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Baby Shusher - The Sleep Miracle


Being a new baby is rough!

The strange noises, the hot, the cold, the EVERYTHING! As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your baby adjust to the world. So you change diapers, ensure a full belly, give a loving snuggle, and enjoy precious 1:1 time. Sometimes, your baby will still be unhappy. Never fear, Baby Shusher is here!

Baby Shusher breaks a baby’s crying spell by engaging his or her natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush is like inside the womb, where there is a constant inundation of loud sounds from Mom’s body. These in utero noises can be up to 95 dBs, just like to the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner. While the noises are loud inside Mom, Baby Shusher is well within the recommended sounds levels, specifically to protect baby’s delicate ears.

Baby Shusher is easy to use, and will shut off after either 15 minutes or 30 minutes to preserve battery life. The batteries are secure to keep your baby safe, but easy enough for you to change easily.


  • Quickly soothes fussy baby with rhythmic “shush” sound
  • Timer options – 15 or 30 minutes
  • Adjustable volume
  • Quality Manufacturing exceeds safety standards,
  • BPA, Latex, Lead, and Phthalate free
  • Comes ready to use out of the box with 2 AA batteries installed

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Zazu Baby Pram Rocker

Zazu Baby Pram Rocker

$65.99 $79.95 17 % OFF

Zazu Baby Pram Rocker 

Discover the magic of uninterrupted moments with Robby the Baby Rocker, the must-have gadget for every parent! Say goodbye to the tiresome task of manually rocking your baby's stroller to keep them asleep.

With Robby at your side, you're free to savor your latte, dive into a workout session, or tackle that pending work—all while your bundle of joy slumbers peacefully.

Key Benefits:

With over 8 hours of rechargeable battery life, Rocker outlasts the longest of errands or outdoor adventures.

Seamless Integration: Robby takes over the soothing sway of the stroller, granting you precious time for life's simple pleasures or productivity boosts.

Custom Comfort: Tailor the rocking intensity to perfection, whether it's a feather-light lull for compact carriers or a stronger motion for full-sized strollers.

Smart Technology: A 40-minute smart timer ensures your infant's slumber is never too long, winding down automatically for a gentle awakening.

Responsive to Tears: The innovative cry sensor vigilantly stands guard, ready to soothe your baby back to dreamland at the first sign of distress.
Endurance for Days:

With over 8 hours of rechargeable battery life, Rocker outlasts the longest of errands or outdoor adventures.
Versatility at Its Best: Designed for both the comforts of home and the unpredictability of the outdoors, Rocker is your go-to for tranquility on the go.

Transform your daily routine with Robby the Baby Rocker, creating calm for your little one and convenience for you—a true parenting game-changer.

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