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Skip Hop Beary Cute Take Along Nightlight

Skip Hop Beary Cute Take Along Nightlight

$31.96 $39.95 20 % OFF

 A comforting companion in the dark, our portable nightlight for kids helps foster independence. With an oversize on/off button and an easy-grip handle, it's made with little hands in mind.


• Easy to carry handle​

• Battery powered ​(3 AAA not included)

• LED glow light ​

• Soft rubber ears​

• Simple on/off button​ on back

• Auto shut off after 30 minutes

Open Stage Packaging 6.5 L x 3 W x 8.8 H in

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Miffy Bundle of Light - Kiddie Country

Miffy Bundle of Light

$39.95 $49.95 20 % OFF

Mr Maria is famous for their night lights, all designed in Netherlands. 

This series of collectables consists of little bundles of joy. Each of them created to help you create little moments of light. Collect them for a happy display on your shelves or gift them to friends you cherish the most. Together we'll brighten the day, home and world. 

The mini-lights in the shape of Miffy (15 cm), Boris (10.2 cm) and Lion (12.6 cm) are here to make you smile! They're made of soft silicone and come with a battery to power the LED lamp.  

More features:

  • On/Off switch is at the bottom
  • Light will automatically turn off after 15 minutes
  • CR2032 battery is included

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    Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Baby Sleep Aid - Kiddie Country

    Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Baby Sleep Aid

    $43.96 $54.95 20 % OFF

    The Dreammaker is a scientifically proven sound and light sleep aid that helps baby to sleep better by simulating ideal sleep conditions, rather than stimulating baby.

    Developed with a world-leading sleep laboratory and sleep scientists at Northumbria University in the UK, the Dreammaker is a unique, patent-pending device that features pink noise, red light and pulsing glow settings to relax your baby and encourage them into a deeper sleep for longer.


    • The scientific way to sleep better: Developed with sleep scientists, this sound and light sleep aid relaxes your baby, encourages them into a deep sleep and prolongs the length of their sleep.
    • Pink noise: Mimics the natural sounds of the womb and encourages baby to fall asleep faster, deeper and for longer as it provides them with a comforting, familiar and more natural background noise.
    • Red light: The soothing red light encourages the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone and is minimally stimulating so won’t disturb baby (or you) once asleep.
    • Pulsing glow: The rhythmical pulses of soft light mimic the slow, deep breaths of baby’s relaxed breathing rate which calms baby and helps them to drift off to sleep.
    • CrySensor: Integrated CrySensor technology detects baby’s cries through the night and automatically switches the device back on play your choice of light and sound settings to soothe baby back to sleep.
    • Easy to use: To power the device on and off, simply double tap the ring on the top of the product. Once on, simply select the light, sound and pulse settings to suit your preferences.
    • USB powered: Mains powered by a USB Type C cable (1.2 m length) and adaptor plug*. The device must be connected to the mains to function. *Plug not included but the cable is compatible with most USB plugs used as phone chargers.
    • Sustainable packaging: To help reduce the environmental impact, the Dreammaker sleep aid is packaged in plastic-free and 100% fully recyclable cardboard packaging.

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      ErgoPouch Drift Away White Noise Machine

      ErgoPouch Drift Away White Noise Machine

      $51.96 $64.95 20 % OFF

      The Drift Away Portable White Noise

      White noise is known for its ability to soothe babies by replicating the environment of being in the womb. Sounds underwater are similar to what a baby hears while in the mother's womb, which is why white noise is thought to be calming. As your baby grows and develops, this positive association with white noise can aid in connecting sleep cycles and blocking out any disruptive sounds in their surroundings.

      When you're frequently on the move with your baby, consider investing in a portable white noise machine like the Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine from Ergo Pouch. This device comes equipped with seven distinct sleep sounds that have been specifically designed to encourage deep and restorative sleep by masking any disturbing noises.

      The Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine is an incredibly lightweight device that also includes a rechargeable battery with an impressive 48-hour battery life. This makes it incredibly easy and convenient to bring along wherever you and your baby may be, whether it's in the car or out for a walk in the stroller.

