Oricom OBH643P Nursery Pal Skyview

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Experience peace of mind like never before with the revolutionary Oricom OBH643P Nursery Pal Skyview edition! Hover over your slumbering cherub with the most unobstructed, panoramic view available. This cutting-edge baby monitor is Wi-Fi ready, unlocking the power to stream high-definition visuals straight to your smartphone via the dynamic HubbleClub for Partners App.

Transform the art of monitoring your baby into an effortless delight. With a simple setup, the flexible cot stand and its attached camera offer you the convenience of finding the perfect angle without the fuss. This isn't just a baby monitor; it's a game-changing gadget that enhances the way you connect with your child.

HD Live Video Streaming
Immerse yourself in the clarity of Full-HD, 1080p streaming, ensuring your baby is seen in immaculate detail, day or night, thanks to the superior infrared night vision. The Nursery Pal Skyview stands as a steadfast guardian, making every bedtime a serene escapade for the family.

Smart Monitoring
Elevate your monitoring capabilities with the free HubbleClub for Partners App. Access smart alerts, split-screen view, baby zone, and a baby growth tracker on up to 2 devices at no cost. Crave more? Dive into a premium HubbleClub subscription for an endless array of features, including boundless device connections, extended baby zones, and a library of 32 lullabies and audiobooks.


Seamless integration with Hubble Club for Partners App
Ingenious overhead cot stand for optimal camera placement
Secure magnetic camera base mount
Dual Wi-Fi® and FHSS Digital Wireless Connectivity
Direct connect or remote app-based viewing options
Vibrant 4.3" Color LCD display
Baby-optimized night vision
Multi-camera split-screen viewing
Wall-mount ready camera
Interactive Two-Way Communication
Ambient Room Temperature Display
Digital Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
Soothing 7-Color Night Light
Preloaded with lullabies, calming sounds, and bedtime stories
Supports multiple cameras (4 via parent unit/ 10+ via App)
Durable rechargeable battery for the parent unit (Up to 8 hours of life with display turned off)
Crisp Screen Resolution of 480 × 272
2-Year warranty for total assurance.
Hubble Club For Partners App Key Features:

Superior Cloud HD video streaming and recording
Innovative Baby Zone alerts and sleep assistance
Notifications for motion, sound & temperature changes
Video clips and photo captures
Convenient feeding timer
Personalized audio recording feature
Comprehensive Baby Growth and Development Tracker
Expert Sleep Advice & Parenting Tips.
Welcome to the future of baby monitoring, where every moment with your little one is captured in stunning detail, with the Nursery Pal Skyview paving the way for a tranquil, secure, and connected parenting journey.