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The most functional and well-designed prams Melbourne can offer

There is no shortage of options for prams for babies, and it can be challenging to know where to start. This essential tool is often considered an excellent investment for several reasons, so it is vital that you understand the various features available and how they will make your life easier.

With the finest selections of prams Australia has to offer, Kiddie Country is here to help! We offer the quality prams Melbourne parents can trust to secure and transport their bundle of joy safely. 

Choosing a pram that provides convenience

At Kiddie Country, we take you through the essential criteria specific to you and your needs taking into account ergonomics safety and your budget. We compare many prams with you for you to evaluate the best match.  They should be smooth to drive or navigate, so those long walks are an enjoyable experience. 

If you carry more than one child, we have a range of prams to suit. Every parent would like more free hands for other tasks, and our selection of prams provide precisely that!  

Safety first

All prams undergo a series of quality tests before they are released to market to ensure a set of safety standards are met. Our quality baby prams are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, protect your baby and ensure security with locking systems, double brakes, and harnesses. 

A good pram will protect your baby from external conditions, provide shade, and even offer anti-UV protection with specific models. 

A comfortable trip, every time

Having to carry your baby for an extended period can be uncomfortable for all involved. A pram saves the aches and pains of carrying while offering a cozy spot for your child to sleep when you are on the move. Our prams are built with comfortable padding designed specifically for newborns. From excellent spine support to multiple-angle reclining seat features, your baby can relax as you go about your day. 

Durability is key

The prams in our selection are made of sturdy materials, specially built to protect your newborn while lasting for a very long time. Often used for newborns up to 36 months, some are capable of carrying up to 22 kg weight.

Let's not forget about style

With a varying array of gorgeous designs, our selection of prams are built to look good while also providing great functionality. You can choose different colours, patterns and designs. With Kiddie Country, you may just get more compliments on your pram than your outfit!

Find the right pram for your specific needs at Kiddie Country today

There are many great reasons to invest in a baby pram, but above all, they help promote interaction. For example, a parent-facing pram promotes bonding and going for a walk with your baby is an enjoyable experience that helps them learn about the world while providing the best start in life.

With all the best brands and thorough product knowledge, the Kiddie Country pram shop Melbourne empowers you to make decisions easily. As one of the most experienced baby stores in Melbourne, our comprehensive range of prams for newborns and prams for toddlers has been carefully selected to ensure the latest, safest and highest quality options, so you'll find the right pram for your needs with ease.

Joolz Essentials Fitted Sheet - Kiddie Country

Joolz Essentials Fitted Sheet


Part of the Joolz Essentials Collection, this fitted sheet is the perfect accessory to all Joolz bassinets. Made of  100% organic cotton, this fitted sheet provides a peaceful place to nap.


  • securely fits all Joolz Bassinet Mattresses (Hub, Day³ and Geo²)
  • 100% organic cotton
  • absorbs moisture and regulates heat
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • measurements: 80×35 cm

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Joolz Cup Holder - Kiddie Country

Joolz Cup Holder


It doesn't matter what this Joolz cup holder is used for: your baby's bottle or your water. The most important thing is not mixing them up!

Compatible with:

  • Joolz Aer
  • Joolz Hub
  • Joolz Day / 2 / 3 / +
  • Joolz Geo / 2

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Uppababy Bassinette Rainshield - Kiddie Country

UPPAbaby Bassinette Rainshield


Take your baby outside with our Carrycot Rain Shield even on the least desirable of days.

  • Side vents ensure maximum ventilation and comfort
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Convenient handle opening for easy transport
  • Designed to fit all model year Bassinets
  • Folds compactly for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Phthalate-free PVC

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UPPAbaby VISTA Rumble Seat Rain Shield - Kiddie Country

UPPAbaby VISTA Rumble Seat Rain Shield


Designed specially to fit sleekly on the UppaBaby Vista Rumble Seat, this rain shield is a great accessory to have on hand for days when the weather is unpredictable!

  • Custom fit on the RumbleSeat while in use on the Vista
  • Easy velcro attachments keep rain shield in place
  • Side vents ensure maximum ventilation
  • Durable – Made of ultra-premium vinyl
  • Easy to clean

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Cybex Priam Mosquito Net - Kiddie Country

Cybex Priam Mosquito Net


Compatible with Cybex Priam Prams, this mosquito net offers optimal protection against insects. Thanks to the elastic material it fits the Priam perfectly!

