Troll Sun Nursery Package

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Troll Sun Nursery Package

Troll, renowned for crafting durable and robust nursery essentials, proudly presents its Sun collection— a modern suite of baby furniture that exudes a timeless yet contemporary flair. Embrace the gentle curves and semi-open silhouette of each piece, meticulously sculpted from sustainably sourced European birch wood. Troll's philosophy rings true: "A strong cot is a safe cot," a commitment that meets and exceeds Australian Safety Standards. Since 1994, this esteemed Swedish brand has been synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship in the baby furniture industry across Europe.

Included in the Sun Collection:⁠

A sleek Troll Sun Dresser for stylish organization
A secure Troll Sun Cot for peaceful slumbers
A comfortable Pixiebaby Mattress for dreamy comfort
The Sun Cot: Unveil simplicity and durability with the Sun Cot, perfectly aligned with Australian safety norms. It boasts two adjustable base heights— the upper one cradles newborns while the lower one accommodates growing toddlers. The thoughtful design negates the need for a drop side, offering easy access to your little one.

Dimensions of the Sun Cot: L 140 x W 70 cm.

The Sun Dresser: Discover a seamless blend of functionality and minimalistic beauty with the Sun Dresser, a storage solution that evolves with your child. Its sizable drawers can house both baby outfits and adult garments, ensuring its purpose extends well beyond infancy. Scandinavian elegance shines through in its handle-free drawer fronts and soft, rounded contours. Enjoy the added luxury and safety of soft-closing drawers.

Dresser Dimensions: L 1050 x W 530 x H 914