Haenim 4th Generation Smart UV Steriliser

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The Haenim Smart UV Steriliser 4th Generation incorporates performance and style as you have never experienced before.

This tabletop steriliser fulfills all of your sterilising needs. It can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from bottles, teats, dummies, teethers, small toys, and breast pump accessories, which gives your baby more protection.

The ultra-modern and sophisticated white and gold design looks great in any kitchen or butler's pantry. You can disinfect all your baby's products simply and effectively at the touch of a button.

The Haenim Smart UV Steriliser 4th Generation saves time with its large capacity of up to 16 bottles! Additionally, the Smart Storage Function keeps items Sterile with automatic sterilising every 2 hours, to ensure bottles and accessories are sterile whenever you may need them.

The Turbo function incorporates a powerful and quick-drying function. The Clean Alert detects when the steriliser needs to be cleaned, which is simply done by wiping down the interior with a clean damp cloth. It also incorporates the world's first sensor to detect if there is any UV light failure and will notify the user of any UV failure for further reassurance.


  • Smart Technology
  • Turbo Mode
  • Lamp Detection System
  • Cleaning Alert
  • UVC Lamps to UVC Leds
  • Wavelength of 254nm to 275nm sterilizing Power
  • Less to no odor and no more inconvenient lamp replacing every 6-12 month
  • Storage system of every 2 hours to every hour
  • Storage system of every 1 minute to 10 minutes 
  • Fixed rack to adjustable rack
  • No unsightly water deposits due to presence of stainless water tray
  • Auto mode with drying and sterilizing capabilities
  • Drying and sterilizing process indicated with color system
  • Super mirror glass and super mirror stainless steel for high reflectivity
  • Door display time and temperature
  • Auto shut off safety feature
  • LED light helps visibility even in the dark
  • 180 degree door opening
  • Stainless steel racks
  • Silent mute mode
  • 30 db sound level
  • Haenim UV Sterilizer is the only UV Sterilizer that is lab tested and scientifically proven to be 99.9% effective in killing Human Coronavirus, Influenza Virus, Norovirus and broad spectrum of harmful bacterial.
  • Fully compliant to Australian standards
  • SAA / EMC Approved (RCM)
  • FDA Registered


  • 5kg (Set only), with box, is 7kg
  • External Dimensions 29.5cm x 37.5cm x 42.5cm
  • Dry/Auto Mode: 70W
  • Turbo Dry Mode: 120W