4moms Rockaroo Classic Grey

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Traditional infant swings are large and clunky. 4moms believed swings would be better if they provided the back and forth gliding motion that babies love in a compact and modern design. Thats why they created the 4moms® rockaRoo® infant seat. By flipping the swing on its head and moving the pivot point under the seat, the rockaRoo provides a large range of motion in a beautiful design that is just 1/3 the size of traditional swings.

  •  Big motion - front to back gliding motion.
  •  Small size - 1/3 the size of a traditional swing.
  • MP3 plug-in - play your favourite songs.
  • 5 speeds - Adjustable speed for rest or play.
  • Removable seat fabric - Easy to remove and machine washable.
  • Toy mobile with reversible, removable toy balls.
  • Max child weight: 9kg or able to sit up unassisted.
  • Dimensions: 75.2cm L x 41.9cm W x 69.85cm H approx.