JetKids by Stokke BedBox

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This premium ride-on suitcase turns an economy seat into a first class travel experience

In five simple steps, a standard economy seat is turned into a first class seat for children
A spacious carry-on dimensioned suitcase for children to ride on, be pulled along or pull themselves
Swivel wheels in front, for unique manoeuvring
Adjustable strap allow parents to carry over their shoulder
Practical top-opening to prevent items from falling out
The BedBox™ is a premium, and the world's only, ride-on suitcase for children with an inflight bed or leg-rest feature. This travel essential combines Scandinavian style and aviation inspired design with practical features for the entire journey, and allows your child to rest comfortably or sleep during long and short haul flights. Fun and functional with ample storage, the BedBox™ holds your child’s must-haves. Once packed, let your little one ride it (or pull it) through the airport terminal for stress-free transport. Once the seat belt sign is off, transform the BedBox™ from a suitcase to a bed in 5 simple steps. Officially approved by many airlines.

What's included:

Mattress and side panels
Adjustable strap
Two sheets of decorative stickers
Before you go
• Personalise the BedBox™ with the stickers included
• Spacious interior to store essentials for the journey
• NEW FEATURE: Practical storage room inside the lid

Getting around
• Shock absorbing front swivel wheels allows excellent manoeuvring
• Multi-purpose adjustable strap allows for carrying or pulling of the BedBox™
• Top handle for child to hold while riding
• Tired feet can rest on the comfortable foot ledge

During travel
• For use in planes, trains and ferries, where a seat extender is convenient
• Universal and fits most standard economy seats in aircrafts
• The extendable lid elongate the seat to create a larger surface area
• Mattress and soft side panels create a comfortable space on the seat
• Seat belt can be used whether lying down or sitting upright

The BedBox™: Your Child's Gateway to First Class Travel

Introducing the BedBox™, the epitome of travel luxury and convenience for your little explorer. Say goodbye to the discomforts of economy travel and hello to a first-class experience, even while seated in the most standard of seats. Designed with children in mind, this ride-on suitcase is the only one of its kind, offering an inflight bed or leg-rest feature to enhance comfort during both long and short haul flights.

With its sleek Scandinavian design and aviation-inspired aesthetic, the BedBox™ is not just a travel accessory but a statement piece that speaks volumes about your commitment to your child's comfort. Its practical features extend beyond aesthetics, making every journey a seamless experience.

Five Steps to Comfort:
Converting the BedBox™ from a stylish suitcase into a cozy bed is a breeze. Follow these five simple steps once the seatbelt sign dims:

Open the BedBox™ to reveal the comfortable mattress nestled inside.
Position the mattress atop the seat, laying the foundation for a restful space.
Extend the lid to create a larger surface area, perfect for relaxation or sleep.
Attach the soft side panels for added comfort and security.
Let your child settle in for a peaceful rest or an energized play area.
Designed for Convenience:
The BedBox™ is a spacious carry-on suitcase allowing children to enjoy the ride or be pulled along effortlessly. Equipped with shock-absorbing swivel wheels, it ensures smooth maneuverability through busy airport terminals. The adjustable strap provides parents with the flexibility to carry it over their shoulder, while the practical top-opening design ensures that essentials remain secure and accessible.

Travel Essentials Included:
BedBox® suitcase
A cozy mattress with side panels
An adjustable strap for versatile transportation
Decorative stickers to personalize the BedBox™
Before Departure:
Prepare for your trip by personalizing the BedBox™ with fun stickers and packing all your child's travel necessities within its spacious interior. The new feature adds practical storage space inside the lid for even more organization.

On the Move:
Navigating through crowds is made effortless with the BedBox™. Its shock-absorbing front swivel wheels, multi-purpose adjustable strap, and top handle provide various options for transportation. Plus, the comfortable foot ledge is a welcome relief for little travelers' tired feet.

In Transit Comfort:
The BedBox™ is universally designed to fit most standard economy seats on planes, trains, and ferries. Its extendable lid and mattress create a safe and snug area for children to lie down or sit upright, with the seat belt ensuring their safety in either position.

Elevate your child's travel experience with the BedBox™, where every journey is as enjoyable as the destination. With BedBox™, your child isn't just traveling; they're embarking on a first-class adventure.