Houdini Stop Single

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Houdini Stop safety seat belt clip stopping your child from taking their arms out of the shoulder straps of their harnessed car seat. Ideally used if your child has is able to get out of their car seat. It will help prevent your “escape artist” escaping again.

The Houdini Stop is made to high standards of safety. It does not interfere with the normal performance of the car seat in any way.

Houdini Stop can be used in your stroller or feeding chair too.

It will help prevent your child from standing up and falling off the chair or stroller. Since it has a universal design, it fits babies and toddlers of various ages and is compatible with a variety of harness systems.


Is it safe?
Yes. The Houdini Stop has been crash tested to AS/NZS standard 8005:2013 in both forward and rear facing situations with Type B, A1, A2 & A4 seats and proven to be safe in all these tests. It is important to note that other cheaper copies of the Houdini Stop available on the market, have not been crash tested on all these car seat types,  both forward or rear crash situations, or labelled to these strict AS/NZS standards. Warning they may not be as safe as a Houdini Stop in an emergency.

Kiddie Country recommends the Houdini Stop as it exceeds the mandatory safety standard 8005:2013. Order your Houdini Stop products online or in store.