      Finally, when at home with your child, simply place the white noise machine in their nursery and take advantage of its built-in soft LED light feature. These lights come with three different settings and are perfect for assisting you during night-time diaper changes or feedings. Last but not least, the volume of the white noise machine can be adjusted up to a safe maximum decibel rating of 74db  test it next to your ear to ensure a comfortable listening experience for both you and your baby.

      Sleep sounds included:

          • White Noise
          • Heartbeat
          • Shushing
          • Fan
          • Rain
          • Ocean
          • Nature


      *When playing sound only. Using the night light continuously will use up the battery life faster.


      • 48 hour playback time
      • 7 calming sounds
      • Lightweight and compact
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Soft LED-light with 3 settings

      How to Use for Baby
      Place the unit on a flat surface, at least 2m/6.6ft away from your baby when in use. Never place the unit next to your baby’s ears such as in the bassinet, cot/crib, or pram. Use the unit to assist settling your baby to sleep. Once baby is asleep, turn off the unit

      To turn sound on and off, press and hold down the Power button for 3 seconds for track to start playing

      Change the Sound Track
      To change the track, press the Sound Track Selection button once. There are seven sound tracks to choose from. The unit will return to the sound it was playing when it was last turned off.

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      Tommee Tippee Gro Clock Toddler Sleep Trainer

      Tommee Tippee Gro Clock Toddler Sleep Trainer

      $52.76 $65.95 20 % OFF

      Transforming bedtime into a dreamy adventure, the Groclock sleep trainer is an enchanting solution for guiding your cherished little one through the journey from slumber to the joyous moments of morning play. Ingeniously designed for the young minds who have yet to master the art of reading time, this magical device employs a vibrant palette of colors and delightful illustrations to communicate the boundaries between restful nights and lively days.

      With the simplicity of setting your desired wake-up time, the Groclock sleep trainer elegantly marks the passage of time with an array of colors and enchanting symbols. As nighttime envelops the room, the clock casts a soothing blue hue, adorned with the tranquil image of Ollie the Owl nestled among a constellation of hearts and stars. As the night progresses and the appointed hour of awakening nears, the stars begin a whimsical dance, vanishing one by one, leaving only hearts in their wake. At last, Ollie the Owl greets the day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on a radiant yellow canvas, signaling it's time for your little one to leap into a new day of discoveries.

      The Groclock offers versatile time-setting options, enabling you to tailor wake-up times to the rhythms of weekdays, weekends, or those essential naps. The thoughtful design includes adjustable brightness settings—dim the glow to a gentle shimmer or bask in its full luminosity. As your child blossoms, this multifaceted clock transforms into a comforting nightlight, providing a soft beacon of reassurance, and a guiding light for those nighttime wanderings to the bathroom.

      For those advancing in years and readiness, the Groclock introduces an optional audible alarm, anchoring morning routines with gentle precision. And as your child's curiosity about time grows, the sleep trainer clock includes an optional digital display, laying the foundation for digital time-telling skills.

      Convenience is at the heart of the Groclock, powered by a 3.5mm USB cable (1.8m in length) for an uninterrupted energy supply, liberating you from the cycle of battery replacements. Though an adaptor plug is not included, the clock seamlessly integrates with the ubiquitous USB plugs that energize our smartphones.

      To weave the story of the Groclock into your child's bedtime ritual, we present "A Sky Full of Dreams," a captivating tale where Bennie the Bear imparts the wisdom of the Groclock to Ollie the Owl. Crafted to enchant and educate, this storybook is our gift to you, ensuring that bedtime becomes a serene sojourn, free from the woes of sleep-time struggles, and a starlit path to peaceful nights for both parent and child.


      The Groclock uses colours and pictures to help children who are too young to read an ordinary clock, to understand when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to spring out of bed to play!


      The screen brightness can be turned down or turned off completely. Ideal as a nightlight for comfort and reassurance or for those night-time toilet trips.


      As your child gets older, you can choose to set the audible alarm – perfect for routine wake-up times.


      The optional digital clock feature allows parents to also display the digital clock – ideal for when your little one starts to learn digital time.

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        Tommee Tippee Gro Egg2 Digital Nursery Thermometer - Kiddie Country

        Tommee Tippee Gro Egg2 Digital Nursery Thermometer

        $52.76 $65.95 20 % OFF

        The Gro Egg is back and is bigger, and better in every way. This new and improved version is now USB powered making it a true travel essential.

