Baby Bjorn Cradle

Baby Bjorn Cradle

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Cradle with gentle, soothing rocking

A compact cradle where your newborn sleeps peacefully! The baby cradle’s gentle, soothing rocking is similar to the motion of a pram. A perfect sleeping place in the early months when your baby takes short, frequent naps. The cradle’s low height and transparent mesh fabric also give you a reassuring degree of supervision over your baby. Suitable for babies from 0 to approx. 6 months (max. weight 8 kg).

Features and benefits

Rock gently and sleep peacefully
The cradle’s gentle soothing rocking is similar to the motion of a pram. You can easily rock the cradle with your hand or foot, and it also turns your baby’s own movements into gentle rocking.
Airy mesh fabric for cool and safe sleep
The sides of the cradle are made of a soft and airy mesh fabric that allows your baby to breathe freely, even if their face gets very close to the side of the cot. It also gives you good supervision of your baby in the cradle.
Easy to move around
The cradle is compact and lightweight, so it’s easy for you to move around your home and keep your baby close.
Stays in place on the floor
Despite its compact design, the cradle is very stable and has sturdy non-slip feet that keep it firmly in place on the floor.
Easy to fold up
When you fold up the cradle, it measures only 13 cm in height.
Washable mattress
The cradle’s mattress is machine washable at 60°C.

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