Babyhood Petal Swing

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Babyhood Petal Swing

Infuse a sprinkle of everlasting charm and groundbreaking innovation into your infant's leisure moments with the captivating Babyhood Petal Swing. Constructed with the finest European beechwood timber from ethical sources, this swing not only offers a secure and calming haven but also adapts gracefully with your child from the baby stage to the energetic toddler years.

Revolutionary Design Tailored for Growing Angels
Begin with the bassinet setting, ingeniously conceived for newborns to rest horizontally in safety and serenity, emulating the comforting sway you give when cradling your precious bundle. Witness the seamless evolution of the Petal Swing into a snug toddler seat as your cherished one matures, providing an inviting alcove for your inquisitive explorer to unwind and absorb the wonders around them.

Ultimate Comfort and Uncompromising Safety
At the heart of the Babyhood Petal Swing is your child's comfort and protection. Outfitted with sumptuous, anatomically tailored padded liners, it nurtures your baby's growth phases. These plush cushions are not just a cocoon of luxury but a cinch to clean, ensuring effortless maintenance. Breathe easy knowing that this sanctuary is devoid of EMS emissions, fostering a pristine, nurturing atmosphere for your little one's flourishing.

Interactive and Conscientious
Suspended above your infant's cozy cradle, artisanal timber safari animals dance, enrapturing your child's gaze and sparking endless creative play. The Petal Swing is more than a play station; it's a testament to sustainability, crafted with plantation beechwood for enduring strength with a gentle footprint, safeguarding the world that awaits them.

Smart Features for Contemporary Caregivers

Conceived with the foresight of modern parenting, the Babyhood Petal Swing boasts a plethora of adjustable settings. Transitioning between rest and revelry is a breeze with a simple zip, offering you the agility needed to cater to your infant's varying needs from dawn till dusk. Steal a moment of serenity; your baby is nestled within an enchanting domain designed for both stimulation and solace.

The Babyhood Petal Swing transcends the ordinary—it's a sanctuary that nurtures your baby's joy, health, and cognitive leaps. A beautiful, enduring creation that harmonizes with your decor, it promises a serene haven for your growing child.

Surrender to the peaceful atmosphere and delight the Petal Swing introduces into your life, and witness your little one thrive in a realm crafted exclusively for them.

Standout Features:

Innovative Bassinet Mode: Flat-laying safety and snugness for your newborn.
Pure and Protective: A solid, real timber frame, free from disruptive EMS emissions.
Evolves with Your Little One: From newborn nest to infant throne to toddler territory, all within one robust cradle.
Ergonomic Embrace: Advanced support for your growing toddler with a bucket-style seat for their active moments.
Multiple Configurations: Dream and discovery modes, effortlessly modifiable with a single zip.
Luxe, Launderable Liners: Dual deluxe liners, tailored for your child's developmental stages, fully machine-washable.
Earth-Friendly Elegance: Responsibly sourced beechwood is sculpted into this stunning swing, considerate of our planet's future.
Whimsical World of Wonder: Adorable hand-made safari animal toys dangle with grace, enchanting your baby from every angle. A feat of design to keep your little one spellbound.
Babyhood Petal Swing Key Specifications:

Suitable from birth
Bassinet feature with inclusive infant liner
Convertible toddler seat
Multiple configurations
Beechwood timber construction
Opulent, soft fabrics
Secure three-point harness
Handmade safari animal toy bar
Rigorously safety tested
Elegantly stylish
Enhanced ergonomic support
Appropriate from newborn to 15 kgs
Compliance with Standards
Tested to EN 12790-2009 & EN 71 – Infant Safety Standards
Dimensions & Care:

Assembled Size: W67 x L54 x H64 cm (or H48 cm minus toy bar)
Height Adjustments: Two recline positions with heights of 38 cm and 23 cm from floor to top of backrest
Packaging: Carton sized W68 x L44 x H22 cm
Age Suitability: From newborn up to 15 kg
Standards and Testing: Complies with EN 12790-2009 & EN 71 Safety Tests
Assembly Guidance: For assistance, please reach out to us – Click Here
Frame Care: Gently wipe the timber frame with a soft, damp cloth
Textile Care: Hand wash in cool water, separately with a mild, bleach-free detergent. Air dry away from direct sunlight; do not tumble dry or iron.