        It's larger, brighter design makes it even easier than before to check the little one is resting at the correct temperature. In addition to the innovative colour changing system and handy temperature display, the Egg 2 includes 4 adjustable brightness levels allowing to use it as a nightlight or find a light level that suits baby.


        • Gro-egg 2 is bigger, better and extremely stylish!
        • Ambient Digital Thermometer
        • Gentle Night Light 
        • Perfect Accessory for Gro-snug & Grobags
        • Colour coded system (supported by safe sleep experts The Lullaby Trust) making it easy for parents to keep baby comfortable
        • Adjustable Egg Brightness (4 levels) – makes for a super handy nightlight
        • USB Powered – easy to take on travels 
        • Soft Touch Silicone Dome

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        Skip Hop Glow With me Portable Acorn Sound Machine

        Skip Hop Glow With me Portable Acorn Sound Machine

        $55.96 $69.95 20 % OFF

        Our new 2-in-1 Portable Soother + Nightlight helps baby fall and stay asleep. On-the-go design allows nap time to happen any time. Includes 7 soothing sounds and 3 songs. Plus, nightlight offers a soft glow.


        • Cute Acorn Design

        • Multi-position adjustable silicone strap

        • USB rechargeable, charging cable included

        • “Overnight” battery life ≈ 10 hours

        • Independent light and sound control

        • Sound timer for 15, 30, 60 minutes, and continuous play

        • 3 soothing songs, 3 color noises, 4 nature sounds (shushing included) 

        • Warm white light

        • 3 brightness settings

        4 L x 3.35 W x 6.5 H in. 

        • 7 adjustable volume settings

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        Tommee Tippee Penguin 2 in 1 Portable Night Light

        Tommee Tippee Penguin 2 in 1 Portable Night Light

        $55.96 $69.95 20 % OFF

        This cute penguin night light is perfect for your little one’s nursery. Use it as a reassuring night light from birth with its comforting glow that you can control. Turn it up for late night diaper changes or dim it down to resettle baby back to sleep. Then from 18 months on, your little one can use the portable light to light the way to the bathroom or read under the covers. Small tactile and reassuring, this penguin night light is the night-time friend that lights the way. From cozy sleeping bags, room thermometers to light and sound sleep aids, we're here to help ensure your baby enjoys safer, longer sleep and sweet dreams. Because when they have a good night’s sleep, everyone else does too.


        Use from birth as a night light, and from 18 months your child can pick up and use the portable light


        The Penguin’s lights when lifted from its base – perfect for finding toys or bathroom trips in the dark


        Recharge the portable light on your Penguin’s base throughout the day, ready for more night-time adventures. Lasts 10 hours when fully charged


        Learning how to fall asleep and resettle after waking is the foundation of a lifetime of restful sleep. This 2 in 1 Penguin night light provides a comforting glow and reassuring portable light to help your child settle and return to sleep.

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        Baby Shusher - The Sleep Miracle - Kiddie Country

        Baby Shusher - The Sleep Miracle


        Being a new baby is rough!

        The strange noises, the hot, the cold, the EVERYTHING! As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your baby adjust to the world. So you change diapers, ensure a full belly, give a loving snuggle, and enjoy precious 1:1 time. Sometimes, your baby will still be unhappy. Never fear, Baby Shusher is here!

        Baby Shusher breaks a baby’s crying spell by engaging his or her natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush is like inside the womb, where there is a constant inundation of loud sounds from Mom’s body. These in utero noises can be up to 95 dBs, just like to the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner. While the noises are loud inside Mom, Baby Shusher is well within the recommended sounds levels, specifically to protect baby’s delicate ears.

        Baby Shusher is easy to use, and will shut off after either 15 minutes or 30 minutes to preserve battery life. The batteries are secure to keep your baby safe, but easy enough for you to change easily.


        • Quickly soothes fussy baby with rhythmic “shush” sound
        • Timer options – 15 or 30 minutes
        • Adjustable volume
        • Quality Manufacturing exceeds safety standards,
        • BPA, Latex, Lead, and Phthalate free
        • Comes ready to use out of the box with 2 AA batteries installed

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        Bubble Toucan Night Light

        Bubble Toucan Night Light


        Introducing our Toucan Shaped Nightlight, a charming addition to any child's bedroom.

