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4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Fitted Sheet - Kiddie Country

4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Fitted Sheet


The 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Sheet provides a comfortable surface for your child to rest. The sheet surface is a soft, cotton fabric with a crosshatch pattern and is machine washable. Designed to fit the 4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet mattress. 


  • 100% cotton sleep surface
  • Machine washable
  • Secure and snug fit
  • For use with the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet only
  • Size: 75 cm (L), 45 cm (W) 

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4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Storage Basket - Kiddie Country

4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Storage Basket


The storage basket for 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet allows parents to be ready for diaper duty any time of day or night. The Storage Basket easily clips into place on the base of the Bassinet to provide convenient access to diapers, wipes, onesies, and everything else you need to help your baby sleep.


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4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Waterproof Mattress Cover - Kiddie Country

4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Waterproof Mattress Cover


The 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Mattress Cover protects your bassinet mattress from baby-induced accidents.

Crafted of waterproof fabric, this cotton cover absorbs baby's messes while providing an extra layer of comfort.


  • Polyester cover
  • A waterproof barrier protects the mattress from baby's accidents
  • Compatible with the mattress of 4moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet
  • Provides an added layer of comfort for baby
  • Folds flat for easy portability
  • Measures 75.18 cm L x 44.45 cm W
  • Machine wash
  • Made without the use of chemical flame retardants


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SnuzPod 4 Co-Sleeping Rocking Bassinet

SnuzPod 4 Co-Sleeping Rocking Bassinet

$369.00 $499.00 26 % OFF


SnuzPod 4 Bedside co-sleeping rocking bassinet, ensuring your baby sleeps safely, feeds with ease, and stays close for a cherished bonding experience! Revel in being by their side through every yawn, wriggle, gurgle, and nap with the convenience of dual-view mesh windows, and a half-height zip-down wall for effortless access.

The groundbreaking ComfortAir system in SnuzPod 4 maintains your baby's temperature by blending unique airflow vents, an air-permeable mesh liner, and base ventilation - all curated to enhance airflow and breathability for an all-around delightful night's sleep.

Expertly designed to bring comfort, breathability, and safety together, the SnuzPod 4 is your ticket to transition your little one from awake mode to dreamland effortlessly.

Made to exceed the latest European Bedside Crib Standard, the reliable and robust SnuzPod 4 outshines other bassinets and co-sleepers on the market. Seamlessly soothe your precious bundle night or day while enjoying peace of mind. As it suits more beds than any other bedside bassinet, SnuzPod4 boasts meticulous craftsmanship that promises only excellence for both parent and baby.


  • Embrace proximity for sleep, feeding, and bonding
  • Innovative ComfortAir breathable system for temperature regulation during a good night's rest
  • All-new 3D breathable mattress included
  • Machine washable mesh liner now available
  • Compliant with bedside bassinet safety standard BS EN 1130:2019
  • Gentle reflux incline option added
  • Detachable lightweight bassinet for easy home use
  • Accommodates more beds than other typical bedside co-sleepers (new max height: 73cm)
  • Appropriate from birth until about six months
  • Sustainable beech solid wood and plywood used in construction
  • Designed to fit various bed bases: divan, ottoman, and framed
  • Suitable for use by the bedside with adult mattress level to the SnuzPod 4's zip-down wall, max height of 73cm from the floor
  • Breathability and air-flow tested ComfortAir mesh liner
  • External dimensions: L100 x 49 x H95 (max height)
  • Product weight: 11.5kg
  • Self-assembly required


- Bed straps (fitting divan, ottoman, and framed beds)
- Breathable mattress certified for SnuzPod 4 (40 x 75.5 x 3cm), made from OEKO-Tex 100 certified materials free of harmful chemicals/substances. Conforms to BS EN 16890:2017.

    Drop-Side Yes
    Mattress Included Yes
    Mattress Size L 75.5cm x W 40cm x D 3cm



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    4Moms MamaRoo 5.0 Multi Motion Baby Swing

    4Moms MamaRoo 5.0 Multi Motion Baby Swing

    $549.00 $649.00 15 % OFF

    Every baby is different. And every parent and caregiver has unique soothing moves to keep their little ones happy.
    The MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing is the only baby swing that features multiple motions inspired by the way real parents and caregivers bounce and sway.
    The MamaRoo will become part of your family’s support system to keep baby happy, even when they can’t be in your arms. Mix and match five unique motions, five speeds, and four sounds to tailor each ride to meet your baby’s changing needs and preferences as they grow.
    Smart-home features, such as Bluetooth and voice control compatibility, with Amazon Alexa (Google Home coming soon), allow the MamaRoo to seamlessly integrate into homes and offer a truly adaptable, hands-free, soothing solution. 
    Safety is the top priority. This product is not intended, designed or marketed for sleep or unsupervised use. If baby falls asleep, move baby as soon as possible to a firm, flat sleep surface such as a crib or bassinet. 
    4moms does not support the use of any third party accessories, as they have not been tested by 4moms and could pose a potential safety risk. Only use accessories manufactured and sold directly by 4moms.  
    • Replicates the natural motions of parents
    • 5 Parent-inspired motions  
    • 5 Speeds   
    • Wi-Fi smart home integration
    • Bluetooth functionality
    • Four built-in sounds 
    • Adjustable recline
    • Convertible harness from 5-point to 3-point, as needed  
    • Toy mobile with interactive, reversible toy balls that include a rattle, mirror and crinkle ball
    • Machine washable fabric



    • Dimensions: 66.67cm x 59.69cm x 90.17cm
    • Weight: 6.8kg
    • Age limit: Maximum of 11.3kg or the child attempts to climb out (approximately 9 months), whichever comes first.

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    4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet - Kiddie Country

    4Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

    $639.00 $799.00 20 % OFF

    The 4Moms® MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like natural motions that parents do when comforting their babies. It features five unique motions(car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing and rock-a-bye) and five speed options for a total of 25 different combinations to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

    Your baby bassinet can also play one of the 4 white noise options (rain, ocean, fan and shh) via the 4moms app on a compatible smart device. The 4moms app also features a timer that can be used to help establish a bedtime routine and improve sleep.


    • Firm, flat sleep surface
    • Mesh sides for visibility and airflow
    • 5 unique motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, and wave) to soothe & improve sleep
    • 5 speeds
    • Timer to help establish a bedtime routine
    • 4 white noise options: fan, rain, ocean & shh
    • Bluetooth enabled – control all features via the 4moms app
    • Adjustable height
    • Tool-less assembly
    • firm, flat sleep surface that follows the AAP’s Safe Sleep Guidelines for newborns



    • With Leg extenders: 34" L x 24" W x 39" H
    • Without Leg extenders: 34" L x 24" W x 34.5" H

    Box Dimension: 89 x 28 x 66 cm

    Gross Weight: 17kg

    Age & weight limit:

    • For use from birth until your baby reaches the maximum weight limit of 11kg or can push up on their hands or knees, whichever comes first.
    • Maximum weight: 11kg

    Fabric care:

    • The bassinet sheets are machine washable. The bassinet mattress, fabric, and mesh can be spot cleaned using mild soap and warm water.


    • 1 year warranty 


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