Baby Bassinets & Cradles

At the discresion of Mum the baby could spend the first 4-6 months in the parents room. This gives the mother the on-going reassurance and comfort that their new baby is healthy and comfortable. Right there for you to to pacify them when they wake.
Oeuf Fawn Bassinet/Cot - Kiddie Country

Oeuf Fawn Bassinet/Cot


The Fawn Cot and bassinet system starts as a bassinet on wheels and can be converted into a full sized crib. This modern, eco-friendly design is both practical and beautiful.


This item is GREENGUARD Gold certified

Ethically Produced

All Oeuf’s furniture is made of sustainable, premium materials and is ethically produced in the Europe. Forests are abundant, and a proud tradition of woodworking. Stringent standards and strong regulations relating to labour, safety, quality, and the environment.

 All Oeuf’s furniture is produced in a Forest Stewardship Certified facility, with state of the art dust collection to protect workers and the environment. All waste possible is recycled through licensed facilities, and wood waste is reprocessed at the factory into briquettes, which are then used to heat the factory during  cold winters. In addition, our engineered eco-MDF panels are made from FSC certified wood fibres. 


Smart Design:
Easy to assemble
Bassinet mattress has one mattress position, crib has 2 mattress positions
Low overall height for easy access
Small footprint helps utilize space efficiently

Sustainably produced in Europe in an FSC certified facility
Made of Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF
Finishes are nontoxic, water-based and free of VOC health hazards
Made under European environmental standards
Packaging made of recycled cardboard
Responsible recycling through licensed collecting facilities

Bassinet converts to a crib (conversion kit included)
Crib converts to toddler bed with conversion kit (sold separately)
Crib has 2 adjustable mattress positions

Start with a bassinette first then using some components convert to crib.

Option to add a Cot mattress

Deluxe Innerspring cot mattresses (Free) breathable and double quilted for extra comfort. Made in Melbourne. Organic Cotton. L: 132cm W: 720cm H: 11.5cm

Babyrest Duocore Mattress, 95mm thick, light & manoeuvrable. Smarter choice for the environment. Comes with a 5-year warranty. Proudly made in Australia by real parents. Also includes FREE natural bamboo cover. 


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Stokke Sleepi Mini Cot

Stokke Sleepi Mini Cot

$879.00 $990.00

Stokke Sleepi Mini is the perfect first bed for your baby. Its distinctive oval shape provides your baby with a sense of security by creating a cozy nest-like environment. With adjustable height positions as well as the ability to grow with your child, Stokke Sleepi expands to accommodate the changing needs – and sizes – of the growing child while maintaining a comforting familiarity.

The bed creates a small footprint in your nursery while the lockable wheels make it easy to move from room to room. At only 67 cm wide, it is amazingly efficient in even the smallest of spaces

Please contact store to confirm stock availability


  • Unique oval shape creates a nest for your baby
  • Flexible bed that grows with the child from approx. 0-10 years
  • Height adjustable mattress bottom makes lifting baby in and out easier
  • Lockable swivel wheels make it easy to move from room to room
  • Rods and perforated mattress bottom for maximum air circulation
  • Made from durable solid beech wood
  • Pressure resistant, hypoallergenic PU foam mattress with removable cover
  • Kit sold separately to extend Stokke Sleepi Mini to Stokke Sleepi bed

Please note: Canopy and rod sold seperately

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Linea by Leander Side-by-Side Bassinet - Kiddie Country

Linea by Leander Side-by-Side Bassinet

$599.00 $699.95

Babies do not have a regular circadian rhythm. They wake up many times – both at day and at night. Many new parents find that their sleep is interrupted when their baby needs feeding, changing and comforting. And during daytime, the sleeping baby should preferably be close.

The Danish furniture manufacturer of Leander presents an innovative Side by Side bed with focus on the small child’s need for sleep. The bed has wheels and can therefore easily be moved from room to room during the day.

At night, the bed can be linked to the adult bed to keep the baby sleeping close to his parents.

”The light in the bedroom is out and you have just fallen asleep. Then you sense that your baby is moving. Without turning on the light, you click down the side of the bed and gently caress your baby’s belly. Your baby senses your presence and returns safely to dreamland. As do you. With the side by side bed you are close to your baby throughout the night. Intimacy and peace create a good ambience for the night.” This is Stig Leander’s description of the basic idea behind the new design that will make life as new parents a little easier.


  • Side-by-Side bed: H: 78.5 cm, W: 54.5 cm, L: 112.5 cm
  • Surface-treated with a protective lacquer 
  • Tested and aproved up to 11 kg 
  • Two-in-one design: Side-by-Side bed and stand-alone bed
  • Adjustable height so the cabinet fits the adult bed
  • Safe and easy one-hand opening

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Leander Cradle + Tripod Bundle - Kiddie Country

Leander Cradle + Tripod Bundle

$557.90 $619.00

Hung from a ceiling hook or resting in its frame, the cradle is fixed to a single point. There’s freedom of movement in all directions. Relaxes you child, and stimulates her or his senses, balance and motor skills. Maybe not super powers – but totally cool!