        This adorable nightlight not only provides a warm and comforting glow but also enhances the room's décor with its endearing toucan design, complete with wooden beak and base. Its step-less dimming button ensures easy brightness adjustments to suit your child's needs. Plus, its rechargeable feature ensures convenience - with approximately 3 hours to fully charge, it can illuminate for about 7-24 hours, depending on the brightness level. It is easily portable and can be positioned on a bedside table or carried as required. With our Toucan Shaped Nightlight, create a mesmerizing bedtime ambience that lulls your little one into a peaceful sleep.

        • Toucan-shaped nightlight
        • Wooden beak and base
        • Stepless dimming key for adjustable brightness
        • Two lighting modes - 'breathing' (pulsing glow) and 'normal' (constant - glow)
        • Rechargeable - takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge, and provides about 7-24 hours of illumination, subject to brightness level
        • Input Voltage: 5V
        • Suitable for children 3+ years
        • Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x 19.3 cm

        Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 yrs. Risk of choking due to small parts that may be swallowed! Product may slightly vary from images shown. Please keep the packaging for future reference.
        For safety reasons, remove all the plastic attachments before giving this toy to your child. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Please do not wipe with alcohol. Keep away from fire.

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            Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight - Kiddie Country

            Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight


            Light up every step with the the sleep friendly  Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight.

            With dual parent and child modes, a room temperature sensing dock and unique design, Moonlight is a must have for all new parents.

            In Parent Mode, choose the perfect soft, baby-safe glow to feed, comfort and change baby through the night, anywhere in your home.

            As baby grows simply switch to Child Mode and Moonlight becomes the perfect night time companion for your child. A soothing bedside light to help promote sleep and a comforting light for your little one’s late night bathroom trips.

            The clever, temperature sensing dock also helps you to keep the room temperature just right.


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            Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light And Sound Sleep Aid - Kiddie Country

            Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light And Sound Sleep Aid

            $70.36 $87.95 20 % OFF

            Anything that helps your baby sleep soundly will help you get some much needed rest too.

            This cute and cuddly night-time companion provides soft lights, soothing sounds and gentle lullabies to help your baby settle to sleep.

            CrySensor technology listens out through the night and plays soothing sounds or lullabies to help comfort and settle baby if they wake.


            • Rechargeable – USB power pack means no need to keep replacing batteries
            • Intelligent CrySensor technology responds to crying noise by playing 20 minutes of soothing sounds or lullabies to soothe baby, meaning fewer wake up calls for mum or dad.
            • 6 natural soothing sounds – choose from heartbeat, rainfall and white noise or 3 lullabies
            • You’re in control – dimmable heart-shaped light allows you to choose right level of brightness for your nursery and automatically switches off after 30 minutes to save energy.
            • Looks great in any nursery – cute and cuddly, gender neutral design suits all décor and styles. 

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            Skip Hop Terra Cry Activated Soother - Kiddie Country

            Skip Hop Terra Cry Activated Soother

            $79.96 $99.95 20 % OFF

            Comforting baby comes naturally with our décor-friendly botanical soother. Designed to automatically respond to babies cries, it features eight soothing melodies and sounds plus a voice recorder for customized comfort. Even better? It’s also a nightlight with seven different colors plus a multi-light show mode for a calming animated glow. We even included a thermometer so you’ll always know if baby’s room is a comfy temperature.


            • 8 sounds & melodies: Sleepy, Lullaby, Dreamer, Cozy, Pink Noise, Waves, Ambient, Rainforest
            • 2 light modes: 7 solid/steady colors or multi-light/animated shows
            • Colors include: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple
            • Cry-sensor distinguishes between cries and other sounds
            • Voice recorder lets parents customize comfort with their voice
            • Room thermometer displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
            • Auto shut-off: 15, 30 and 60 minutes or continuous play
            • Includes USB cable (power adapter not included)
            • Size (inches): 4.4L x 4.4W x 6.1H; (cm): 11L x 11W x 15.5H

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            Ollie the Owl - Light and Sound Sleep Aid - Kiddie Country

            Ollie the Owl - Light and Sound Sleep Aid


            Playing 4 comforting sounds (heartbeat, rainfall, static white noise or brahms lullaby) and with a gentle warm glowing tummy, Ollie the Owl creates a lovely soothing environment for your baby to drift off to sleep in. The built in CrySensor cleverly listens in and reactivates to help keep them calm should they stir.

