Milk Bar Nursing Pillow


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Milkbar® the lifestyle pillow is ideal from day one of your pregnancy. Milkbar® is a pregnancy pillow that offers excellent sleeping support without taking up all the room in the bed.When baby comes along, Milkbar® is then your best friend when feeding.

Its unique, award winning and RISA (Reflux Infant Support Association) endorsed nursing pillow design supports baby’s head at breast height, reducing back pain and shoulder strain while nursing. Baby's head is also positioned higher than their legs, as encouraged by RISA, so reflux symptoms are also minimised.


    • Enjoy a more comfortable sleep using Milkbar® as a sleep support pillow
    • Reduce neck, shoulder, arm and back pain when bottle or breast feeding baby
    • Encourage better posture by using Milkbar® as a rest for your tablet, laptop, book or arms
    • Great as a pregnancy support sleeping pillow, travel or kids snuggle pillow
    • Make a hospital stay or lie-in more comfortable Milkbar® makes a great soft tray table
    • Compact, portable, stylish and clever with a convenient carry handle
    • 100% cotton, removable cover and 100% new hypoallergenic polyfill inner
    • Offer a perfect gift of Milkbar®, supporting you everywhere