The cradle emerges from the idea to unite design and function. Especially newborns need to feel that there is something around them. They do not like to be in a bed that is too big. The oval shape of the Leander® cradle encloses the baby and creates a safe, little space.

With a gentle push, the oval cradle is set in movement and your child will feel the familiar and rocking sensation known from the time in the belly. The child can set the cradle into slight motion. This makes the child conscious of its own body and what it is capable of doing.


  • Leander Cradle
  • Leander Cradle Mattress
  • Leander Cradle Canopy (optional)
  • Leander Cradle Tripod

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BabyBjorn Cradle - Kiddie Country

BabyBjorn Cradle

$476.99 $530.00

Cradle with gentle, soothing rocking

A compact cradle where your newborn sleeps peacefully! The baby cradle’s gentle, soothing rocking is similar to the motion of a pram. A perfect sleeping place in the early months when your baby takes short, frequent naps. The cradle’s low height and transparent mesh fabric also give you a reassuring degree of supervision over your baby. Suitable for babies from 0 to approx. 6 months (max. weight 8 kg).

Features and benefits

  • Rock gently and sleep peacefully
  • The cradle’s gentle soothing rocking is similar to the motion of a pram. You can easily rock the cradle with your hand or foot, and it also turns your baby’s own movements into gentle rocking.
  • Airy mesh fabric for cool and safe sleep
  • The sides of the cradle are made of a soft and airy mesh fabric that allows your baby to breathe freely, even if their face gets very close to the side of the cot. It also gives you good supervision of your baby in the cradle.
  • Easy to move around
  • The cradle is compact and lightweight, so it’s easy for you to move around your home and keep your baby close.
  • Stays in place on the floor
  • Despite its compact design, the cradle is very stable and has sturdy non-slip feet that keep it firmly in place on the floor.
  • Easy to fold up
  • When you fold up the cradle, it measures only 13 cm in height.
  • Washable mattress
  • The cradle’s mattress is machine washable at 60°C

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Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet - Kiddie Country

Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet

$399.00 $429.00

Keeping baby close during night sleeps has many benefits:

  • Enhances the bond between parent & baby
  • Attend to baby for settling & night feeds without getting out of your bed
  • If baby sleeps well, so does mum & dad

The Babyrest Aria Bedside Bassinet is designed so you can sleep baby close to you at night times in a safe environment. Pull it up beside your bed, and fold down the side panel for easy access.
With 8 height positions, the Aria Bedside Bassinet can be adjusted to the same height as your own bed, and/or angled to help with reflux.

The 360° mesh sides allow maximum ventilation to ensure a safe sleeping environment for baby and keep baby within your full view from any angle.

Need to move rooms? The Aria Bassinet has 4 swivel wheels to transfer the baby quietly & seamlessly between rooms without waking baby.

When a baby is sleeping independently, simply keep the sides zipped up to use in Bassinet mode.


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Troll Sun Bassinet including Mattress - Kiddie Country

Troll Sun Bassinet including Mattress

$399.00 $469.90

Co-sleeping is proven to be beneficial for both mum and bub during the first months however it is vital that the baby has his/her own space for safety.  With the Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet you can safely co -sleep with your baby from birth.

Used a bassinet you can raise the sides to allow the baby to have a secure night’s sleep in their own space.  The Troll Sun Bassinet has rounded corners and an airy, open design.  The castors enable you to move the bassinet around the room to find the perfect sleeping spot for baby whatever time of the day or night.


The Troll Sun Bedside Bassinet has castors and it is made in Europe from birch timber.


Includes: 1 Troll bedside bassinet with Polyester Staple Fibre Mattress

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Amby Air Baby Hammock Value Package - Kiddie Country

Amby Air Baby Hammock Value Package

$345.00 $389.00

What would you do to get a good night’s sleep? The answer is to provide your baby with an irresistible sleep space that mimics the warmth and comfort he/she felt in their mother’s womb by using the Amby Air Baby Hammock. The brilliant new design includes features such as increased air flow and visibility, and larger ventilation holes.

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Amby believe in safety and have worked hard to make the Amby Baby Hammock Air the safest baby hammock on the market. The one-of-a-kind adjustable incline will help ease reflux and colic whilst the rocking motion and lack of pressure points soothes indigestion. A small investment for a good night’s sleep.

The Amby Baby Hammock is the perfect baby bed, ideal for the unsettled baby, babies with reflux or infants with colic. Amby is the world’s favourite baby hammock since 1989!

The Amby Value pack includes:

    • The all new Amby Air hammock sling.

    • Mattress with 100% quilted cotton cover.*

    • Amby frame.

    • Amby spring (rated to 12kg).

    • Spring cover.

    • All new stylish Amby travel bag.

    • Set of two fitted sheets.

The Amby Air Baby Hammock is the perfect baby bed, ideal for the unsettled baby, babies with reflux or infants with colic.

