Jiffi V3.0 Portable Bottle Warmer

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Introducing the newest version of Jiffi Portable - V3.0

The all NEW Jiffi Portable Warmer is a rechargeable portable baby bottle warmer, which heats 120ml of room temperature water to 37° in 4 minutes.

Jiffi Portable V3.0 includes improved heating times and longer lasting temperature retention. Jiffi have continued to improve battery performance as well as product reliability in our best release yet. 

It can heat a baby's 120ml bottle at least 5 times on a single charge or maintain the temperature of a 120ml bottle for up to 10 hours!.

The 4 selectable water temperatures 37°, 40°, 45° and 50° allows for the desired temperature for your baby's milk.

This bottle warmer can be used whilst plugged in to provide parents with a bottle that is ready any time of day or night. 

Because we understand babies can be choosy, bottle selection is not always easy. For this reason, Jiffi V3.0 now includes 4 bottles adpators in the box allowing you to connect to over 32 bottle brands!

Fits most major bottle brands (some require adaptors)

Included adaptors: Tommee Tippee, Nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle / Medela / Dr Browns / Pigeon narrow neck, NUK wide neck, Pigeon wide neck / Nanobébé Silicone Bottle / MAM

It is recommended by Breastfeeding Australia that boiled then cooled (sterilised) water is to be used if formula feeding.


 What's in the Box?

1 x Jiffi Portable Warmer - White Version 3.0

1 x Australian Power Adaptor 

1 x USB cable

1 x Narrow Neck Adaptor (Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle, Medela, Dr Browns, Pigeon)

1 x Tommee Tippee Adaptor 

1 x NUK Wide Neck Adaptor

1 x Standard Wide neck (Nanobébé Silicone Bottle, Pigeon Wide Neck (PP), MAM)

1 x Spare Seal Ring 

1 X Travel Cap

1 x Instruction Manual