The Big Sleep with Kip Bundle

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This discounted bundle includes all five Kip books!

The Old Bedtime Pass Puncher
Some children get in and out of bed multiple times before falling asleep. We call these “curtain calls”! They want to tell you something, they want a drink, they want to go to the toilet…the list can go on! If your child does this, this book is for you!

A Beach in the Bedroom 
Older children can find it hard to get to sleep because they are worrying about things. Visual imagery and relaxation techniques can help take their minds off these worries. These techniques are best suited to children aged 4 years and up.

Has Dad Joined the Circus?
Help your child fall asleep by themselves. This book introduces children to the evidence-based technique of Camping Out. It is a gentle way to help parents move out of their child’s bedroom – typically over 1-3 weeks – whilst encouraging their child to fall asleep by themselves at the start of the night.

Marshmallow Puffins at the window
Help your child manage their bedtime anxiety. 
This book is a fun way to help children worry less at the start of the night. Parents can help children do this by listening to their worries and then gently reassuring them that many of their worries are not real – there are no monsters under the bed!

Slug Dad and Monster Mum
Early morning waking can be exhausting for families. Some children just seem programmed to wake up early and are full of energy – not like mum and dad! This is a book to help you manage early morning waking in your child – i.e. waking before 6am.