Bugaboo Butterfly Comfort Wheeled board+

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The Bugaboo Butterfly Comfort Wheelboard+

Transform your family outings with the Bugaboo Butterfly Comfort Wheeled Board +, the ultimate stroller upgrade for your growing brood. This revolutionary accessory is the perfect solution for stroller fatigue during those extended strolls, offering your tired toddler a place to sit or stand while you navigate with ease. Snap it onto your Bugaboo Butterfly in seconds, and when it's time to park, simply flip it up or pop it off without breaking a sweat.

Discover the Magic:

Give your little one the freedom to ride in style; they can choose to sit or stand on this comfy wheeled board. Plus, the saddle is detachable, instantly freeing up space whenever you wish.
Customize your stroll with the board's adaptable positioning. Effortlessly adjust the wheel and saddle with a few quick clicks, or swivel it 180 degrees for a fresh perspective, ensuring ample room and comfort for you, the pilot of your family adventure.
Practicality meets convenience; with a simple click, stow the board upright, or detach it in a flash for those moments of stillness.
Designed to support children from the age of two up to a robust 20kg, without the fuss of extra adaptors.
Embrace the ease and flexibility that comes with the Bugaboo Butterfly Comfort Wheeled Board +, and make every outing a joy for you and your little explorers.