ErgoPouch Drift Away White Noise Machine

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The Drift Away Portable White Noise

White noise is known for its ability to soothe babies by replicating the environment of being in the womb. Sounds underwater are similar to what a baby hears while in the mother's womb, which is why white noise is thought to be calming. As your baby grows and develops, this positive association with white noise can aid in connecting sleep cycles and blocking out any disruptive sounds in their surroundings.

When you're frequently on the move with your baby, consider investing in a portable white noise machine like the Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine from Ergo Pouch. This device comes equipped with seven distinct sleep sounds that have been specifically designed to encourage deep and restorative sleep by masking any disturbing noises.

The Drift Away Portable White Noise Machine is an incredibly lightweight device that also includes a rechargeable battery with an impressive 48-hour battery life. This makes it incredibly easy and convenient to bring along wherever you and your baby may be, whether it's in the car or out for a walk in the stroller.

Finally, when at home with your child, simply place the white noise machine in their nursery and take advantage of its built-in soft LED light feature. These lights come with three different settings and are perfect for assisting you during night-time diaper changes or feedings. Last but not least, the volume of the white noise machine can be adjusted up to a safe maximum decibel rating of 74db  test it next to your ear to ensure a comfortable listening experience for both you and your baby.

Sleep sounds included:

      • White Noise
      • Heartbeat
      • Shushing
      • Fan
      • Rain
      • Ocean
      • Nature


*When playing sound only. Using the night light continuously will use up the battery life faster.


  • 48 hour playback time
  • 7 calming sounds
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Soft LED-light with 3 settings

How to Use for Baby
Place the unit on a flat surface, at least 2m/6.6ft away from your baby when in use. Never place the unit next to your baby’s ears such as in the bassinet, cot/crib, or pram. Use the unit to assist settling your baby to sleep. Once baby is asleep, turn off the unit

To turn sound on and off, press and hold down the Power button for 3 seconds for track to start playing

Change the Sound Track
To change the track, press the Sound Track Selection button once. There are seven sound tracks to choose from. The unit will return to the sound it was playing when it was last turned off.