            • 4 soothing sounds - Heartbeat, Rainfall, White Noise static and Brahms Lullaby

            • Innovative CrySensor technology listens in on White Noise and Brahms Lullaby sounds

            • Buttons in paws allow toddlers to self-soothe.

            • Adjustable Volume – High, Mid, Low (Tailored to suit your baby)

            • Sounds play for 20 minutes

            • 3 different levels of light (Low,Mid and High), automatically switches off after 30 minutes

            • Secure Velcro Fastening – attach to cot, moses basket, pushchair or car sea

            • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

            • Tested and Conforms to EN71-1/2/3

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            VTech BC8313 V-Hush Pro Storytelling Soother

            VTech BC8313 V-Hush Pro Storytelling Soother

            $99.00 $119.00 17 % OFF

            Create ideal sleep patterns & environments with the VTech BC8313 Sleep Training Soother. Inspired by WeeSleep experts, the Hush Pro provides features that enable better, longer sleep for the whole family.
            Combines light, sounds, and tips to encourage healthy sleep habits using the colourful night light, glow-on-the-ceiling projector, and powerful Bluetooth Speaker. Craft sleep-inducing atmospheres with over 200 pre-programmed stories, classical music, lullabies and natural sounds, or stream from your favourite smartphone music service.
            Record and upload your voice, songs, or stories using the subscription-free app. Plus, ensure your family sleeps well even if you're on the go, thanks to the rechargeable battery.
            • Operates on mains power OR built-in rechargeable battery (provides up to 6 hours of night light/audio on a single charge)
            • High-definition Bluetooth speaker
            • 100 classical songs
            • 50 classic stories
            • 10 relaxing lullabies
            • 10 soothing sounds
            • Multi-colour soft glow night light
            • Multi-pattern projection night light
            • Sleep training program
            • Temperature sensor
            • Clock display
            • Auto-off timer
            • Control all functions/features from the subscription-free VTech app:
              • Adjust night light
              • Select story, song or sound
              • Personal recordings
              • Stream music
              • Projection control
              • Set alarm / nap timer

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                Miffy First Light Lamp - Kiddie Country

                Miffy First Light Lamp

                $149.95 $179.95 17 % OFF

                The Miffy First Light Lamp is the perfect night light for your child. 

                Mr Maria is famous for their night lights, all designed in Netherlands. The Miffy First Light is a winner of the Red Dot Design 2018. Lightweight, rechargeable and dimmable, the Miffy First Light Lamp is suitable to bring on holidays and sleepovers. The timeless design of Miffy is also a beautiful addition to the nursery. 

                How to use the Miffy First Light Lamp:

                1. On/Off button at the base

                2. Brightness setting - 6 modes including a sleep/night mode

                Other features:

                • Material: Silicone (BPA free)
                • Power source is via a USB charger designed to be used with lithium batteries, USB cord is included however the power plug is not
                • Dimensions: 15x15x30cm
                • Weight: 1kg

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                Miffy Star Lamp 50cm - Kiddie Country

                Miffy Star Lamp 50cm

                $279.00 $299.95 7 % OFF

                The Miffy Lamp is the perfect addition for your nursery. 

                Mr Maria is famous for their night lights, all designed in Netherlands. The Miffy Lamp is suitable as a night light or bed side table for children and adults. 

                Use the touch dimmer button located on the power cable to choose one of the 6 brightness settings. Miffy is a companion and a mood light, illuminating a cozy corner for an evening in. The last brightness setting, the night mode, is an extremely soft glow that you can leave on for the night.  


                • Material: Durable Polyethylene
                • LED light bulb (included) provide an energy efficient, long lasting, and safe source of lighting.
                • Shape Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 25cm
                • Weight: 2kg
                • Made in Netherlands
                • The power adapter is not included - this is one that is commonly and used to charge phones etc. 

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