always in clear sight. Zoom in locally with an 8x digital prowess, or amplify your vision remotely with a 10x digital zoom, bringing every giggle and wiggle into high-definition focus.

The parent unit is equipped with a high-capacity battery, offering up to 13 hours of active video monitoring. You'll stay connected whether you're using the Direct Connect Mode for close-range peace of mind or the App Connect Mode for those times when you're away.

With the free MyVTech Baby app, remote viewing and recording are at your fingertips. Capture precious moments directly onto your smartphone or tablet. Engage in two-way conversations with your little one, whether you're in the next room or miles away. Motion detection alerts and on-board recording capabilities ensure you never miss a beat of your baby's activities.

In addition to these features, the VTech RM7764HDV2 soothes your baby with 10 gentle sounds and keeps you informed with a temperature sensor. Set up your viewing experience your way with single cam, split view, or patrol mode options. Auto Wake-up mode is your ally in energy efficiency, dimming the screen when quiet is detected.

Don't fret about battery life or connection – audible alerts will keep you updated. Plus, the camera's wall-mountable design makes it a seamless addition to any nursery. Whether you opt for the single or twin camera pack, you'll have the perfect view with single cam, split view, and patrol mode choices.

Welcome to a new horizon of baby monitoring. Welcome to the VTech RM7764HDV2.