*Amby's high quality mattress is free from harmful fire retardants and passes the proposed Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand tests which assesses the firmness of baby bed mattresses.

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Sandton Sleigh Cradle

Sandton Sleigh Cradle

$339.00 $429.00


An innovative nursery collection inspired by the rich diversity and bold shapes of the African jungle environment. The Sandton Sleighi 2 in 1 Cradle and Rocking Seat is a uniquely designed 2 in 1 functional product for use as a rocking cradle or a cradle on lockable castors. When baby has out grown the cradle, the Cradle converts into a rocking seat ideal for your little toddler.

This is the only Cradle whic would pass the Australian Standard for a Cot 

Made from clear grade New Zealand pine
Rocking cradle for rocking your baby into a peaceful sleep
Lockable castors for when you do not require the rocking motion
Removable panels to convert to a rocking seat for your toddler
Bonus breathe eze fibre mattress included with every cradle
Available in White and  English Oak 

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Babyhood Co-Sleeper Cradle - Kiddie Country

Babyhood Co-Sleeper Cradle

$329.00 $379.00

You can now safely co-sleep with your baby in the Kaylula Co-Sleeper Cradle. You can choose to use the cradle in the nursery or at your bedside or wheel it around as a bassinet through the house, during the day so baby is always in arm’s reach of you.


So whether you choose to sleep your baby in a cradle and/or bassinet beside your bed or co-sleeper with your baby, we have the safer solution for you and your baby.

You can now safely co-sleeper with your baby in the Kaylula Co-Sleeper Cradle. You can choose to use the cradle in the nursery or at your bedside or wheel it around as a bassinet through the house during the day so baby is always in arm’s reach of you.

It is Safer

It has an adjustable dropside that can be moved up or down depending upon your proximity to your baby and most importantly is safer as it always ensures a firm barrier to alleviate the concerns associated with other co-sleeping bassinets and beds, with no barriers or poorly structured barriers.

Unlike other co-sleeping products, the unique panels allow visibility for you and your baby and air flow for full breathability for your baby.

The adjustable legs ensure that you have your baby at the optimal height for your bed, and a secure safe strap to attach to your slats on your base for safety.

It is Stronger

The European beechwood timber structure is strong and supportive and creates a cradle that is longer than most bassinets so ideal for growing newborns, so it will last longer than a traditional bassinet. Unlike the moses basket this real timber frame is strong and sturdy and will not tip over or fall easily.

It is Beautiful

The Co-Sleeper Cradle is finished with luxury textiles, a quilted mattress and sides and the most stunning little hanging safari toys you have ever seen!


  • Safer than other cradles and basinets with secure safety straps and an adjustable zip dropside
  • Versatile as it is a cradle, wheeled bassinet and a co-sleeper all in one
  • Allows you to have your baby in arms reach at all times
  • Safer zip dropside for easy access to your baby but always the security of a barrier
  • Solid barrier to reduce the risk of entrapment so it is much safer  
  • Visibility with the mesh panels
  • Full breathability with mesh for air flow
  • Height adjustable European beechwood timber legs
  • Strong metal frame and beautiful luxury textiles
  • Quilted Breathe Eze Fibre Mattress included
  • Quilted inner walls for a stylish finish
  • Lockable wheels for easy maneuverability and safe park option
  • The most beautiful timber hanging safari toys (please note toys may vary between elephants, giraffe and kangaroo)
  • Designed in Australia
  • Mattress size – 49cm * 88cm * 4cm
  • Carton dimensions – 105cm * 10cm * 60cm 12kg
  • Assembled dimensions – 58cm x 96cm
  • 4 mattress height positions with castors – 44cm, 49cm, 54cm & 59cm
  • 4 mattress height positions without castors – 39cm, 44cm, 49cm & 54cm
  • Max weight capacity of 13kg

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Grotime Luna Folding Bassinet - Kiddie Country

Grotime Luna Folding Bassinet


The Luna Bassinet’s cloud like design is as comfortable as it looks for your newborn. Not only is the bassinet compact and stylish, it can be folded away for quick and easy storage or travel. 

Mattress included

71.0 H x 94.5 W x 57.5 D (cm)

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Patsy Cradle-Walnut

Patsy Cradle-Walnut

$279.00 $299.00

Patsy Cradle provides a go anywhere sleeping solution. Safe for newborn with the sensational air flow and you can see through the mesh. Whether it's beside your bed at night or with you during the day, your baby is never far from you. Your little one is very dependent and needs your constant attention. Made from re growth forest timber.

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Grotime Patsy Cradle

Grotime Patsy Cradle

$279.00 $299.00

Patsy Cradle provides a go anywhere sleeping solution. Safe for newborn with the sensational air flow and you can see through the mesh. Whether it's beside your bed at night or with you during the day, your baby is never far from you. Your little one is very dependent and needs your constant attention. Made from re growth forest timber.

*Mattress included


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