Babyrest Amara Nursery Package


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The Amara Collection

Lovely, forever 💗

The BabyRest Amara collection, a testament to meticulous design and heritage craftsmanship, is an exquisite assembly of nursery furniture that gracefully evolves alongside your child, transcending the confines of the nursery. Each element of the Amara collection, birthed from design ingenuity in Australia and masterfully brought to life in Europe, is a celebration of the elegance in growth and the serenity of tradition.

At the heart of this collection is the Amara Cot, a piece of timeless elegance with the potential to become an heirloom cherished across generations. Its design offers open ends and sides, ensuring that parents can relish in the assurance of safety provided by unobstructed visibility and free-flowing air. The cot's transformative nature is revealed through its 4-in-1 functionality, adeptly transitioning to accommodate a child from their first breath until they reach the milestones of six years and beyond. It incorporates two mattress heights, catering to both bassinet and toddler phases, and with the Junior Bedrail addition, it morphs into either a Toddler Bed or Day Bed, with side options available to tailor its form.

Complementing the cot, the Amara Chest stands, as a surface to change baby and as storage of thee treasures and trinkets of childhood but as a statement piece of enduring design. The three full-width drawers glide effortlessly on the renowned HÄFELE runners hailing from Germany, and the soft-close feature ensures a silent and safe environment for both child and parent. The absence of handles on the drawers enhances the sleek profile while prioritizing functionality and safety.

The specifications of both the Amara Cot and Chest are a testament to their superlative quality and commitment to sustainability. With dimensions meticulously calculated for optimum use and a three-year warranty, these pieces are crafted in Europe from European Beech, a testament to their robustness. The use of FSC (CoC) Certified timbers underlines BabyRest's dedication to environmental stewardship. Moreover, adherence to stringent safety standards assures that with the Amara collection, one does not merely choose furniture but invests in a legacy of safety, quality, and sustainability.

These pieces arrive flat-packed, optimizing transport and handling, yet they await assembly to reveal their full splendour—a journey that mirrors the growth and development of the child they are destined to nurture. The Amara collection is not just a choice in furniture; it is a harmonious addition to the home, a sanctum of peace and tranquillity for your little one, and a celebration of life's precious beginnings.



  • Assembled dimensions: 134 L x 75 W x 89 H cm | 29.6 kg
  • Recommended mattress size: 130 x 69cm, max thickness 12.5cm
    Mattress recommendation:
  • 3 year warranty
  • Made in Europe from European Beech
  • Uses responsibly sourced and managed FSC (CoC) Certified timbers
  • Conforms to Household Cots Safety Standard: AS/NZS: 2172/2003 + CPN No 6 of 2005
  • Flat-packed for ease of transport and handling (assembly required)


  • Assembled dimensions: 94W x 52D x 90H cm | 55 kg
  • Drawer internal dimensions: 73 W x 43 D x 11 H cm
  • 3 year warranty
  • Made in Europe from European Beech
  • Uses responsibly sourced and managed FSC (CoC) Certified timbers
  • Conforms to Safety Standards: AS/NZS 4935: 2009 Domestic furniture - Free-standing Chests of Drawers
  • Flat-packed for ease of transport and handling (assembly required)