Tommee Tippee Gro Clock Toddler Sleep Trainer

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Transforming bedtime into a dreamy adventure, the Groclock sleep trainer is an enchanting solution for guiding your cherished little one through the journey from slumber to the joyous moments of morning play. Ingeniously designed for the young minds who have yet to master the art of reading time, this magical device employs a vibrant palette of colors and delightful illustrations to communicate the boundaries between restful nights and lively days.

With the simplicity of setting your desired wake-up time, the Groclock sleep trainer elegantly marks the passage of time with an array of colors and enchanting symbols. As nighttime envelops the room, the clock casts a soothing blue hue, adorned with the tranquil image of Ollie the Owl nestled among a constellation of hearts and stars. As the night progresses and the appointed hour of awakening nears, the stars begin a whimsical dance, vanishing one by one, leaving only hearts in their wake. At last, Ollie the Owl greets the day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on a radiant yellow canvas, signaling it's time for your little one to leap into a new day of discoveries.

The Groclock offers versatile time-setting options, enabling you to tailor wake-up times to the rhythms of weekdays, weekends, or those essential naps. The thoughtful design includes adjustable brightness settings—dim the glow to a gentle shimmer or bask in its full luminosity. As your child blossoms, this multifaceted clock transforms into a comforting nightlight, providing a soft beacon of reassurance, and a guiding light for those nighttime wanderings to the bathroom.

For those advancing in years and readiness, the Groclock introduces an optional audible alarm, anchoring morning routines with gentle precision. And as your child's curiosity about time grows, the sleep trainer clock includes an optional digital display, laying the foundation for digital time-telling skills.

Convenience is at the heart of the Groclock, powered by a 3.5mm USB cable (1.8m in length) for an uninterrupted energy supply, liberating you from the cycle of battery replacements. Though an adaptor plug is not included, the clock seamlessly integrates with the ubiquitous USB plugs that energize our smartphones.

To weave the story of the Groclock into your child's bedtime ritual, we present "A Sky Full of Dreams," a captivating tale where Bennie the Bear imparts the wisdom of the Groclock to Ollie the Owl. Crafted to enchant and educate, this storybook is our gift to you, ensuring that bedtime becomes a serene sojourn, free from the woes of sleep-time struggles, and a starlit path to peaceful nights for both parent and child.


The Groclock uses colours and pictures to help children who are too young to read an ordinary clock, to understand when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to spring out of bed to play!


The screen brightness can be turned down or turned off completely. Ideal as a nightlight for comfort and reassurance or for those night-time toilet trips.


As your child gets older, you can choose to set the audible alarm – perfect for routine wake-up times.


The optional digital clock feature allows parents to also display the digital clock – ideal for when your little one starts to learn digital time.