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Phil & Teds Lobster Portable High Chair

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have lobster at the table everyday! 
The multi-award winning & world's fastest deploying high chair is what every household needs; this popular portable & teeny tiny highchair is unbelievably safe, light & ridiculously good looking - perfect for home&away!  
lobster™ conveniently clamps onto a wide variety of table sizes, so it doesn’t take up any precious space at home (or the cafe!), & you can bring your bub right in to join the family for those social meal times, where they're gonna learn all those important table manners & interactions, as well as just giving ‘em a sense of belonging & sharing! And ‘cos lobster™ is globally safety certified, with top features to keep your bub sitting safely at the table, it can literally go ANYWHERE with you, making it a much needed product to take on holiday - this is so important when hygiene plays a HUGE factor, especially in today’s world! 
So, what's not to love? 

What makes lobster™ unique

our team of thoughtful engineers have made lobster™ uber light, yet uber tough due to the sleek aluminium frame! 
jaws of strength! 
lobster™ needs no big swinging arms to clamp on to the table safely – our team of thoughtful designers have engineered the lobster™ jaw clamps to exceed global safety requirements for static holding & durability – looks good, feels robust! Its strength & stability is verified by placing a 40kg / 88lbs test weight in the seat for a 48 hour-period (static durability test), and then by repeatedly dropping a 15kg / 33lbs test weight from a height of 80mm onto the seat for 200 times (dynamic durability test) - Sounds like lobster™ has serious strength with its jaws! 
global certifications 
We don’t just certify for one or some markets, ‘cos what’s the point?! We go full noise, and get global! lobster™ complies with ASTM F1235 & EN 1272! 
maximum harness safety 
Other brands are happy with the 3-point safety harness for the kiddo’s, but with lobster™, know your bub is securely fastened with a 5-point harness – just like a buggy! 
It’s all about hygiene nowadays! lobster™ can be used away from home to keep your bub away from grubby restaurant chairs and greasy table tops! The dishwasher-safe food tray slides between the lobster™ “claws” protecting both the table from food spills, and your child from unwanted germs – yuck! The lobster™ fabric can also be wiped down, & for a more thorough clean, you can slide the fabric right off the high chair frame for a more thorough hand wash. 
travel-friendly option! 
Seasoned travelling parents know the drill! You need products that are lightweight, compact, portable, flat packs & easy to clean! (WHEW!!!)  Well, lobster™ ticks all the boxes, tucked into its own carry bag!  
food tray included 
lobster's dishwasher-safe food tray conveniently slides between the lobster claw clamps to protect your table surface from food spills & fits in the carry bag for food on the go. Genius!  
looks are everything! 
When we say lobster™ looks good, we mean it! Sleek in looks & functionality, this lil highchair is so unintrusive & teeny on the table, you’re gonna wonder why you didn’t get this portable highchair earlier! 
multi award winning 
Is there any more to say? Yup, we’ve won a multitude of consumer & industry winning awards for lobster™, ‘cos it’s just so goddamn clever! 


6 months - 3 years* 
*age reference as a guide only (from when a child can sit up) 
Europe: 15kg / 33lbs 
Rest of world: 17kg / 37lbs 
1.8kg / 4lbs 
8 x 35 x 34cm / 3 x 14 x 13” 
removable fabric for gentle hand wash, also wipes clean 
minimum 20mm /  
maximum 95mm /  
refer to manual for extra information about table compatibility 

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