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Cybex Platinum Insect Net - Kiddie Country

Cybex Platinum Insect Net


Optimal protection against insects. Thanks to the elastic material, it fits the PRIAM and MIOS Lux Carry Cots perfectly.


  • Optimal protection against insects & mosquitos
  • Easy fit with stretch material
  • Compatible with PRIAM, e-PRIAM, and MIOS Lux Carry Cots

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Cybex Cup Holder - Kiddie Country

Cybex Cup Holder


This cup holder can be easily attached to either side of the Cybex pram's handle bar.

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Bugaboo Mosquito Net - Kiddie Country

Bugaboo Mosquito Net


A soft mesh net perfectly on your stroller, the Bugaboo Mosquito Net keeps bugs away and allows for optimal air flow.

Compatible with the Cameleon/Donkey/Buffalo

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Bugaboo Fox Wheel Caps - Kiddie Country

Bugaboo Fox Wheel Caps

$34.99 $74.99 53 % OFF

Change your wheel caps with the seasons or just to give your pram an update. It’s easy to click them on and remove them from the wheels.

Please note: compatible with Bugaboo Fox ONLY.

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Hess Spielzeug Pram Chain - Kiddie Country

Hess Spielzeug Pram Chain

$31.99 $39.99 20 % OFF

Hess Pram Chains are beautiful pram chains with wooden elements for prams or cots.

Made in Germany from native, untreated beech wood and locally sourced water-based paints, secure it to your pram or cot to help keep baby entertained.  


  • Made from sustainably sourced European timber sources
  • Coloured with 100% non-toxic and saliva-resistant water-based paints
  • Pollutant-free 
  • Saliva and sweat resistant
  • Metal parts such as clips and bells are nickel free
  • Fully complies with European and Australian safety standards
  • Suitable for ages: Newborn +
  • Length: approx. 47 cm
  • Dimension: 40 x 28 x 4 cm

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Baby Jogger Liquid Holster - Kiddie Country

Baby Jogger Liquid Holster


The Liquid Holster uses a self-leveling mechanism to prevent unwanted spills when strolling. It securely fits most tubing as well, so it's not just for your stroller!
Restrictions: Do not use with hot liquids.

Original Holster compatible with:

  • Baby Jogger City Mini
  • GT
  • City Elite
  • Summit X3.

Select Holster compatible with:

  • Baby Jogger City Select
  • City Select LUX
  • City Premier

Lux Holster compatible with: Baby Jogger:

  • Baby Jogger City Tour LUX
  • City Mini2
  • City Mini GT2
  • City Elite2
  • City Mini GT2 Double
  • City Select LUX


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Bugaboo Donkey 12" inner tube - Kiddie Country

Bugaboo Donkey 12" inner tube


This item contains one inner tube for 12 inch rear wheels for Bugaboo Donkey with tools and instructions.

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Tyre Inner Tube 12 Inch - Kiddie Country

Tyre Inner Tube 12 Inch


Inner tubes are available to fit all prams with pneumatic tyres.

These are suitable for any 12 inch pneumatic tyre.

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Tyre Inner Tube 10 Inch - Kiddie Country

Tyre Inner Tube 10 Inch


Inner tubes are available to fit all prams with pneumatic tyers.

These are suitable for any 10inch pneumatic tyer.

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Playette Ultra Soft head support - Kiddie Country

Playette Ultra Soft head support


Providing soft but strong head support for your baby and the unique foam support provides exceptional comfort. Security and safety is ensured with belt slots and safety fasteners that snap shut for a secure fit. Made from machine-washable ultra-soft polyester and cotton fabric.

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Dreambaby Clip-on Fan - Kiddie Country

Dreambaby Stroller Fan F229


Dreambaby Stroller Fans attach easily to most strollers or playpens and provide a gentle breeze on hot summer days.

    • Battery operated, not included.

    • Requires 2xAA batteries.

    • Flexible neck can be adjusted to the right angle to ensure baby gets a breeze.

    • Totally portable and perfect for beach, pool, picnics and parks

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Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Drink Holder F298 - Kiddie Country

Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Drink Holder F298


Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Drink Holder is perfect to have bottles, sippy cups or other beverages within reach while you push your stroller. It can be easily fitted to the top or side of most stroller handles. 


  • Adjustable clamp attachment
  • Fits most strollers
  • Suitable for most wheelchairs, shopping trolleys, walkers & more

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