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Inspired Mother Feeding and Support Pillow - Kiddie Country

Inspired Mother Feeding and Support Pillow


This multi purpose pillow has a new curved shape that is perfect for feeding, tummy time, after feeding support and relaxation time for baby.

It has a wide platform for extra support and balance and wall shaped sides to provide a flat stable surface. All of these features combine to ensure that you have a good upper body posture when feeding as the weight of the baby is evenly distributed and the baby is comfortable and relaxed.

It comes with one removable pillow case and an 100% organic cotton pillow case is also available.

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Inspired Mother Organic Nursing Wrap

Inspired Mother Organic Nursing Wrap


This Nursing Wrap has been designed to provide ample coverage for both mother and baby. The over the shoulder weighted design keeps the wrap in place and allows for both hands to remain free – very practical and important for breastfeeding. Made with organically grown cotton this Nursing Wrap is super soft.

The nursing Wrap has multiple uses can also be used as a pram cover, playtime floor cover.

The Inspired Mother Nursing Wrap is available in grey and white - fashion colours to compliment your wardrobe.

This product has been designed to give support and confidence to nursing mothers. Enjoy!

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