Ollie the Owl - Light and Sound Sleep Aid


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Playing 4 comforting sounds (heartbeat, rainfall, static white noise or brahms lullaby) and with a gentle warm glowing tummy, Ollie the Owl creates a lovely soothing environment for your baby to drift off to sleep in. The built in CrySensor cleverly listens in and reactivates to help keep them calm should they stir.

  • 4 soothing sounds - Heartbeat, Rainfall, White Noise static and Brahms Lullaby

  • Innovative CrySensor technology listens in on White Noise and Brahms Lullaby sounds

  • Buttons in paws allow toddlers to self-soothe.

  • Adjustable Volume – High, Mid, Low (Tailored to suit your baby)

  • Sounds play for 20 minutes

  • 3 different levels of light (Low,Mid and High), automatically switches off after 30 minutes

  • Secure Velcro Fastening – attach to cot, moses basket, pushchair or car sea

  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

  • Tested and Conforms to EN71-1/2/3